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How to wear Blue eyeshadows

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How to wear Blue eyeshadows

 Blue eyeshadow is especially trendy
However, there are right & wrong ways to wear this trend that got its start in the Victorian period when a bluish tinge to the eyelids was considered beautiful (& the sign of a weak & innocent heart). Most women look great in neutral shades, like bone or browns, but the brighter the shade the harder it is to get it right. Here are 5 tips on the right ways & the wrong ways to wear blue eyeshadow.

Rule #1: Not everyone can get away with it Blue looks best on women with fair skin & black or platinum haircolor and brown or gray eyes, or on women with very dark skin. So can you wear blue if you have blonde hair & blue eyes? This spring you can because it's so trendy. Just refrain from perfectly matching the shadow to your eye color. Why? Think about it: Would you display sapphires on a blue cloth? According to makeup artist, Bobbi Brown, it's best not to match your shadow to your eyes because all anyone will notice is the shadow.

Extra tip: In this season of jewel-colored shadows, which ones looks best on green & blue-eyed girls? Dark browns & taupes work well for blondes. Green eyes look good in cooler colors such as deep purples & lilacs. Experts say the right shade of blue can make blue eyes pop, while lilac & purples are gorgeous on brown eyes & black-skinned & olive-skinned women. If you have pink skin (as opposed to a yellow base), you should avoid pinky-purples.

Rule #2: Blending is key. Used to be electric blue shadow was great on the runway & in the pages of Vogue, but not on the streets or in the galas of anywhere (including New York). Not anymore. This season bold colors won't look cheap, just make sure to use a professional brush (throw away the freebies) and blend well into the eye.

For a softer & modern look, try placing a dark blue close to the lashes with brighter colors further away.
If you do want to add a bit of glamour to your life, you can with blue eyeshadow. A sheer wash of pale, iridescent blue on your lids and a hint of metallic brow powder will liven up your skin & make you look sun-kissed.
Extra tip: Want even more glamour? Try the makeup artist favorite: Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Moire, a colored mascara that catches & reflects light beautifully as it catches your lashes.

Rule #3: Use 2 shadows, a light & a dark Pick a soft color for the entire eye area up to the browbone & then use the darker color only up to your eye's crease.

Rule #4: Don't go too high. Dark shades can make eyes recede so make sure not to place color above the crease line.
Extra tip: Are your eyes red? Blue eyeliner will 'erase' those red eyes.

Rule #5: Skip the black eyeliner. It's just too harsh. Instead, try a deeper-hued shade of blue. Navy or indigo works great. Keep in mind that blue eyeliner can make blue eyes pop!

Rule #6: Keep the rest of your makeup light Nude lips with gloss suits these strong eyes perfectly. Avoid colors on lips, they'll not only compete with your strong eyes, but the colors could clash.

Rule #7: Avoid matching your shadow to your clothes.


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How to wear Blue eyeshadows - MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY