'' MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY: 4 August 2009 //


Bobbi Brown Ivy League Collection


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I am all about easy makeup! I live for Tinted Lip Conditioner, by itself or with a pencil, for sensual subtlety. Select Moisturecover concealer is the quickest way to give skin a boost of light. No time for touch-ups? Paint Pot eye shadow sets completely - trust me!

5g / 0.17 fl oz US $16.50

Paint Pot

"Creamy in texture, it sets completely to become this luminous, longwear, waterproof eyeshadow. It can also be combined with any of our eye products. It is wonderful for those who have no time for touch ups!"

5g / 0.17 fl oz US $16.50

it has 12 beautiful colors, waiting for you :)

( i am actually using artifact to my lids sometimes all over my eyes, it is a bit dark i must admit, if had a chance to try it before i bought it, it would not be spending money on that color, thats only my idea)

Eye Kohl

texture, loaded with pigments, easy to blend...this product is so
versatile that you can use it by itself or with eyeshadows."

1.45g / 0.05 oz
US $14.50

( the worst thing with this eue kohl they do melt in the summer if you are living in a hot country, all you need to do is hide them in freezer or fridge hiding them in a cool place won't work out, othervise it is long lasting if you do not play with your eyes and won't make it a mess, it is long lasting and lovely )

Pro Lash

"An instant classic: volume and length...we don't call it false lashes in a bottle for nothing!"

7.5 g / 0.25 US OZ
US $13.00

( I can not make any commends on this product, have never used a MAC Mascara, SORRY!!!!!)

Pro Longwear Lipcolour

"Gorgeous colours for all skin tones and a secret in it sleeve... it stays on for hours!"

8 ml / 0.28 oz
US $21.00

( I can not make any commends on this product, have never used a this product, SORRY!!!!! but Lashing Lust Look gorgeous, bloody lips, imm vampires sucks for blood :O) )

Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15

"By itself or with one of our lip pencil, it is the perfect amount of subtlety and delicacy."

15 ml / 0.5 fl oz
US $14.50

( Looks Delicious )

Select Moisturecover

in texture, fantastic colour range, great for all skin type! It can be
used with one of our foundations or by itself just where you need it.
It is the quickest way to give your skin an extra boost of light and

5ml / 0.17 US OZ
US $16.50

( I use 2 different MAC Concealers, but this one also is good as i read reviews from people who used this product)

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

"The one pressed powder I immediately fell in love with! It can be used as a touch up product or as a skin enhancer... it is powdery but never chalky!"

10g / 0.35 oz US $25.00

( i am using this product and i am hapy with it, gives a flawless look)

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