Essence Sun Club Bondi Beach Collection For Spring 2011




essence trend edition “sun club bondi beach collection”
Summer, sun and the sun club bondi beach collection! There’s no better way to start the summer! The new trend edition sun club “bondi beach collection” by essence has lots of useful little beauty products in store this May and June 2011 to conjure-up a gorgeous beach look and create a relaxed mood at sunset. Eyeshadows and nail polishes in the brightest and trendiest summer colors combined with soft sand and aqua shades as well as waterproof eyeliner and mascara – get into the mood for a vacation with the sun club bondi beach products!



essence sun club bondi beach collection glamour-to-go eyeshadow palette

Style-queens take note! The glamour-to-go eyeshadow palette gives true beach girls that certain something, no matter where or when. Subtle for sunny days at the beach and exciting for nighttime beach parties – the mini palette is full of amazing eye make-up colors! Includes an applicator for touching up your look when you’re on the go!

Available in
01 south beach
02 long beach
Around 2.99 €


essence sun club bondi beach collection gel eyeliner


Just the right thing for true surfer girls and water nymphs: with this practical tub of gel eyeliner, your eyeliner is sure to stay in place when
you dive into the water. Its particularly long-lasting and waterproof texture ensures intensive, bright eyes when you emerge from the waves.

Available in
01 black
02 brown
03 blue
Around 2.99 €*.


essence sun club bondi beach collection gel eyeliner brush




To ensure an easy application of the gel eyeliner, make sure you have the right brush! The gel eyeliner brush has a super-fine tip so that you can create an extremely accurate line. For those who prefer a retro look, the brush has a broader end for a 60’s style sweeping eyeliner

Around 1.49 €*.

essence sun club bondi beach collection 100% splash-proof mascara

Dive into the water, girls! With this mascara, there won’t be any smudging! The special formula of the 100% splash-proof mascara is more than just waterproof and can only be removed using warm water. Now nothing will stand in the way of a perfect day at the beach.

Around 2.79 €*

essence sun club bondi beach collection bronzing powder

Kissed by the Australian sun and covered in a gentle shimmer! The delicate bronzing powder with a summery beach-like embossment gives your face and body a subtle glow. For a natural-looking tan to complete your sun club style.

Available in
01 brown.
Around 2.99 €*.

essence sun club bondi beach collection nail polish

Pure summer style to the tips of your nails! Five intense, bright colors set unique accents on your hands and feet as of May. From cool aqua shades to warm sandy colors, there’s sure to be something for every beach beauty!

Available in
01 pink heat
02 chasing waves
03 splash refresh
04 sunset
05 golden sands
Around 1.79 €*.

essence sun club bondi beach collection eye make-up remover gel

Absolutely essential for all party queens: the eye make-up remover gel in a practical pocket size is sure to be your constant companion this summer. Quickly remove the remnants of your party make-up before you head to the beach!

Available in 01 transparent

. Around 1.49 €*.

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