'' MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY: 25 November 2009 //


NYX Runaway Palette

i have received my Nyx Runaway Palettes yesterday, i have ordered them on 13 Nov, this means it took it to arrive 2 weeks, i am surprised when i saw the palettes it smaller than i expected but i had a chance to try them only some colours though, but it smells yuck!!!! really disgusting.. On the other hand eye shadows are pigmented and it looks nice,
it has a small mirror and it comes with a sponge applicator.
I am saying it is small but actually it is easy to take it on trips, journeys and easy to carry in a small bag,
I have ordered the first 3 runaway palettes and i am planning to order more
the eye shadows look very soft and it looks like it can be easily broken, and it is very dusty as well.
some are very pigmented some are not pigmented at all..
the dusty part is so bad because the your under eyes will be full of eye shadow dusts…

Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball Lipsticks

I know that LQ have a lot of fans, and they follow each new products, my self had never tried one , i guess  because i have lots of lipsticks or i do not want to buy anything without testing, i can buy from MAC without testing because i can some sort of guess the actual colours but this brand i can not ..

lipstick queen

they have new lipsticks which shows teeth whiter, and those are called butterfly ball

DSC04801this a picture of a lipstick in this butterfly ball series, the picture does not belong to me unfortunately it is from a Google search 


These kind of lipsticks has blue undertones in it and that shows your teeth whiter…

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