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Eyeliner Brush

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 I use many branded brushes, i use eyeliner brushes from Paula Dorf to E.L.F.  I do not have my brushes with me right now but i know the brushes so i am gonna put them and write if i am happy or not objectively.

here is the first one
Shu Uemura Natural Brush 4 F Sable

actually it is a bit hard to use, if you are clumsy it is hard to use, but it is good for doing thin liners. if you like thin liners like me then go for it. 

2 ELF Concealer Brush
I use this brush as an eye liner brush, if you do not like to use your branded expensive brushes every single day like me it is cheap and if you loose it, you do not have to get upset.. as it is only 1.50 GBP,  it is as cheap as a chewing gum Wrigley's Spearmint gum.. :D

3. ELF Eye Liner Brush

it is the same as MAC 212 Flat Definer
Lines and defines the eye with colour
good for the ones who finds buying expensive brushes is just throwing out money.
anyway it does it same job as the other flat definer brushes, it is one of the brushes i own,
i use both of the brushes i listed here, except Stila Brush No:13

4 MAC 212 Flat Definer Brush

5- Stila No: 4 precision eyeliner brush - long handle

I know you are saying u damn girl own lot of brushes, true but without triying them how can i find the right brush for my self..  i use stila fora long time that i now give a break using  this brush, it has a short handled one is also avaliable...

6- Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Liner Brush

this is one of the best brushes i use, believe me it so soft and gentle...
i love this brush i have short handled one from a limited edition set.. 

7- Paula Dorf Eye Definer Brush 

it is designed to line the eye with ease.

i do not use this brush anymore as it is not as soft as i wanted.  it hurts my eyelids...

Taking Risks on Beauty

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Try a thick liner rather than a thin liner on eyes, but do it if you have big eyes. 
Put some glitter on your eye lids, first put the coloured Kohl liner

 use a light pink lip stick to avoid like a doll lips

2) use darker lip colour to look like a goth :) a gothic princess maybe?

before you apply your lipstick try a chap stick to moisture your lips, than apply  the lip-liner and your lipstick with a lip brush. Remember it is more professional to use a lip liner

use a foundation a matching colour of your skin tone.

try some crazy eye lashes

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