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Primer Potion File II

I am thinking to buy a primer potion, normally i use Laura Mercier's powder primer, i have got the all 3 sets,

1- Laura Mercier Finishing Powder ( i am running out of it but thank god i purchased one more )
but is a bit messy to use powders, you just waste product, it just drops down to floors and clothes etc.
but there is an extra it is a really a good product, i wish i am not this messy and i remmber where i put my powder and take the picture and share it with you, but if you are one of my readers from the begining you'd now that if i do not have the product i won't say i am using. This is bigger than the other two products and more long lasting, this is a setting powder i use this over my make up

2- Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder
 this is smaller than you imagine it could finish faster than you imagine ( i finished this in 3 mnths time) this has 2 shade options shade 1 and shade 2. shade is a bit more yellow, i think it is more suitable for asian and Indian's. No offence it is my personal opinion it could work on me too, but i purchased shade 1 and perfectly fits although i am a Mediterranean and i am olive skinned. Opps before i forget it is a bit pigmented product, it is sparkling powder type so you might be sparkling like Las Vegas Lights :)
i use this after i moisten my skin.

3- Laura Mercier Mineral Finishing Powder
it is also in a small jar and i use it after i put my foundation and concelaer, before i start to do my eyes, and cheeks.
it could finish quickly ....

As on my eyes I use

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

I used only few times , i can not say much about this product, i will tell you more when i see a difference on my eye make up..

MAC Prep + Prime Eye

What i can say about this product is it is pretty long lasting, i am using this product for over a year...
and it is better than the other primers i use...
it is on a small square jar and you think it wont be long lasting cos it doesnt look much on the jar, but it has and u can use it until you finish it..  no product will be left over inside the jar...

Smashbox Lid Primer  

Create the perfect canvas for shadow application with this ultra-luxurious lid primer. Just like our best selling, award-winning face primer, this vitamin-packed formula glides on and instantly smoothes and perfects lids. Wear it alone for a flawless natural eye or under any shadow to give it the staying power to withstand anything (even the occasional all-nighter).

This revolutionary formula contains Phytomoist™, a plant-based hyaluronic acid for ultimate moisturization plus skin perfecting amino acids. Soft focus pearls help diminish the appearance of fine lines and discoloration on the lids, while the patented delivery system ensures effective results.


so what i want to buy as a primer potion, i have got few on my mind and I am not so sure what to buy

I do not want smth in bottle especially a glass one it has a break factor

1- Shu Uemura UV UNDER BASE SPF 10


A weightless mousse makeup base that helps to even out skintone and texture, reduce redness and minimize the appearance of pores. Use before makeup application to prepare the face for flawless makeup.

 Well it looks very nice but it will take much space

2- Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer Potion

Smooth on a little Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer Potion before foundation (or alone!) to totally minimize the look of pores and fine lines. The velvety, paraben-free formula flashes down to a soft-matte finish, without the greasy, heavy feel sometimes associated with foundation primers. The result? Flawless skin with an airbrushed look and feel. Foundation applies smoothly, evenly, and won’t fade away. Ideal for oilier skin, but dry complexions who want pore perfection will love it, too.

The convenient squeeze tube includes a twist-up dispenser (like school glue!) for easy portion control.

Two unique finishes of Complexion Primer Potions are available. For skin that feels brighter and tighter, try our Brightening formula.

 Urban Decay Brightening Complexion Primer Potion

Dull skin? Fine lines? Disappearing foundation? Try Brightening Complexion Primer Potion under foundation (or alone!) for beautifully moisturized skin that looks brighter and feels tighter.

This lightweight, oil-free, paraben-free formula includes buzz-worthy ingredient Matrixyl 3000, celebrated for its ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Hyaluronic Filling Spheres also minimize the look of fine lines while leaving skin beautifully moisturized. Your skin will look youthful, lifted and firm, and your foundation will apply smoothly, evenly, and last longer!

Ideal for complexions that need moisture, and great for mature skin. But, our Brightening formula gives every skin type a healthy glow.

Two unique finishes of Complexion Primer Potions are available. For flawless, airbrushed skin, try our Pore Perfecting formula.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

Foundation Primer is a lightweight, creamy gel meant to be used prior to foundation, creating an invisible layer that acts as a buffer to outside elements.

  • Just as a painter "primes" a canvas, Foundation Primer - the original - was created by Laura Mercier in 1995 to "prime" the skin
  • Colorless gel leaves makeup looking fresh and colour-true the entire day
  • Ideal for normal and combination skin
  • Vitamins A, C, and E act as antioxidants and protect the skin from harmful, aging effects of the environment
  • Cooling Foundation Primer in the refrigerator is refreshing for the skin and reduces puffiness
  • 1.7 fl. oz./50ml

Laura Mercier have  3 more liquid mineral primers
1- LM Oil free foundation primer
2- LM Hydrating Foundation Primer
3- LM Mineral Primer

MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

A silky finishing powder that provides an invisible way to set makeup. Reduces shine while optically minimizing the look of pores, lines, imperfections. Available in one universal colour that suits all shades. Wear over makeup or on bare, moisturized skin.

 MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50

A skin-protecting cream with SPF 50. Applies under makeup to prime the skin for the sun. Featherweight, fast-absorbing, oil-free, invisible. Will not affect the look, texture or long-wear integrity of your makeup. Specially formulated with oil-absorbing powder, helps prevent oil breakthrough. Provides high-level broad spectrum sun protection. Worn daily helps guard the skin against discolouration, premature aging, dryness and other effects of sun exposure. Suitable for all skins.
30 ml 1.0 US fl oz

MAC Prep + Prime Line Filler

A primer used post-foundation, pre-makeup to camouflage, soften and relax expression lines and wrinkles. Applies as a dense cream: dries to a transparent, smooth, natural matte finish. With ongoing use, clinically proven to help rejuvenate your look.

MAC Prep + Prime Skin

An ultra-fluid lotion formulated with special-effect silicones. Calms and soothes the skin, blots away excess oil, and evens out skin redness. Improves the laydown and application of foundation or powder.

Nars Make Up Primer

Preps skin with soothing botanicals to pamper the skin and create a protective base for longer-lasting, natural looking foundation application and wear. The airy, lightweight oil-free gel cream formulation helps reduce redness and inflammation while increasing hydration. Worn under foundation, powder or alone, the result is translucent, healthy looking skin.

  • Helps improve skin’s clarity
  • Enriched with nine natural botanicals
  • Eases redness and calms inflammation
Make Up Primer with SPF

Combines soothing and hydrating ingredients with a full spectrum of sun protection to create a perfect canvas for natural-looking and long-lasting foundation application. The translucent, lightweight formula is designed to be applied before makeup or worn alone to prepare, nourish and hydrate skin, while helping to ease redness, reduce inflammation and improve the skin’s overall texture and quality. The unique dual protection formula offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays with a combined SPF 20 and PA++, and additional antioxidant protection helps to fight free radical damage. Whether worn under foundation, powder or alone, the result is translucent, healthy looking skin.
  • Protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays
  • Helps prevent premature signs of aging
  • Eases redness and helps reduce inflammation
  • Active Phytoseed Complex provides intense hydration for smoother skin

 Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer

Create a Perfect canvas for foundation application with this silky, lightweight blend of vitamins A & E, grape seed extract and green tea. Worn alone or under foundation to increase its longevity, our best-selling primer helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores for flawless skin with a velvety-smooth finish. In a new square airless pump for freshness to the last drop.


you see i have a long wish list waiting me to try and not sure which one to go ....

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