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Addiction Holiday 2012 Makeup Collection

Front Cover Sparkler Glitter For Eyes & Nails


Sparkler, £16 – Glitter for eyes and nails – loose pots of glitter and nail varnish for the glitter tips trend – simply paint your nails and dip into the glitter! There’s also a brilliant iridescent eye gel that allows you to build up a block glitter eye.
This gorgeously glittery palette is a party season must-have to make sure your eyes and nails twinkle. Be as bold as you like with a full glitter eye or play it down with a cool sophisticated glitter line, then dip your nail tips to match or contrast. Designers such as Alexander McQueen and Giorgio Armani embraced the glitzy trend during their catwalk shows. The finest of glitters for eyes and nails ensures comfortable eyes and no snagged tights!


Inside the box:
  • 3 pots of loose glitter
  • 3 nail polishes
  • 1 NEW iridescent Glitter Gel
  • 1 double-ended applicator
  • 1 liner brush


Ghost Moonlight

I was at the Ghost Moonlight Perfume Launch yesterday, I am sharing few sneak a peak photos with you more to come soon…

Ghost Moonlight

Ghost Moonlight


Front Cover Dark Art Nail Arts Set

MiMC A Winter Coffret

The Body Shop Smoky Moon Stone Swatches


Make Up For Ever Holodiam Holiday 2012 Collection

Be Your Own Make Up Artist Station

The set includes:
HD Primer, HD Microfinish Powder
Aqua Eyes #0L, #2L, #3L, #11L
Aqua Cream #1, #13
Aqua Shadow #22E, #28E
Aqua Liner #8, #12
Aqua Black
Aqua Lip #14C, #8C
Rouge Artist Intense #43, #22
Rouge Artist Natural #N35, #N9
Lab Shine #D16
Smoky Lash, Aqua Smoky Lash

Sleek Makeup Sparkle 2 Eye Shadow Palette



Baby, make it glitter!

Catrice Siberian Call Collection

“Siberian Call” by CATRICE
Ice wide open! As the Siberian cold approaches, fascination for the Russian tundra grows. Beautiful scenery full of contrasts surrounds the Limited Edition “Siberian Call” by CATRICE: silent snowy landscapes, bluish icy vegetation and imposing, vast steppes in brown and green – the territory of wolves, bears and tigers. Mysterious impressions of this world have already conquered the international catwalks. The symbiosis of the ice age and naturally warm elements is reflected in the current crossover couture: glamorous fur effects, soft tweed, urban knits and sparkling highlights with an ice-flower appearance. Deep greys and silver shades unite with warm beige, pink and coral to become the trend colours of this edition, which will be available from December 2012 to January 2013.

Jill Stuart Dreamy Layered Glow Collection

Guerlian: Guerlain Makeup Collection For Spring 2013



Meteorites Perles du Paradis


Ecrin 4 Couleurs Collector’s Palette

  • #501 Attrape-Coeur
  • #502 Coup de Foudre

Catrice NEONaturals

Neon stands out, is always in the first row, is extroverted! Nude wraps itself in silence and lets others shine in the spotlight. Do they have anything in common? Not at all! Yet they make a perfect pair, complement each other, create an exciting tension. The new Limited Edition “NEONaturals” by CATRICE invites loud colours to brighten up the cold winter months. Combined with classy, soft nude shades, this opens up a world of endless possibilities. Nude gets some excitement, neon gains elegance. The evolution of a trend. In December 2012 and January 2013, NEONaturals brings the colour intoxication of international designers to your nails: six neon and six nude shades stand for unlimited looks. Mono or as a colour duo with a moon manicure – nails are the new fashion accessories!

YSL Makeup Collection for Spring 2013

Y Lumiere Collector Face Palette

Eyeshadow Powder

Collector Eye shadow Quadra Palette

Available in #14 including the following shades:
Malachite Green
Sparkling Rose
Violet Amethyst
Azurite Blue

Sienna X : Sienna X Touché de Soleil





This season sienna X unveils its very first professional tan created specifically for the dreary winter months - NEW
‘Touche de Soleil’. Whether you are looking for a more subtle glow to carry you through the party season, or looking
for a dewy new year lift – this is the solution for you! The natural looking tan will develop to your skintone and is so
subtle it just adds the little touch of sun our skin craves throughout those darker months.
The result of careful product development, ‘Touche de Soleil’ is a luxurious formulation with nourishing ingredients,
for a prolonged tan. The clever paraben free formulations allow the tan to adapt to your own skin tone, for a natural
looking tan. As with sienna X’s original spray solutions, the active ingredient (DHA) is pure, fresh and natural and the
coconut fragrance will leave your skin smelling great. Sienna X is currently available in 7 different shade variations,
for a holiday glow to a deep tan for darker skins. However, with the introduction of the new touche de soleil


Key new ingredients of touche de soleil

 Apple Fruit Extract refines and rejuvenates the skin

 Calendula soothes skin and is especially beneficial for delicate skin.
 Papaya known for improving tone and texture of skin.
 Ginkgo antioxidant compounds help protect skin from signs of aging.
 Pomegranate promotes regeneration of cells in the two most important layers of healthy skin, the epidermis
and dermis.


Make Up Factory Glamorous Reflections of the 1920s Collection

Make Up Factory Glamorous Reflections of the 1920s Collection

Make Up Factory Glamorous Reflections of the 1920s Collection
 Make Up Factory Glamorous Reflections of the 1920s Collection



Make Up Factory Glamorous Reflections of the 1920s Collection



Metallic Luxury Eyeshadow

Make Up Factory Glamorous Reflections of the 1920s Collection
#50 Golden Citrine
#60 Sparkling Emerald
#70 Metallic Teal

Anna Sui Drama Queen Collection For Spring 2013


Giorgio Armani Pop Collection

Victoria’s Secret Diamonds After Dark Collection

Victoria’s Secret Diamonds After Dark Collection

Dior Cherie Bow Collection For Spring 2013

 Dior Cherie Bow Collection For Spring 2013

Lee Stafford Beauty Bloggers Event


Skin Art Glitter  / Tattoos




Color Xtreme Instant Hair Color

Lee Stafford Electrical Range

Electrical Rollers

They are soft enough to go to bed with them, and they come with it’s own hair clips, no more loosing clips in bed Smile

Lee Stafford ChopStick Styler

I like this ChopStick Styler and It’s Lee’s favourite Syler!!! I need one ASAP!!!

My Big Fat Tong

This is ideal for girls who have long hair!!

Blow Dryers

Lulu’s Time Bomb


My Face Cosmetics

How to Prepare for a Perfect Xmas Night with Liberty London

Shall we start with some nice Xmas Music? While Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is playing at the background…

Start with a nice relaxing bath, put some DIPTYQUE CANDLES around your bath tub, fill your bath tub with hot water than pour REN MORROCAN ROSE BATH OIL to your tub, Ren Morrocan bath oil will not leave oily /greasy marks on your tub.

While you're still lying in your tube use AESOP BODY CLEANSER for personal deep cleansing, it will relax your body but it will clean up your body & will help you to get ready for your night, tine for shampoo & condtioner try AESOP CLASSIC SHAMPOO & RAHUA CONDITIONER finish it with LE LABO shower gel . Now time for body & skin care, while you are still in your bath robe after you get the excess damp on your skin pour ORMOROVIZA GOLD SHIMMER OIL to your hands rub & massage it all over your body let it soften & silken your skin.

Time to Prepare your skin for your makeup

- What do we Start with?

Kiehls Cucumber Toner is alcohol free and botanical. this will help you to get rid of the dirts still sitting in your pores and it will make your job easier for the next Cleansing step on this step we will be using QMS MEDICOSMETICS DEEP CLEANSING, apply it on a damp skin massage with circular motions rinse with water or wipe clean it with a muslin cloth. Now one of the most important steps is applying our mask EVE LOM RESCUE MASK Brighten up your skin and look perfect for this Xmas. We need to hit two birds with one stone as we do not have all day to hang about in the bathroom, while you are waiting your mask to dry and do its job, why not do some hand care? your hands must be chapped & dry after playing around in the bathroom, you need deep moisture & repair why not try KHIELS HAND SALVE. Now time to remove our mask and go for our skin moisturiser ESPA MOISTURISERDR SEBAGH PUFF EYE CREAM for puff eyes.

First Steps on our makeup

We are starting with HOUR GLASS PRIMER SERUM this is both serum & a primer double effect.

Apply Laura Mercier Secret Concealer as an eye primer and gently rub it into your eye lids.

Apply your eye shadow first to avoid your eye shadow dusts falling on to your skin and ruining your make-up.

This year we will see lots of dark plums, Bordeaux start with SHU UEMURA BLACK SATIN PURPLE LINER apply as a liner with LAURA MERCIER FLAT LINER BRUSH blend it to your lids, than use the matching colours on SHU UEMURA BORDEAUX EYE SHADOW PALETTE with using the brushes on SHU UEMURA MINI BRUSH SET finish your eye makeup with Trish McEvoy Classic Black Gel Liner Pencil & one coat of ellis faas black mascara do not forget to use your Shu Uemura eye lash adhesivewith Shu Uemura BLACK AND LAVENDER LIBERTY FALSE EYELASHES after you finish inserting the false lashes finish your eye makeup with one more coats of ellis faas black mascara

Now time for face makeup use

NARS sheer glow foundation with LAURA MERCIER FINISHING BRUSH



use SECHE DEEP PLUM POLISH on your nails

Now before you dress up use

NARS BODY GLOW on all over your body neck line, legs & arms

Time for an extra hand care use DECÉLOR AROMA COMFORT HAND CREAM before you dress up

You are ready to dress up now, are you ready to go out ? Did you put your perfume? If not do not forget to use DIPTYQUE PHOLOSYKOS EDT 100ML or ESCENTRIC MOLECULE 03 100 ml.

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