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Stylfile Infuse Reviews

Who does not like nail files, accessories, buffers? whether you are a into beauty or not, we all have different types of nail files at home. 
Stylfile Infuse Reviews
Before I started using Stylfile I was a great fan of glass nail files, I never like stainless steel nail files, I always dig it into my skin, and the sound when I am doing my nails just irritates me and it also peels the nails so for that reason I do not like it. 


The East India Company Flagship Store London

Are you a tea lover like me? If your answer is Yes this article will make you a happy bunny. 
I much prefer a tea bar, rather than having a coffee in Starbucks.  

Oh finally there is a place where I can have fresh Earl Gray, when I want to have a cup of tea out in London. 

As not many people prefers Earl Gray, in most of the shops the tea goes bad, you can understand from the taste. 

Imagine going there every now and then tasting different teas :)) yummy yummy 


Essence Soft Touch Mousse Foundation N02 Swatches & Reviews

 Essence Soft Touch Mousse Foundation N02 Swatches and Reviews

Not sure if any of you remembers Maybelline's Mousse Foundation? Now they have the Dream Matte Version, I have never tried that version but Essence Soft Touch Mousse Foundation is as good as Maybelline's Mousse Foundation. 


Herbfarmacy Mallow Beauty Balm Reviews

Herbfarmacy is a British Organic Brand 
Mallow Beauty Balm has got Marshmallow and Mullein in it, and it is a natural anti ageing effect.
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