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I have been testing / using this lotion for over a month now, i promised you that i will let you know from the updates about the product i am using.
For the last few days i had some  marks turned into wounds, because of scratching.  I preferred to use this lotion rather than using scar treatment gels or anything like that, what i see was amazing normally my scars do not well in short time
but this time as i see it is getting better, ah it will be good if i stop scratching with long nails..
this lotion becomes my favourite lotion that i do not even use my well branded lotions i do not mean this lotion is well
i mean luxury brands…
even if i do not use it for a day or two i do not even feel the necessity of using it?
because when  i first started to use it i use it few times in a day and it made my skin really soft and i think it because first started to moisten inner layers of my skin  rather than just moistening just the upper layers.
i did not know what is a shielding lotion before i met this product, but to the ones who does not know read below
i have taken this from skin md's website, i hope they won’t get angry cos i cannot find proper words to tell you
In short words it is like a protector, a guardian , we can say it is the body guard of your skin
our skin is coming face to face with loads of chemicals during our daily life
and those chemicals weakens the strength of our skin
this lotion is trying to protect our skin
i use it on my hands, on my face and on my body
did not see any harm.

here are the ingredients
Deionized water (Aqua)
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract (Aloe Vera)
Methyl Gluceth-20
Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)
Arnica Montana Flower Extract (Arnica)
Symphytum Officinale Leaf Extract (Comfrey)
Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Extract (Chamomile)
Achillea Millefolium Extract (Yarrow)
Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer
1,2 Hexanediol
Caprylyl Glycol
Butylene Glycol
Aminomethyl Propanol
As i recently read on internet on health websites it says glycerine is dangerous for our skin and if you read the ingredients there is no glycerine here
medical is developing it self day by day and who knows what will be dangerous for us tomorrow.

those were my words now i am leaving it to Skin MD to tell you what is this lotion
There are many thousands more skin irritants in our modern environment than existed only 50 years ago.
Shampoos, antibacterial soaps, cosmetics, fragrances, colorants and other irritants bombard and penetrate the skin. These harsh chemicals and irritants can break down the skin's natural protective ability. Some strip away moisture, while others lodge in the pores where they cause irritation and other negative reactions.
Unfortunately, traditional lotions have one basic goal - to simply make up for the moisture that our bodies are losing by adding an external source of moisture. Many common household products and even soaps are absorbed directly into your skin, causing skin disorders or just plain dry cracked skin. Also, when participating in other activities from gardening to painting, furniture restoration to fishing, or exposure to harsh weather, you are further drying and irritating your skin.
"Your skin wasn't designed to deal with soap and the thousands of other everyday chemicals," explains Dr. Peter Helton, a board-certified dermatologist specializing in cosmetic dermatology. "Nearly everyone's skin is exposed to harmful chemicals on and off the job. That is why Shielding Lotions are so important."
According to Dr. Helton, shielding lotions help prevent this by bonding with and protecting the skin. "They not only add moisture to your skin, but also help stop the loss of your natural moisture."
Skin needs help to keep out these moisture-robbing irritants. A fundamental difference between Shielding Lotions and traditional lotions is that Shielding Lotions enhance the skin's own natural protective abilities by turning the outer layer of skin into what could be described as a hydrating invisible shield making them many times more effective than mere "protective lotions and moisturizing creams".
"Shielding lotion is a lotion that forms a protective barrier on the skin and keeps out irritants and chemicals. It also allows the natural oils and moisture to remain in the skin so it can heal better. It is a big advantage that shielding lotions are light and go on without a greasy mess, " says Dr. Brian Zogg, a dermatologist in Albert Lea, MN.
"When your skin gets dry and itchy you know that the protective outer layer of skin has been stripped away. In southern Minnesota most people need to use a shielding lotion. In the winter they all get very dry skin. We also recommend shielding lotions for anyone who is exposed to chemicals in their work environment. Your skin is exposed to irritants and chemicals almost every day, even in a normal household environment, so a shielding lotion can be useful to most people. And it won’t create the negative moisture message skin can get from conventional lotions. The artificial moisturizers in conventional creams and lotions can send a signal to the moisture producing parts of your skin that enough moisture is present. Your skin then makes less of the natural moisture needed to resolve a dry skin problem. With a shielding lotion you protect your own natural oils and moisture in the skin, so it heals faster," says Dr. Zogg.
"A conventional lotion is not formulated to protect the skin like a shielding lotion does. Conventional lotions only add surface moisture to temporarily alleviate the dryness or itching. Shielding lotions stay on because they bond with the skin and protect it for long periods of time. With this protection in place your skin keeps its own moisture in and has a chance to use this natural moisture in the deep layers of the skin to heal itself," states Dr. Lisa Benest, a board certified dermatologist of Burbank, CA.
here is the link for my previous posts
this lotion much better than the products i use, i am running out of it now and i asked a friend from states bring me some when she is coming over she has ordered me some more and i will be meeting my new babies in April
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