'' MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY: 21 January 2010 //


Nars Jolie Poupée

these day i become a fan of this Jolie Poupee e/s
it is very gorgeous blue purple lilac
it will look great on brown hazel eyes
i do not have this duo so i can not show you swatches, but i am thinking to buy it, i will soon write you a decent review and make some swatches..

Stay tuned for Stila Marrakesh Quad`Review

How To Clean Your Make Up Brushes

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Opps were you wondering how are you going to clean up your brushes?beauty blender, sponges, etc?
what do you think i will suggest?
1- Brush Shampoo
2- Brush Cleanser
3- Alcahol
well none of the above !!!
4- Sodium Bicarboante ( a.k.a Soda) ( baking powder)

Sodium bicarbonate is a good cleanser.. it neutralizes acid, it is also ecological..

So now

you need 1 litres of water ( hot)
60 ml Sodium Bicarboante
a big cup

fill your cup with 1 litres of hot water than add 60 ml of sodium biocarbonate
than put your make up brushes, sponges, applicators, beauty blender inside this mixture for 12 hours.
after 12 hrs just wash them with tapped water.
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