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Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps Eau De Parfum Reviews

L'Air du Temps is a women's perfume by the French fashion house Nina Ricci. It was created in 1948 when Nina Ricci's son Robert sought to expand the house's business into perfumer In its original production, the perfume was contained in a bottle designed by RenĂ© Lalique.
This perfume means a lot to me,  when I was young kid my mum used to wear this perfume. 
I always loved and still loving Ninna Ricci L'air du Temps.

Alfresco Anti Bug Bite Products

I am loved by the bugs and insects, bees, mosquitos, ants, spiders, you name it. 

Once we were on Holiday on Club Med and we were having our dinner with my family, bees were visiting tables one by one, out of all the customers in the hotel, I was the chosen one :D  (of course at a hotel by the seaside and surrounded by the flowers, grasses in a green environment it is normal, but not so normal if you are the only one who got attacked)

When I received this info from the lovely Alfresco people, I had a laugh, as it was just like describing me and my situation. 

RMK Power Of Love Collection for AW2014

RMK Power Of Love Collection for AW2014

Strong yet sensitive, kind yet tough ? we women wear many faces. This autumn 2014 RMK presents two new textures ? one matte and one shining ? that allow women to express themselves in all their versatility of mood. We have produced a range of make-up combining elegance with strength through the subtle contrasts of colour and light. When you love somebody, you will find a spring of inner beauty welling up within. Let love be mistress of your senses, and feel the excitement that comes when you realise your beauty. Here is a new collection from RMK combining elegance with power

RMK Customise Case A Reviews

RMK Customise Case A Reviews

RMK is one of my favourite brands, I met the brand when I was a just a Uni Student via one of my American friend.
Since than I do try to buy few bits and pieces. Although most of them do not go to blog, It is not about being lazy it's just about time. 
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