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this collection released in May 2009

Lipstick ($14.00)
  • Sunsational Sheer frosted beige gold
  • Brave New Bronze Creamy mid-tone pink nude
  • Purple Rite Mid-tone frosty orchid
  • Tribalist Creamy blackened berry
Lipglass ($14.00)
  • Liberated Sheer yellow gold with pearl
  • Gold Rebel Sheer copper bronze with pearl
  • Fierce & Fabulous Bright magenta purple with pearl
  • Style Warrior Blackened bronze brown with pearl
Eyeshadow ($14.50)
  • Soft Force Frosty pale white gold
  • Bright Future Frosty bright yellow gold
  • Tempting Sinfully rich coco
  • Vibrant Grape Bright magenta purple
  • Night Maneuvers Deep charcoal brown with pearl
Eye Kohl ($14.50)
  • Smolder Intense black
Pro Lash Mascara ($12.00)
  • Coal Black Honest-to-goodness black
Beauty Powder Blush ($18.00)
  • Eversun Neutral peach bronze with gold pearl
  • On A Mission Pearly mid-tone plum
Solar Bits ($19.50)
  • Scatterrays Soft metallic peach with gold pearl
  • Bronzescape Clean yellow brown with gold pearl
  • Impassioned Frosty cool taupe
Nail Lacquer ($11.00)
  • Peaceable Pearly pale golden beige
  • Violet Fire Bright creamy magenta purple
  • Mercenary Frosted blackened bronze
Brush ($23.00)
242 Firm fibre Brush with rounded edge for smooth, even application of powder, emollient and concealer

MAC Colour Craft  Collection

  • Madly Creative Pink neutral with white pearl (Frost)
  • Ever Embellish Plum brown with red pearl (Lustre)
  • Made with Love Bright coral pink (Lustre)
  • Colour Crafted Milky pink (Frost)
  • Trimming Talk Bright fuschia (Frost)
  • Most Popular Purple with yellow undertone (Lustre)
  • Pretty Pattern Warm mid-tone beige
  • Crazy Haute Blue pink
  • Nice Mix Up Burnt ginger
  • Funky Fusion Pink coral
  • Eclectic Edge Cool violet
  • Miss Marble Muted pink

Mineralize Skinfinish
  • Sunny by Nature Rich bronze with pink pearl pig
  • Cheeky Bronze Soft golden coral wth bronze pearl
  • Porcelain Pink Soft pinky coral wth gold veining
  • Triple Fusion Left: Soft champagne gold, Center: Soft golden peach, Right: Rose pink with gold nuances
  • Smooth Merge Left: Soft champange pink, Center: Deep rose, Right: Pale cool pink
  • Warm Blend Left: Antique gold, Center: Mahogany Bronze, Right: Copper
Mineralize Eyeshadows
  • Assemblage White with silver pearl / Deep grey / Black with silver glitter / Warm yellow gold
  • Odd Bits Mid-tone silver grey / Dusty rose with gold pearl / Dark burgundy/ Peachy bronze
  • Fashion Patch Ice blue / Off white / Black with silver glitter / Light white pink
  • Eccentricity Rich gold / Light violet / Deep plum/ Rich bronze
  • Natural Flare Copper / Yellow orange / Mid-tone brown / Rich gold
  • Girlish Romp Mid-tone violet / Yellow white with gold pearl / Light pastel coral / Mid-tone pink
Mineralize Blush
  • Hand-Finish Light pink with deep gold veining
  • Fab-dabulous Mid-tone burnt coral with yellow gold veining
  • Daft Pink Deep blue pink with light white gold veining
  • Improvise Mid-tone neutral coral with light white yellow gold veining
  • Cheek & Cheerful Mid-tone bronzy brown with yellow gold veining
  • Style Demon Mid-tone brick red with copper veining
  • 226 Small Tapered Blending Brush Small tapered blending brush (Limited Edition)
  • 109 Small Contour Brush Use on the face to apply, blend or contour powder products. Softly rounded dome tip delivers just enough colour; smoothly blends colour into the face. Of natural fibres. (Permanent)
  • 130 Brush Flat Tapered Face Brush with short natural hairs and long synthetic fibres (Limited Edition)

  • Chignon (Brunette) Red plum (Glaze)
  • What A Do! (Brunette) Neutral pink coral (Frost)
  • Marquise d’ (Redhead) Sandy cream peach (Lustre)
  • Blow Dry (Redhead) Pink coral (Lustre)
  • B-Babe (Blonde) Rich pink (Frost)
  • All’s Fair (Blonde) Light purple pink (Lustre)
  • Quick Tease (Brunette) Red purple
  • Soft Wave (Brunette) Tan bronze
  • Live and Dye (Redhead) Cool pink
  • Red Devil (Redhead) Coral orange
  • Strawberry Blonde (Blonde) Deep pink red
  • Peroxide (Blonde) White pink
Eye Shadow
  • Deep Shade (Brunette) Dusty blue (Frost)
  • Henna (Brunette) Dark gold (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Femme-Fi (Brunette) Frosty golden cream (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Flip (Redhead) Bronze gold (Frost)
  • French Cuff (Redhead) Burgundy purple (Lustre)
  • 100 Strokes (Redhead) Ice pink (Frost)
  • Pincurl (Blonde) Dusty white (Frost)
  • Knight (Blonde) Dark grey (Veluxe pearl)
  • Top Knot (Blonde) Deep black purple (Velvet)
Brow Set
  • Show Off (Brunette) Full-bodied brown
  • Girl Boy (Redhead) Fawned over blondette
  • Clear (Blonde) Colour free
Eye Kohl
  • Smolder (Brunette) Intense black
  • Teddy (Redhead) Dark-eyed bronze
  • Phone Number (Blonde) Smudgy charcoal
Mineralize Skinfinish
  • Brunette Soft coral to copper bronze degrade
  • Redhead Gold to salmon pink degrade
  • Blonde Soft pink to rose degrade
  • 165 Brush Tapered cheek, highlight brush (LE)
  • 214 Brush Short shader brush (MAC stores)
  • 226 Brush Small tapered blending brush (LE)

  • Way To Love Creamy light yellow pink
  • A Rose Romance Mid-tone pink with gold pearl
  • Odyssey Spiked-up plum
  • Virgin Kiss Sheer pale pink with multi-dimensional pearl
  • Magnetique Frosted violet fuchsia
  • Steal My Heart Sheer bright pink with multi-dimensional pearl
See Thru Lip Colour
  • Loving Touch Sheer pearly light pink
  • Tender Tryst Sheer pearly plum
  • Secret Crush Sheer red berry
  • Mutiny Clean sky blue with gold pearl
  • Circa Plum Frosty dirty mid-tone laevnder
  • Of Summer Frosted light dirty mauve
  • Et Tu, Bouquet? Frosted pale pink gold
  • Creme de Violet Vivid pinkish-violet flecked with gold shimmer
  • Silverthorn Mid-tone gray with silver pearl
  • Shadowy Lady Darkly veiled plum
Nordstrom Exclusive Quad
  • Solar White Golden white (Frost) (Repromote)
  • Contrast Dark purple/blue (Velvet) (Permanent)
  • Seeds of Love frosted peach (Frost)
  • Petal Worship Light, blue-based pink (Frost)
Just A Pinch Gel Blush ($18.50 U.S / $22.50 CDN)
Sheer gel cheek blush in a pot delivers a rosy glow of coverage for a healthy complexion. Dewy texture blends into a thin film on skin, giving low to medium transparent coverage.
  • Just A Pinch Sheer red pink tint
Beauty Powder
  • Blush of Youth Clean pink with gold pearl
  • Summer Rose Soft violet pink with pearl
Nail Lacquer
  • Love & Friendship Creamy dirty mid-tone lavender
Creations Hue: Dejarose
A striking bouquet of lush Bulgarian, Turkish, and Tea Red Roses is ruffled with dewy watery and luminous green nuances. Velvety petals of exotic orchid, lily, jasmine and peony are teased with a hint of crimson red raspberry and the gentle texture of pink pepper. The interplay of light and dark woods, weathered teak contrasting with patchouli, adds to the intensity, while hypnotic incense vapours and amber crystals lend a sense of intrigue and allure to this sensuous creation.
Fix+ Rose


Lipglass ($14.00 US/$16.50 CDN)
  • She’s a Star
  • Queen Bee
  • Buzz
Eyeshadow ($14.50 US/$17.00 CDN)
  • Crème de Miel
  • Pollinator 
  • Buckwheat 
High-Light Powder ($24.50 US/$29.50 CDN)

  • Honey Light
  • Golden Nectar
Naked Honey Skin Salve ($18.50 US/$22.50 CDN)
Naked Honey Hand And Body Cream ($22.50 US/$27.00 CDN)

Naked Honey Body Wash ($19.50 US/$23.50 CDN)
Creations: Naked Honey ($22.50 US/$28.50 CDN)

Creations: Africanimal ($22.50 US/$28.50 CDN)

    Sheerino Kho Evening Dress

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    A Bio Chemist Husband and Ecologist Wife, They Joined their forces and created Sheerino Kho

    Substly irredicent and scented with essential oils , it is also botanic

    Essential Herbology Cell Food Serum

    Makeup reviews and beauty tips. Follow my blog with bloglovin´

    An anti-oxidant-rich serum to boost your complexion and correct hydration levels, Cell Food contains a power house of nutrients designed to protect against environmental extremes while repairing cellular damage.  With plant Peptides, Green Tea, Kombuchka, Vitamin A, C and E, Olive Squalane, Rose Damask Water and Aloe, it will help revive dull winter skin to have a healthy summer glow.

    My Make Up Tips

    Makeup reviews and beauty tips. Follow my blog with bloglovin´

    Cleansing and Moistening Part

    • I first clean my face with cleansing wipes and cleansing lotions
    • wash my face with foam cleansers with a brush, i draw squares on my face.
    • Than I apply my serum or moisturiser with the help of Stripping Brush ( MAC 187, Laura Mercier Finishing Brush) I take small amount of product 
    • I use an under eye cream, i am using Shiseido, Laura Mercier and , Garnier Eye Roll On,  Joey New York ones, which ever comes to my hand i apply that.

     Make Up Application

    I first start with eye make up

    But before i apply my eye make up, i apply loose powder under my eyes, this is a tecnique i use for many many years, and it provides you if any of your eye shadow leaves dust, it is not gonna leave marks with the help of fan brush i swipe them..
    I use Smashbox Brush 3 for applying loose powder

    Second I apply very light  buttery concealer to my eyes.. 
    I apply Highlighter to my brow area,  Smashbox Photo Up
    Than I use a neutral eye shadow, claire de lune, NYX Pure Skin
    Than i apply my desired eye shadows
    when it comes to my brows i use Benefit Brow pencil in brown,  Max Factor  Eye Brow Pencil 1 Hazel and No:2

    Face Make Up
    After i swipe the dust and loose powder i first draw a line with benefit Stick it under my eyes, than  blend it with the help of MAC 187 or Laura Mercier Finishing Brush apply my concealer i mostly use Scott Barners one i find it better than MAC and others, I also own 3 concealers from MAC, and few from other brands, i blend  it with Stripping Brush a.k.a MAC 187

    than i apply my foundation i take some amount of foundation to my hand, using my hand as a palette, i blend it with long handled fan brush non synthetic hair fan brush is preferred here.
    Foundation nowadays i use Smashbox HD in Medium and Benefit You Rebel, I also plan to buy you rebel lite, it will be a nice concealer for the price of a small concealer, i blend it with using a stripping brush.

    Than I apply a light blush with fan brush ( Benefit or Smashbox whichever comes to my hand first)
    than with the help of MAC 109 Brush i apply my desired blush.
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