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Essence My Skin Skin Care Range


The new facial skin care range especially for young skin, Essence my skin provides your skin with everything it needs: protection, moisture, freshness – for skin care that’s fun! The new my skin products by essence are available in three innovative fruit and plant combinations:



Lime extracts are refreshing and have a pore-refining effect, cucumber extracts provide intensive moisture. As a duo, they offer the ultimate boost of freshness!

With essence my skin, young skin has every reason to shine like the stars!

Perfect care starts with perfect cleansing: whether you’re looking for products to devote hours to your beauty rituals with or for ultra-quick skin care solutions – essence my skin is always the right choice. For all skin and care types!

Of course, all essence my skin products are dermatologically approved. They are also oil-free and have UVA/UVB filters.

essence my skin soft cleansing gel


With my skin, the indulgent pampering program for your skin already starts with the cleansing. Deep-cleansing yet super gentle to your skin: The my skin soft cleansing gel thoroughly frees your skin of dirt and make-up. Lime and cucumber extracts don’t just provide your skin with intensive moisture, they also put you in a great mood thanks to their delicious and fresh scent. Suitable for all skin types.


essence my skin 4in1 cleansing cream

The new 4in1 cleansing cream is a true all-rounder. It effectively cleanses your skin and refines your pores as well as providing moisture and a long-lasting mattifying effect. Thanks to its special texture, this new cleansing cream is a peeling, a face mask and a cream – all at once! Valuable pomegranate and bamboo extracts turn your daily cleansing ritual into a lovely pampering session.


essence my skin refreshing toner


A refreshment that makes you want more: The refreshing toner purifies and pampers your skin at the same time and awakens your senses with a delicious lychee and blue grape scent. Now that you’re feeling refreshed and replenished with moisture, you’re sure to have a perfect start to the day with a breathtaking, radiant complexion!


essence my skin caring cleansing wipes


Whether you’re travelling, on the go or at home: The practical cleansing wipes are essential everyday companions. Thanks to the special alcohol-free formula, you can now effortlessly remove waterproof make-up or dirt gently and effectively without drying out your skin. The seductive, exotic scent of pomegranate and bamboo whisks you away on a pampering journey of the senses. Suitable for all skin types.


essence my skin refreshing cleansing wipes

A boost of freshness when you’re on the go – or at home! The new cleansing wipes not only free your skin of dirt and waterproof make-up, but also make tired skin look fresh and radiant again! The special alcohol-free formula won’t dry out your skin and is a true stimulant for all skin types with its lime and cucumber ingredients.


essence my skin intensively caring cream
ess_SkinCare_IntCaringCream_closed01 ess_SkinCare_IntCaringCream_closed02 ess_SkinCare_IntCaringCream_opened02

Put a stop to dry skin! It’s time for intensive care with essence my skin! This new face cream gives thirsty skin 24 hours of intensive moisture to restore its elasticity and energy. Pomegranate and bamboo provide your skin with important nutrients and protect it from drying out. To ensure a carefree start to the day, the cream is additionally enriched with UVA/UVB filters that protect your skin from external influences! Now you can enjoy intensive care without an oily film - for a velvety, soft and radiant complexion!


essence my skin mattifying cream

A perfect, matt complexion? All day long? Not a problem with the right beauty product! The new oil-free mattifying cream with a 12h matt-effect gives your skin a smooth, matt complexion and provides plenty of moisture at the same time! Lychee and blue grape turn application into a unique pampering experience. Thanks to the UVA/UVB filters, this is an ideal cream for everyday skin care.


essence my skin moisturizing cream-gel


The scent alone already manages to convey a sense of freshness and care! The moisturizing cream-gel texture is absorbed quickly and offers your skin 24h of intensive moisture while protecting it from damaging environmental influences with UVA and UVB filters. Enriched with lime and cucumber ingredients to ensure a radiant complexion, this cream-gel also contains light-reflecting pigments for a subtle glow



essence my skin deeply moisturizing paper mask

Time to take a deep breath – not just for your skin! The pre-treated paper face mask is super easy to use and calms down stressed skin in a flash! Enriched with cucumber extracts, it provides your skin with moisture and makes it feel wonderfully soft and smooth



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