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Banned L'Oreal Advertisements


Nobody is Perfect, We all know that, but all the makeup, skin care adverts on magazines, on TV’s, Billboards etc. are so manipulated that sometimes I even as a beauty blogger can be fooled by those advertisements


Oh So why does Enchantress is talking about this subject at this time of the night. I am writing this according to the article I have just read.


As many of you may heard or not,  One of L'Oreal & Maybelline advertisements have been banned in UK.


I can not say I am sorry, I am quite happy for those bans.


Basically they are putting us into an idiot position.. 


It is easy to fool a women when it comes to makeup, beauty, aesthetics, it is our weakest link and many of us believes those and make purchases.


We all want to look nice, beautiful and perfect.


Makeup can cover blemishes, spots, acne, birth marks, but WE NEVER GET THE LOOK WE SEE IN ADS.

All those photos taken are played with Photoshop or some other programme, and than we see perfect flawless skin not even a single goose feet,no mimic lines,


That’s impossible!It is possible with Botox but not with foundations and concealers..



This is the advertisement of LancĂ´me's new Foundation and you can see Julia Roberts’s photo without Photoshop.

All her wrinkles have been touched up, her eye brows have been thickened, her nose have been touched up.

Her skin tone looks lighter than her normal skin tone..


Mostly, we believe to mascara advertisements, sometimes companies does not mention that they have been using fake lashes, eye lash inserts, or haven touched up in production.


After all those touch ups, model even does not look like herself, she is a different person, who appears on advertisements, her lashes does not belong to her, her lips looks fullers, she has nice long voluminous lashes, perfect brows.

Long, shiny, curly, hair,

Seems like the Princesses in fairy tales.


Or Barbie Dolls in shops? Robots?



Julia Roberts & Supermodel Christy Turlington were forced to be pulled by L'Oreal

Forget about everything, these girls look absolutely perfect and flawless in these advertisements


Nobody is perfect, we all have problems with our skin, as a result we are not factory made.


How about Shampoo Advertisements? wash & go out of the bathroom, Bingo, you have nice long, curled, shiny hair,


Yeah, I wish I had a magic wand to create all those things at once, with one touch,



We can sort of stop ourselves from buying it, but how about young girls, teenagers?


I think they definitely need to work on Mascara Advertisements too


you can read more @http://www.asa.org.uk/ASA-action/Adjudications/2011/7/LOreal-%28UK%29-Ltd/SHP_ADJ_149640.aspx

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