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Perfume Society VIP Discovery Box Reviews

I first would like to post the introduction to you, after the introduction lines you can read my reviews, I will be reviewing the fragrances individually.

By becoming a subscriber to The Perfume Society, you become a perfume ‘VIP’. For just £25 per year, you’ll receive the following exclusive benefits…

• Invitations to ticketed events with leading ‘noses’ and key figures from the perfume world, in-store events, workshops, etc.

• Your first Perfume Discovery Fragrance Education ‘discovery box’ (seen at the top of this page), featuring eight beautiful samples, smelling strips, a complimentary handbag-size Crabtree & Evelyn Lily Hand Cream (and of course your subscription card), together with ‘Fragrance Notes’ postcards and an embossed Note Book, so you can share your thoughts about the scents – and start to deepen your appreciation of perfume and the scented world. (For more about what’s in the box, click on ‘Joining Gift‘, just above right.

• Eight copies a year of our ‘e-magazine’, The Scented Letter - virtually the only publication in the world devoted to all things fragrant…

• A complimentary workshop – for 2014, ‘How to Improve Your Sense of Smell‘, which will be hosted at locations nationwide.

• Suggested activities for your own local ‘Perfume Group‘ – like a book club, but without the homework…!

• ‘Access All Areas‘: you’ll be able to read special content on the website that is created for subscribers-only, including ‘nose’ interviews, vodcasts, podcasts and more.

• You will also be first to know about each of our new limited edition Perfume Society Discovery Boxes - to help you discover new perfumes, and improve your sense of smell, which are available only to subscribers (and at a special price) for the first eight weeks after they launch, or till they sell out (whichever is the sooner).

(Please note: due to shipping restrictions we cannot send our boxes to the Republic of Ireland or internationally, although you can still receive the other joining benefits, i.e. subscription to The Scented Letter etc.)

Stylfile2 S-Buffer Reviews

Stylfile2 S-Buffer Reviews

 This is the second product of the Stylfile S File Series, It is a 4 side Nail Buffer. 

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