'' MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY: 17 January 2010 //


Perfect Lip Conditioners

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Bobbi  Brown Tinted Lip Conditioner

 MAC Tinted Lip Conditoner

Sleek Tinted Lip Conditioner

MAX FACTOR Second Skin Foundation

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Max Factor Second Skin Foundation

Few days ago i had a chance to try this foundation, i wanted to be sure if it is really a second skin foundation,

I am running out my MAC one so i want to try a different foundation when i was much much more younger i used max factor foundations but i do not use them any more.

1- I am not happy with the coverage it has barely coverage,
2- It is light which is good it does let your skin to take a breathe
3-Unfortunatelly i prefer a good coverage i do not want to see any spots any marks on my face after i wear foundation
4- it was like more watery liquid than i imagined. 

i know most of the reviews are good but i did try and tested and i am not happy i do not like light coverage because i have spots on my face,  if i could not get the coverage i want, i do not like it..
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