ILLAMASQUA Powdered Metal Bebhionn


Stila Contouring Trio

DSCF5734 DSCF5735 DSCF5736 DSCF5737


The palette contains three contouring shades

Light - for highlighting

Dark - for lowlighting

Flash - a soft neutral shimmer


This is a contour palette from  Stila.

it comes with a small booklet and shows you how to use this palette day and night

I started love this palette, it is ideal for the ones who missed MAC DSquared Contour Powder / Blush

I use dark and flash on my eyes also

Smashbox Brush No 19 Face and Body Brush

DSCF5771 DSCF5772 DSCF5773 DSCF5774 DSCF5775 DSCF5776 DSCF5777 DSCF5778 DSCF5779 DSCF6172 DSCF6173 DSCF5774 DSCF6174 DSCF6175 DSCF6174 DSCF6177


A face and body brush for the minimalist, this versatile tool allows you to effortlessly apply HALO HYDRATING PERFECTING POWDER, SOFT LIGHTS, FUSION SOFT LIGHTS, BRONZE LIGHTS or BLUSH on face or body for an all-over luminous glow.


This brush is really useful, i use with bronzers, powder brushes, face powders loose and pressed


It is soft it does not have the weird odour


it is easy to carry in a bag,


I never tried to wash it but it is better if you wash your brushes


It is as good as Nars Bronzing Brush

This is actually softer than Nars

it is very useful sometimes i even blend liquid products with this brush..

But it is a bit bulky and  you need to take care of it well, other wise the hairs can get damaged..


This is my honest opinion, i bought this brush from Smashbox and i am not paid to write this post.

DIY: Crash test on How much amount of lip-gloss you have left in the tube


SO here is  another crash test.. this time i wonder how much amount of lip gloss i have left inside the tube, so i am again testing if the urban legend is right or wrong, today i am gonna break some urban legends i guess, no offend i just try and see if they really work or not.

Step 1

You need a glass,

Step 2

Put some hot water inside the glass

Step 3

Put your lip gloss inside the glass and wait

Step 4

If this crash test was working you were going to see how much amount of lip gloss you left inside the tube

So here are the pictures for this crash test… 

I am trying to be honest and i am trying to show you, some things you watch on TV, you read on magazines, and internet are just ads, advertising their products, their magazines and blogs.. 


this is our lip gloss we will try and see the amount of lip gloss left in the tube



this is our glass filled with hot water


DSCF6244So here is our gloss inside the glass


DSCF6245So as you see we can not see the amount of lip gloss left in the tube… 

The Body Shop Lip Gloss Golden Coral


DIY: You think you run out of your eye Primer?




Well i was running out of my eye primer so i tired a recommendation on some beauty blogs, lets go!


first you need a falcata to be able to cut the tube


here you can see i cut the lid, it was a bit hard but i did it :) yeayy



Than you need a brush or anything you can use to the product inside the tube


I used the long wooden spoons they give in starbucks


And also you need a small empty jar to put your product in




As you can see in the picture the product which i could be able to take from the tube is just enough to use it for only once..


I posted this because, I do not want you or anybody believe everything they saw or read on beauty blogs.


So do not believe everything you see or read.


Some of them are urban legends, lies.. 

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