'' MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY: 13 November 2009 //


Must have MAC Black Eye Shadows



dark gray matte shadow with blue undertones





Black Tied : it is  highly pigmented, it has some silver pigments glitters in it



Carbon : it is a kind of blackest black, you can make it darker with using the right tools , or just use it dry

Knight  Divine

Typographic dark gray matte shadow.

while i was preparing this topic, i also wanted to take the pictures of these eye shadows i have mentioned on my palette, but i must have forget that today is Friday the 13th

i have seen that 3 of my eye shadows are broken in the palette, so i spend one hour to press them neatly than i also break my favourite green eye shadow Humid


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I used Eyeko Bronzing Cream all over my face, than i used a few pumps from my MAC NC40 Studio Finish Foundation, than few drops from Barry M foundation to my face i blend them well with MAC 187 Brush.


I used MAC Eye Primer then i used Paint Pot in Soft Ochre all over my lids. than i used MAC Off The Radar Pigments to my lids, than i wet my MAC 242 brush with home made mixing medium

than i do the same with MAC Melon, and Rose pigment i made lines on my lids with these pigments and than i used MAC 224 brush to mix them
than i made someother lines on them with MAC Antique Green and Steel Blue Pigment
after these pigments i used MAC Choclate pigment with MAC 224 Brush
I also use them as an eyeliner, than i draw a line over them with BB black gel eyeliner using Shu Uemura 4F Sable Brush..

than i used MAC Paint Pot in Black Ground with MAC 219 brush to make deeper lines both my under and upper lids

Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC30, than i used Select Cover up in NC30, than Studio Finish concealer in NC30, i blend them well with MAC 187 brush

and to my cheeks i used Sephora Bronzer with MAC 159 Brush than Benefit Dallas with MAC 134 brush, than i used Illamasqua Erzule Bronzer with Smasbox No :19 Brush


I used Revlon Midnight Swirl with MAC 231 brush

Nude Eye Shadows

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Nude eye shadows are so in these days,  but this tyepe of eyeshadows are one of our must's in our make up bag, obviously it is based on natural colours and we will always use this type of eye shadows, whether as a base or just an eye shadow,

stila wheat  estee  lauder

Bobbi Brown

Update on my orders

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it is been 3 weeks i still did not receive my orders from Stars Make Up Haven, No Reply to my message also,

ughhh I am getting so angry,

I did not receive my coastal scents order which i have orderded in summer also, but thanks to paypal i got my money back.

I have received my fan brush from Benefit, i am so Happy, :) i love that small tiny fan brush :) it makes me ticklish when i am appliying which makes me more happy :)) it means the bristles are soft...

I have ordered 3 NYX Runaway Palette, 8 USD per palette, that is goood, also their champagne and Caviar Palette looks smilar too BB's previous palettes i mean the colours, god!! i forget the name of BB's Palette!

NYX The Runway Collection 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette #17206

Strike A Pose

Jazz Night

Champagne & Caviar


I also ordered a set of Stilla which is a real bargain
Best of Stila' Ulta Mate Stila 8-Piece Set
1x Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF15 50ml ( #Shade 01 ) I am not shade one but it doesnt matter i can use it under bronzers to give highlight..  i am not milky white
1x Convertible Color Dual Lip & Cheek Cream 2.2g ( #Peony ) ( i love this product definetelly better than MAC and BB, BB and MAC's cream colour bases and Creamy Blushes makes my skin go bad)

3x Shimmer Eyeshadow 2.6g ( #Go Lightly, #Wheat, #Mystic )
1x Ultra Shimmer Eyeshadow 2.6g ( #Kitten ) * this es is award winning and hard to find

1x Major Lash Mascara 5g ( # Black )
1x Lip Glaze 2.4ml ( #Ulta Mate Pink )

I am hoping to receive it next week so i can share the pictures with you.

this set costs me only 13.50 GBP

Benefit Fan Brush

it comes with a plastic protected puch or case..
it is good for appliying loose powders, bronzers etc
i use it to apply bronzers
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