How to Spot Fake MAC Cosmetics / Fake MAC Products

First you need to be careful on the price if you buy a MAC Pigment / Eye Shadow / Lippies / Brushes  or any other products cheaper than MAC,  Like a MAC Pigment is 20GBP you pay 5GBP for the same size of a product.


There are new fakes that , they are nearly identical , with texture and colour , you need to consider that even on authentic MAC could have some scratches and damages, it might happen during the transport.


And there might be differences on MAC Products because MAC produces some products only for some certain countries , Like MAC does in Asia


And if the seller has that item in her/ his hand for a while, there might be damages in the box and bottle


Now Most of MAC’s limited edition items are MADE IN CHiNA


If you want to buy MAC from ebay buy it from a reputable seller


One other clue is if  you scratch the box with your finger nail if it is original it won’t leave any scratch marks


Most of fake MAC products are sold from Hong Hong


MAC always names their eyeshadows. Fake eyeshadows will often only label the stickers with number/letter codes.

MAC eyeshadows should have a flip top not a twist of cap


Some Sellers remove the label on the bottom of the products if i am not wrong that label is called UPC , they do this because they do not want their customer to take the product to MAC Counters


Authentic MAC eyeshadow do not come with a sponge applicator and mirror, Single eye shadows some eye shadow palettes comes up with a mirror and  not a sponge applicator but a small size brush Royal_Assets_4 this an authentic MAC Eye shadow Palette


I am not sure how true is this information but, as i read in forums, paypal is not covering for buyers if they purchased a fake mac product, they are asking  a proof document, And as I know MAC Cosmetic counter refused to give a proof of letter or a document because it has been purchased online not from MAC Cosmetics



Beaware that MAC has changed the packing of their pigments,


On the bottom of the box there should be a bar code label printed on a sticker. If the bar code is printed directly onto the bottom of the box then the product is a fake.

Unknown Brand Eye Shading Brush MAC 239 Dupe


Actually I do not know where i got this brush, but it was really cheap, and i do not want to use my MAC 239

 DSCF5486 DSCF5487 DSCF5488 DSCF5489


As you can see from the pictures it is similar to MAC

mac-239 makeup for blog Collages


unfortunately it is not as soft as MAC 239, it was soft at first, but now it is really hard to do eye make up with it now, i  feel i like  am using  a brush made of cactus


it looks the same top the bottom but MAC has softer hair and this does not



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