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For more than 60 years KRYOLAN Professional Make-up is a specialized manufacturer of professional make-up serving theater, film, and television around the globe. KRYOLAN is also engaged to establish their products more towards the beauty sector. 
The headquarters with a surface of 5000 m² has been located in the Berlin Papierstrasse in the north of the city since 1971. Ever since its modest beginnings, this company site has been continuously improved and expanded.
More than 240 employees in Berlin and Zehlendorf but also at the international sites in Poland, England, USA, India and Bangladesh are committed to furthering the KRYOLAN trademark and daily endeavor to satisfy all customer wishes.

Today KRYOLAN Professional Make-up delivers to customers in more than 70 countries on all continents of the world and is an acknowledged trademark for professional make-up artists. The name KRYOLAN and its other trademarks stand for professional competence, high product quality, exceptional diversity, professionalism, flexibility and tradition.
At the company·s headquarters in Berlin, Germany qualified chemists continuously work developing new products, looking for innovative raw materials with special skin caring properties.
With the experience of more than 6 decades KRYOLAN Professional Make-up understands to its best the need of qualified professional make-up artists working in the entertainment industry. KRYOLAN is the global brand for professional make-up.
A range of more than 16,000 items in 750 shades covers every need any professional make-up artist may have. The Availability of products has great importance for them. Therefore KRYOLAN Professional Make-up products may be obtained around the world.
But what is the difference between professional make-up and everyday beauty make-up with which we are all so familiar?
A considerable number of special demands, such as the following, are placed on professional make-up and must be satisfied to an optimal degree:

Faithful rendition of colors for the stage or camera

Good permanence on the actor·s skin

Especially good compatibility on the skin

Color continuity over years

Good color intensity

Capability of international application

High degrees of product safety and reliability

Theatrical make-up must enable the actor to appear believable and realistic under stage lights, in the particular role which he or she is playing. In its close collaboration with make-up designers, KRYOLAN produces a comprehensive line of colors which satisfies these expectations.
These colors often appear unnatural to the lay person under offstage conditions, but under stage lighting they provide the theatergoer with the intended illusion.
Cameras record colors differently from the human eye.
This fact demands a series of skin shades produced in accordance with camera technology.
The permanence of make-up is extremely important for the make-up designer. The reapplication during shooting must be limited to an absolute minimum, since it lengthens expensive working time. An actor markets his or her skin in the truest sense of the word. An appearance without make-up would be practically unthinkable. The make-up product used must therefore be highly compatible with the actor·s skin.

KRYOLAN has always applied extremely high quality standards. All the raw materials employed, correspond not only to purity regulations of cosmetics, but also - whenever such materials are available - to stipulations applied for pharmaceutical or foodstuff quality.
The outstanding compatibility of each KRYOLAN product has been verified before marketing by voluntary dermatological tests on a clinical basis.
In its more than 60 years of experience KRYOLAN never carried out any animal tests.
The essential property of color continuity over the years is not always easy to provide.
The pigments purchased by KRYOLAN from Germany, France, England and the USA do not always have identical color intensities: a difficulty which can result in color fluctuations in the final product.
In addition, modifications in legislation have resulted in the replacement of tried and proven colors by new substances.
One consequence is that countless formulations must be revised, and it is not possible in all cases to recreate the desired nuance to the full satisfaction of the client.
KRYOLAN is conscious of the difficulties which such factors present for the make-up artist.
In order to better ensure the continuity of colors, KRYOLAN has implemented scientific technology in its laboratory which is rarely used for cosmetic purposes. At KRYOLAN today, most skin shades are controlled with the aid of a photo spectrometer: a device which highly accurately measures colors.
The measured results are analyzed by means of software especially created for this purpose.
Good covering quality is universally expected from theatrical make-up - without, however, the necessity of the product being applied too thick. KRYOLAN satisfies this expectation by using a high share of especially finely ground pigments.
In addition to 9 grinding mills, 2 powder mills and a colloid mill, the KRYOLAN production department is also utilizing advanced micronization technology.
Unfortunately, due to the legislation variations in each country raw materials cannot be used equally. With Ultrafoundation KRYOLAN developed a make-up range which can be applied by the make-up artists around the world without difficulties.
Product safety and reliability in our profession means the quality guarantee of the products.
It is precisely in this respect that KRYOLAN has earned a highly respected international reputation and we just as highly value the confidence which our clients have justifiably placed in us.

We want to further strengthen the KRYOLAN trademark with new products and sales ideas, and underscore our claim of being the leading product line for the professional make-up artist worldwide. The international orientation of the company will continue to gain in importance.

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