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Paul & Joe Hand Cream

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  • Fragrance and colour free satin touch hand cream
  • Moisturises dry hands and fingers
  • Comes in large round ornamental tin

Jelly Pong Pong Cupcake Bath Fizzies

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  • Bath bombs by Jelly Pong Pong
  • Contains moisturising plant oils
  • Meringue top can be used as a light scrub

Jelly Pong Pong Limited Edition Cheek Puff & Floral Cosmetic Bag Set

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Limited edition set by Jelly Pong Pong, featuring a Cheek Puff for a rosy blush, eyeshadow duo and lip balm in a bright cosmetics case.

Paul & Joe Online Exclusive Sparkles Collection Eyeshadow

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  • Limited edition eyeshadow palette from the Paul & Joe Sparkles Collection. Inspired by the moon, it contains featuring five shimmer colours for the face and eyes, in three different styles.

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Nails Inc Sole Patrol The Ultimate Treat For Beautiful Feet


Steamcream Hanabi

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STEAMCREAM comes packaged in a cleverly designed Japanese flushed lid aluminium tin and is decorated with constantly changing, limited edition and collectible graphic art images. Once sold out, it provides a uniquely collectible piece of art

Moisturiser by Steamcream, multi purpose skincare cream for hands face and body, comes in a printed collectible tin.

High quality, natural and traceable ingredients are bound by a revolutionary steam-infused process to create a hydrating, easily absorbed and luxurious vegan cream for face, body and hands. Constantly changing, eco-chic, limited edition aluminium tins give a funky twist to an otherwise serious cream.

RMK Ingenious Gel Eyeliner

RMK bring us the Ingenious Gel Eyeliner that delivers defining lines and vibrant colouration to your eyes. The smooth water-proof gel base allows for a quick fitting texture that is long lasting and smudge free. Play with all three shades to define and line the eyes.

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RMK Creamy Foundation

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RMK Creamy Foundation

  • Creamy foundation by RMK with an exquisite balance between coverage and lucidity. Your skin will look radiant after a hit from its moisture retaining formula, and best of all, the stretch powder quality will fit your skin perfectly and keep you looking flawless for hours. With added SPF 15

John Masters Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Wash

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Blood orange and vanilla body wash by John Masters Organics revitalises skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Made from blood orange and vanilla extracts, with botanical products derived from corn and coconut.

K By Beverley Knight Matte Primer


Visibly improve the look and texture of the skin by smoothing fine lines and pores to create an even canvas for makeup.
It helps the skin retain moisture without a greasy feel, giving a matte finish to oilier, shiny skin and extending the wear of both liquid and cream makeup. Leaves the skin feeling velvety soft.
Expected results:
Seals in moisture without leaving skin feeling greasy
Excellent for oily skin requiring a matte finish
Provided an excellent base for liquid and cream makeup.
Allows makeup to adhere to the skin and stay on longer
Can be applied to the entire face or only to specific areas
Provides the perfect base for eye shadow powders to glide over

New Cid Cosmetics i-perfect Colour Adjust Foundation

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Studio Secrets:
To ensure foundation application delivers a beautifully even finish, place a dot of foundation on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin before blending with the brush.

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