'' MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY: 14 November 2009 //


Doll Face Cosmetics Make Up Brush Reviews

 DSC-2703 DSC-2710 DSC-2711 DSC-2713

DSC-2715  as you see suddenly those brushes become so small, you can even carry it in your hand bag, not in a small hand bag of course…

I see that dearest P, has listened to my words and she has changed her brush styles and brush bags, when i first saw her new ad on her website i thought this girl starts to do better than ever,

in the pictures you will see her brushes, unfortunately i never had change to try her products as she is based in Philippines and i am not.

But those red brushes are so similar to Smashbox Brushes that think why pay more to a brand name brush while there is another company selling the same brush much cheaper.


but she is doing great, hoping that she will have some nicer upcoming products to make reviews about,


She is also attending to an early XMAS fair, maybe her fans in Philippines would like to attend.



these 2 brushes look great

foundation and concealer brush, i use my MAC 190 brush as concealer brush

DSC01495 DSC01494

also her brand i mean Doll Face is now on local magazines..


pictures are from her website

preview DSC01485 DSC01486

and here comes my favourite brush of doll face after white handled foundation and concealer brush


well it is just a small handled mac 187 brush,

ah i will have some posts about FOTD  but i am so tried and if i can find time i will post them all tomorrow..

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