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The Body Shop Nutri Organics Serum Reviews

The Body Shop Nutri Organics Serum Reviews

I have not used any The Body Shop Skin Care line in long time, as because they always discontinue their best products, it is not only on skin care, on their makeup line as well, I remember the days we had 7-8 Shimmer Cube eye shadow range in the shops  now they drop this range to 5.

Their Shimmer Cubes is one of my favourites, maybe one of the few, and The Body Shop became one of the brands that I am getting off with / estranged to day after day. Those were the days when I was still a young girl I used to buy my hand care / bath/ body products from The Body Shop, but their not so kind sales people in the shops, and many more things created this situation.

Let's cut it short..

Christmas Wish List

I wanted to create a post of possible Xmas Wish lists, to help people who are looking for possible gifts for their loved ones. 

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