'' MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY: 10 September 2009 //


MAC Cosmetics, Plush Glass Power Supply

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i was a bit curious when i first saw this on a MAC Counter, i thought should i go for this one or buy another, it looked a bit dark in the bottle, than a MAC Artist Oxford Branch recommended this colour, i tried it on, and i see that is doesnt look that dark on my lips,
than i purchased it, since that day i finished 3 bottles :) umm if you ask me if i am eating them umm in away yes, i am eating the gloss, it smells so nice that i can not keep my self wearing it over and over again,

it smells very nice as other MAC glosses, it has vanilla scent in it, and also it has rosemary extracts in it, it makes your lips look bigger, MAC Lip Enhancers smells more nice and it is delicious as well..

Your BF, Hubbs is gonna love the love the taste trust me!!!!!!!!!

yeah not the best pictures i know, i have taken them with my mobile so it looks a bit awful.

MAC Cosmetics Pink Lemonade Lip Glass Lip Gloss

Too Faced Lip Injection Gloss

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Does it really enhance your lips, it does a bit , but if you hope to get Angelina Jolie Style lips, I am sorry, it doesn't do that..

When you first apply the gloss after few seconds your lips starts to itch, i did not see much difference on my lips, it did not make it bigger than it is but it gives the image of that, because the gloss is not really as liquid as MAC glosses, but it is better than MAC Plush glass, i have to admit, it is better than Freeze . I think Lip Fusion is the best, it freezes your lips, makes it like a stone when you first apply, sometimes i do not feel my lips when i first apply Lip Fusion's Lip Enhancer

the too faced lip injection label on the tube goes off very quickly'...

but it has nice colors thats the best part...

Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Stick

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Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Stick

I do not know about other BB lipsticks but this one is the worser than the other lipsticks i have i ever used.

it hardly gives the actual colour on the lips, it is not soft, it smells so bad that i am having a nausea

I bought this lipstick with big hopes but no i am not gonna repurchase this product again,

the best use this product with a lip brush, i am thinking to melt this lipstick than maybe it will be more creamy and easy to apply.

it looks like it is giving the colour on my hand but on the lips no..

not recommended..

Smashbox Hybrid 2 N 1 Luminizing Primer

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Smashbox Hybrid 2 N 1 Luminizing Primer

So here comes the picture of this product on Smashbox website
here is the actual photo of the product

here is how it looks when you blend the product

here is how it looks when you wear it before blendingi used flash here
taken day light without flash

i got into shock when i receive this product on my ebay purchase. I was expecting a bit bigger, but it was such smaller than i expected even smaller than Revlon Bare It All Lotions,
So much amount of lotion comes to your hand when you want to use it, it is too liquid,
it sparks so much it is higly pigmented, i feel like a walking pigment machine.

the best take so small amount of this product and use it on your cheek bones.
other wise you are gonna finish this product very early and you r gonna spark all day..

If i am gonna repurchase this product again, no i do not think so, unless if i can not find my revlon bare it all lotions, than maybe...

As you see in the pictures the tube is so small that it fits in to my palms.
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