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Artificial Nails : Essence STUDIO nails Better Than Gel Nails








The limited starter kit for the essence "STUDIO nails – better than gel nails" range will be available in stores in February and March 2011. Around 9.99 €*.


Beautifully manicured nails? Without a visit to a nail salon? Easy to do at home? From now on, this is no longer just a dream! Because essence is setting new standards with its innovative range “STUDIO nails – better than gel nails”!

As a preview to the new professional range, which will be available in the standard assortment as of spring 2011, essence is already giving you the chance to test the nail salon for your home in February and March 2011. The 6-piece starter kit includes everything you need to achieve a perfect nail style – but even “better than gel nails”. Thanks to the gentle application and simple removal, your nail style is sure to be a success in a manner of moments and can be easily removed at any time – without damaging your natural nails and without the need for an UV-lamp. Simply open up the packaging and get started



Five easy steps and less than 15 minutes to achieve a perfect studio nail look:

Step 1


It’s important to clean your nails with the essence studio nails – better than gel nails nail file before application. This will remove excess oil and dirt to ensure particularly long-lasting results. The file is available for around 1.99 €*


Step 2


Next, select a suitable tip-size and stick it onto the tip

of your natural nails using the especially fast-drying

glue included in the set.

Nail tips around 2.99 €*.

Nail tip glue around 1.99 €*


Step 3


When the artificial tip has dried a bit, remove the little tip-handle

by moving it up and down gently. Then file the nails into the

desired shape


Step 4

Now it’s time to use the base coat: simply apply the transparent base coat on the prepped nails. This ensures that the artificial tips and the subsequent styling have an optimal, long-lasting effect. The base coat is available for around 2.49 €*.


Step 5


And the final step is – your finish! There is a special, glossy top coat

to give your gel-nail look the perfect finishing touches and to seal

it so that it lasts longer. For an especially gorgeous look, apply two

coats. So head for your polish and you’re done!

Top coat around 2.49 €*.

Nail tip remover around 2.49 €*.

Trish McEvoy Correct and Brighten Loose Mineral Powder Reviews

I love this powder,  It is always messy to use loose powders but  I like this powder,  it has a good coverage,
I prefer to use it on my nose and under my eyes over my concealer, or I use it under my eyes when i am using loose eye shadows and swipe the powder when I finish my application, It is in a small jar but it will be enough for you long long time, It is a bit thick for a loose powder, and I guess that is how we get the good coverage,
I have a loose bolt powder from MAC and it does not provide me this good coverage, even if  you do not like concealers, you can use this powder as a concealer, most of the mineral cosmetics have loose powders as a concealer,

All my files on the image slider website has been deleted, I am so sorry for that.  I will soon replace the images.

OPI Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees Swatches

opi suzi skis in the pyrenees

Skin Care : Prepare your Skin for Summer with Lush

With spring and summer fashions this year nodding towards the brighter side of the colour
spectrum, ensure your beauty routine is just as vibrant and full of life with these deliciously fruity
products from LUSH. Get ready to be a fragrantly, fruity beauty all the way from head to toe


For Deliciously Fruity Bodies... One sniff of Lush’s Miranda soap


Lush Miranda Soap


A fresh fruit salad of a soap, Miranda is made with fresh, organic kiwi fruit because they're bursting with vitamin C and gently cleanse the skin. We add in bergamot because it's soothing and smells of oranges. There's toning ylang ylang and juniperberry for clearing up congested skin and refreshing tired spirits. Simply fruit-tastic.

This product may melt!

Catastrophe Cosmetic


Calamine Powder, Talc, Irish Moss Infusion (Chondrus crispus), Fresh Blueberries (Vaccinium myrtillus), Glycerine, Almond Oil (Prunus dulcis), Rose Absolute (Rosa centifolia), Chamomile Oil (Anthemis nobilis), Sweet Orange Oil (Citrus dulcis), Perfume, Colour 18050.
Our face masks contain fresh ingredients so they have a short shelf life of 3 weeks. Express Post is optimal as it allows you to get more use out of your mask however you can still choose to send your face masks through Registered Post. Please note: Our face masks require refrigeration and can be left out of the fridge for up to 72 hours.

Catastrophe Cosmetic is more prevention than cure for skincare catastrophes. It is a cooling, soothing, detoxifying and refreshing blueberry mask to keep your skin sweet and pure. We recommend it for young people who are just getting into the habit of decent skincare. (Start young; you may not care now but you will be very glad you did when you reach our age.) It’s also excellent for skin which is troubled by soreness and flakiness because of the calamine powder and chamomile essential oil. The orange oil is toning and helps to remove toxins. Blueberries have loads of vitamins and antioxidants in them and they make the mask pale purple, which can only be a good thing. Use it when you’ve been too busy to take proper care of your skin.
Apply to clean damp skin avoiding the eye area; leave on for ten minutes then rinse off with warm water. At least four treatments per pot.


I Love Juicy Shampoo


Mango and pineapple juice

Mango and pineapple juices control oil with natural enzymes

Fresh fruit juice.

Fresh pineapple, papaya, kiwi and mango juices saturate this fruity shampoo and take shampooing to a whole new level. The cleansing power of these juices leaves hair clean, healthy and shiny.

Sea salt

A pinch of salt adds a dash of volume and scoops of seaweed gel add softness. You'll love juicy when you realize your once oily locks are squeaky clean and shinny



American Cream Conditioner


Double-strength conditioning cocktail.

Mark was inspired by a vision of 1950s US milk bars, where teenagers would meet and drink frothy, creamy milkshakes. Our fruity, creamy conditioner is what the girls would have used to make their hair soft and strokeable before going out on a date, dressed up in their bobby socks and circular skirts.

Sweet, fruity shake.

The scent of honey, vanilla, strawberries and oranges is so sexy and sweet that dates can't stay away. If your hair gets a bit messed up, American Cream makes it easy to brush through and smooth out again.


Fresh strawberries are rich in vitamin C and have cleansing properties.


LUSH Lemony Flutter




Fruity Hands And Feet...A remedy for dry, unsightly hands and feet, Lush’s
lovely Lemony Flutter cuticle butter  is a thick, buttery
blend of beeswax, avocado oil, mango and shea butter that works wonders
on not only cuticles, but elbows, knees and heels too. It’s an essential spring
and summer product for the moment strappy sandals come into season.



Nothing smells as sexy as a summer fragrance. Orange Blossom spritzer
by the Gorilla Perfumers at Lush is a light and warming scent that in just one sniff
will transport you to a spicy Mediterranean orange grove. Also available in a bottle and as a solid perfume

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Soleil Collection


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