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K Spa’s Snow Paradise

Beat the Heat with K Spa’s Snow Paradise 

London’s first and only ‘Snow Paradise’ at K West Hotel & Spa is the coolest place to be this summer. 

The scorching heat wave is showing no signs of slowing, and Londoners everywhere are frantically searching for ways to combat the heat. 


Rush Hair Weybridge Hair Salon

If you are living down at South East like me, you most possibly been to Rush Hair a couple of times or maybe it's you favourite hair salon. (they have hair salons throughout London, Essex and South East)

And on the 20th June, they have opened a Salon in Weybridge,  Brooklands College is in Weybridge and I can see that it will be one of the popular hair salons in town. 

The Country Candle Company Candle Reviews

I love burning candles, incense, and oils. 
I am also interested in spirituality,  I do have my own big box of tarots and oracles collection, I do need to relax when i am doing reading for myself and my loved ones. I am not a professional, it is a personal hobby and love :)) 
I do light candles whenever I do want actually, does not matter day or night, but i tend to light them in my lounge, much more safe.


NIYOT Nail Polish Lilac Snap Swatches

O.W.L Watches The Hastings & Warwick Collection

I always think that the best present to give to men is a watch, by that way he whenever he looks at his watch, he will remember you, and you will be always on his mind.

Whether this men is your father, brother, husband or your boyfriend,  I think the best and the long lasting present to give to men is a watch. 

I am a bit classical in some ways but everyone is different. 

You might agree or disagree, please tell me what you think on the comment box. I will be happy to know your thoughts ? 


Dower & Hall Nomad Collection

Dower & Hall Nomad Collection

To celebrate Dower & Hall’s 25th anniversary, we have delved into our jewellery archive to find the best-sellers from the last two decades. Taking these designs back to the bench, our workshop team have meticulously reworked pieces that are our treasured favourites. 

These handpicked additions to our popular Nomad collection feature Dower & Hall’s signature multi-textured hammered finish. Mixed metal bangles, free-formed pendants and bold geometric shaped earrings add a contemporary feel to this free-spirited range.


NailBox May Box Review

We have a new beauty box and this is for the nail polish addicts. 
Nailbox UK is still an infant as it launched just few months ago. 
If you are a nail polish addict, or if you are pro this box is definitely for you. 

Each month you will receive 3-4 full size nail polishes and it will include one or two nail treatments.

Nu Yu London Hair & Skin Care Salon Review

Nu Yu ( New You) is a beauty salon just in the heart of Camden Town, in Primrose Hill. 
It is such a positive, lovely and friendly atmosphere there that you do not want to leave there and go back home.


Stylfile Mani Pro Reviews

 Stylfile Mani Pro which is a 3 in 1 buffer complete with professional manicure tools. There is a pusher, neater, buffer and shine.



Nail Polish

Trendy summer colors

16 intense colors and long lasting polishes that will make their way into our hearts thanks to their opacity and glossy finish. The very practical lid and the precision brush make the application very easy to manage.

Opaque colors for a flawless manicure.


Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette Reviews & Swatches

I think it is a wonderful palette and pretty unique, as the palette is not a dupe of any palette in the market as far as I know. The packing is quite simple and light, easy to carry around and it does not have a mirror, i much prefer it like this without a mirror. 


MayBeauty The Incredible Face Mask Reviews

Did you know that ... the food you eat and how you take care of your skin affects your HYS appearance?

We have created a guide to help you eat the right foods and take care of your skin - wizard named the amazing hudguiden and is based on scientific research.

The mask and the wizard used together for a perfect result

The mask consists of deep-sea mud and removes dead skin and particles from your face, while the guide prevents your skin produces excess fat and skin cells, which are the cause of acne, blackheads and inflamed skin.

Use the system and your skin will be cleaner and healthier than ever before!

I have been recently send Mat Beauty Face Masks to review, my review was a bit delayed because of a small scarring on my face.  

This mask is really incredible as it says on the package,  It is a Mud mask and Mud masks are known as the secrets behind the beauties of celebrities, 

Cleopatra was known for her famous mud baths and masks. 


Essence Fun Fair Collection

Essence Fun Fair Collection 

Fun and excitement is guaranteed at the fun fair! With the new trend edition “fun fair”, essence is taking a fantastic tour of the fairground from mid July to mid August 2015. The wonderful scent of cotton candy, popcorn and candy apples is in the air and thrilling attractions ensure a lively atmosphere and cheerful visitors. The colour scheme consists of pastel shades like vanilla, apricot, rosé and mint with pink and lavender as a bright contrast. Highlights are the four satin matt nail polishes in sweet colours with four different candy fragrances and the two cotton candy nails for a cool cotton candy effect! The stretchy hair ties are another must-have with their cute lollipop design. Let’s take a ride on the Ferris wheel… with essence! 

UMA Cosmetics Product Updates

The extended uma cosmetics range welcomes 18 new nail polishes and care assistants for the perfect manicure.

The new uma Cosmetics BEAUTY SPONGE and HIGHLIGHTER POWDER, ensure a flawless, radiant complexion!

For a complexion and glamorous nails that can be seen!


Ayurveda Pura Holistic Exfoliating Cream

I first would like to give you a little bit information about Ayurveda Spa
Ayurveda Pura is a leading provider of Ayurvedic Spa, health and beauty products. 
Made to the highest Western standards of purity and quality.  

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