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Bistro Tea Reviews

Bistro Tea Reviews

Each TeaPod is packed at point of origin using premium grade, organic tea leaves that are harvested, selected and processed in sri lanka (formerly ceylon) on fair trade estates

Bistro Tea Reviews
The packing looks like the leaves wrapped to a thick aluminium foil with small holes on it.

Bistro Tea Reviews

You do not need a spoon, you do not need to squeeze and burn your fingers :)) 

All you need to do is add boiling water to your teacup, and stir it.

Bistro Tea Reviews

There are 11 different Bistro Tea's to choose

I am an early grey person, I do not really like green tea, or herbal teas.

I am a tea drinker, I seriously do not know how many cups I consume in a day, maybe that is one of the other reasons that I have sleep problems, consuming too much tea.

Bistro Tea Reviews

So far I have tried Earl Grey & English Breakfast Tea, I totally loved them.. 

If you love Organic / Fair Trade tea's, you can try Bistro Tea.

I have tried few other brands on Earl Grey, I can easily say Bistro Tea's Earl Grey is as good as Twinings Earl Grey

You can also purchase via paypal I think that's a great opportunity. I much prefer to use paypal rather than giving my credit card details each time.

if you want to buy head over to http://www.bistro-tea.co.uk/purchase-teapods/


House of Holland Elegant Touch Nail For a Second Collection

 Ahead of the House of Holland show this Saturday, Henry has collaborated with Elegant Touch nails for a second collection. Using his fashion forward designs, Henry has created a video masterpiece, using nail masks in acid brights to depict his vision.

Neve Cosmetics Amore/Pink Psiche/Beige Collection

A few days before Valentine's Day by debuting two new biomatite Pastel Lipcolor Neve Cosmetics: Love / Pink and Psyche / Beige.

Soft as lipsticks, accurate as pencils, vegan, creamy and opaque as always ... and this time inspired by the most romantic feelings.

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