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Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion

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Ok guys here are the pictures of Skin MD Natural as I promised

 and some other things to add to my review,  i did  a small water test,
our hands get dry and chap also when it is so much in water,

i decided to wash dishes in my hand and i also put some bleacher inside the water,
as a result my hands were still soft and nice after washing the dishes few times

i will tell you more, when i discover more about Skin MD Shielding Lotion

and before i forget to tell, Skin MD Shielding Lotion and some other products are recommended by dermotologist.

I wish i had discovered them before they discovered me, because i suffered from skin irritation and allergies in summer time and dermatologists could not find what was causing these irritations,

Oh the other thing i forget to add is it is really light, it is not sticky, your hands does not feel sticky like you touch sugar with wet hands..

it is light as a product and light enough to carry in your handbag.

as long as it hydrates the skin and keeps it supple and soft - that's what we want

and i find it at Skin MD Shielding Lotion..

i have tried a lot of products from drugstore brands to high street brands, but none give me what my skin needed,

i did understand that my skin was really dehydrated and it needed a good hydration.

Another subject about this Shielding Lotion, it is anti allergic, so if you have a sensitive skin like me , even a small mosquito bite is making your skin like a bee stung, this product is right for you,
i have an allergic skin anything can make my skin itchy, and irritation, i did not have any problems like that,

No burns, No Itches

so stay tuned until my next review

you can find more about Skin MD Natural

You can find my detailed review here
Skin MD Natural Sheilding Lotion

La Mer Cleansing Foam,

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La Mer Cleansing Foam is for people who uses heavy make up on their daily life, foundation, setting powder, mineral powders, waterproof make up etc, it is good at cleaning up water proof make up

First wash your face with La Mer Cleansing Foam than use your skin care products, your routine products

i was using some other foam and liquid cleanser but because it did not help i gave up, i started to use foam cleansers when i met La Mer , now it is my favourite cleanser,

and besides even if you do no wear make up you need a cleanser , and when you wash your face with La Mer you will see how much dirt you actually carry on your skin

Skin MD Natural Sheilding Lotion

I received my parcel from Skin MD Natural few hours ago, so i cannot put the picture of my lotion until i go home,

Honestly i was not sure what kind of a product i will receive when they emailed me,

One of their PR manager's emailed me and asked me if i would like to review their lotions,  i am always open to try new products, so i said yes ofcourse i would like to try this out.

As soon as i received the parcel i tried the lotion on my hands,

I did not read any reviews or i did not search this product because i did not want to be under effect good or bad...

it comes in a white plain bottle with a red cap it is 120 ml 4 oz

it is completely vegetarian, not tested on animals

it is also paraben free 

you can read the ingredients at the back of the bottle without a need of magnifier...

the first thing take my attension when i used it on my hands is it is fragrance free
i could not believe it and i checked the bottle.
Normally my nose is sensitive and i can quickly get the smell.

Being fragrance free is good because if it has a nice fragrance, even if does not work you use it because of the fragrance or aroma in it or vice verse,

i used just a small bit on my hands and i still can not believe the result..  my hands are softer than ever,  and i put hand lotion before i leave home  and even if it is a good brand but it was not enough to make my hands soft, i have to apply over and over to make it soft but soon after the application my hands go back to the old conditon dry and chapped..

in one application my hands are as soft as a baby's hands. 

Those are my first impressions from the first try.

I will post pictures tonight and i will continiue to write updates on this product.

I am a bit sharped tongued, and i do my best to be honest,

as being a very straight forward blogger, i liked this product,

If i did not like it i would be writing here.

It is made in USA, so you can use it without any bad thoughts, as we all know most of the brands are made in China, we pay to their name and packing...

Stay Tunned...

Murad Essential C Toner

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Murad Essential C Toner Balances, hydrates and prepares skin for treatment
  • Conditions and hydrates skin
  • Strengthens skin's natural defenses
 it will hydrate your skin unlike other cleansers, 

the worst part of cleansers are they make your skin ultra dry and your skin is like on fire the next time you use it, 
I did not use Murad products but i have friends using Murad products and they are quite happy .

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