'' MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY: 16 December 2009 //


Laura Mercier Spring 2010 Collection








spring10_mercier003 spring10_mercier006 spring10_mercier004


I do not why this season , i think that most of the companies copy cat their style


I did not like the style of L.M Blush this season, the reason is i think LM blush it looks like Revlon eye shadows and   want old style LM Shimmer block back….


What is the meaning of putting Khaki green like colour on a blush? is that an eye shadow or a blush?

Stila Stila Loves Claire Pettibone Spring 2010


Although there are not so much info and pictures about Stila’s Spring 2010 collection,


According to the Rumors, Stila’s Management team has changed and they will be launching new colours


I like some of Stila’s products and especially i love smudge pots,

Too Faced Glamour Revolution Set


This is a Sephora Only Set

too faced


Glamour Revolution ($100 Value)

39.50 USD

What it is:

A limited-edition makeup book that includes everything a glamour queen needs to overthrow an old beauty routine.

What it does:

This beauty arsenal includes everything a glamour queen needs to overthrow an old beauty routine. The limited-edition makeup book contains a collection exclusively crafted for royal holiday gifting.

This set contains:

- Milk Chocolate Single Eyeshadow

- George & Weezie Single Eyeshadow

- Boy Toy Single Eyeshadow

- Label Whore Single Eyeshadow

- London Calling Single Eyeshadow

- Glamazon Single Eyeshadow

- Dirt Bag Single Eyeshadow

- Party Girl Single Eyeshadow

- Neptune Single Eyeshadow

- 3 Lip Glosses

- Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

- Brightening Blush in La Vie En Rose

- Shadow Insurance (colorless application)

What else you need to know:

Calling the most stylish ladies in the Kingdom of Glamour! Unite in the quest to overthrow the confining rules of conservative beauty and rebel in the illustrious light and soul-enhancing effects of Too Faced's Glamour Revolution! Vow your allegiance to the Queen of Cosmetics and promise to keep your lips glossy, your cheeks flushed, and your skin bronzed. And pledge your lids will smolder with the indulgence of pure pigments and gorgeous glitters!

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