'' MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY: 31 March 2013 //


Gosh Ultimate Eye Liner Kind Of Blue Swatches

Gosh Ultimate Eye Liner 05 Kind Of Blue Swatches

Guerlian Aqua Allegoria EDT

Guerlian Aqua Allegoria

2013 is the year of flowers and water language sprinkle green Neroli Eau de Toilette, elegant debut!
Pleasant fresh green orange fragrance windward hit the fruity feast dedicated to nature supreme praise the sun shines in the afternoon, pushed open the door to a secret garden, lay into flourishing orange garden, fluttering butterflies, birds children, lush greenery, ushered in bursts of orange blossom citrus aroma, fresh and natural fruit flavor refreshing facial escape from earthly troubles, feeling the advent of warm spring breeze breeze.This year Guerlain fragrance with the elegance of the royal family and nobles unique fragrance - flowers and water language sprinkling of green and orange blossom eau de toilette "opened Chunyang Overture, people wander in the pure, elegant orange blossom and fruity. To celebrate the vibrant vitality of nature, flowers, familiar with a variety of raw materials fragrance fourth generation perfumer Jean-Paul. Guerlain (Jean-Paul GUERLAIN) launched a the flowers water language Eau de Toilette Series the (Aqua Allegoria), to create a of Impressionist fresh perfume new wave, leading the world close to all kinds of floral, fruity, green grass and trees, more than a decade in the world launched more than 20 fragrance landscape, floral and Provence garden countryside to capture the visual impression with pure fragrance atmosphere packaging in a bottle, each language of flowers and water bottles are the embodiment of the overtaken flowers wizard fruit flowers fairies, each flavor has a beautiful fable, such as Psalm.

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