'' MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY: 01/01/2009 - 02/01/2009 //


MAC Skinflicks Collection

Bare all. The shock of the nude. Skin-tingling, soul-baring, it’s all about the flesh. It’s mod, not modest, it’s nude makeup, not natural.


  • Fleshpot Pale subdued pink/beige in a sheer base (Satin) (Permanent at PRO)
  • Fondle Subdued mid-tone tan/brown in a satin base (Matte) (Discontinued)
  • Freckle Subdued red/brown in a satin base (Satin) (Discontinued)
  • Fluff Deep chocolate red/brown in a satin base (Satin) (Discontinued)


MAC Lacquer Collection Summer 2001

The penultimate liquid lip with a shellac-shine. A texture of the highest veneer. It’s potently patent, seductively smooth and unabashedly synthic. The high-powered lip dip that’s all-in-one: colour, gloss and long-wearing shine. To luster it: lacquer it with nine new turbo-charged shades.


  • Acrylicka Subdued pink with golden red iridescence
  • Fanplastico Vivid red with blue/red iridescence
  • Glossette Subdued beige/taupe with an icy metallic finish
  • Lustereena Deep, burgundy wine
  • Metalize Pale, bright blue with an icy metallic finish
  • Polly Vinyl Pale, bright pink with a subtle shimmer
  • Shellac Dark khaki brown iridescence
  • Varneesh Light, subdued bronze with pink iridescence
  • Veneer Vivid violet with blue duochrome

MAC Lady Danger Collection

The modern avenger: The reddest revenge: foxy, femme, intriguing, always stirred, barely shaken, Lady Danger. Taking her cues from this fall’s sinuous, sexed-up lady styling, Lady Danger adds her own liquid edge with a fiery range of lava-licious reds, fused with a spank of gold and brought to a smolder through smokey shades of grey, beige, and brown. Lady Danger likes her perils: without the strings.

Underworld A blackened red (Satin) (Permanent)
Miss Dish Deep cherry red (Satin) (Discontinued) (Permanent)
Lady Danger Fiery orange-red (Matte) (Permanent)
Meltdown Burnt Orange (Frost) (Permanent)
Russian Red Deep blue-red (Matte) (Permanent)
Russian Red Shiny blue-red (Cream) (Permanent)
Lure-X Shiny liquid gold (Discontinued)
Graphito Deep gun-metal grey with dark silver shimmer (Discontinued)
Pixel Pale icy muted silver (Discontinued)
Dabble Golden brown with red/gold shimmer (Discontinued)
Flammable Deep crimson with subtle red shimmer (Discontinued)
Infamous Deep vivid purple with subtle violet shimmer (Discontinued)
Sheer Shimmer Powder
Revenge Burnished red with red/gold shimmer (Discontinued)
Honor Yellow beige with golden iridescence (Permanent)
Nail Polish
Lure-X Liquid Gold (Discontinued)
Vino Deep crimson (Discontinued)
Liquid Liner
Stiletto Deep plum with subtle red iridescence (Discontinued)
Leatherette Dark brown (Discontinued)
#40 Lashes 40 individual lashes in gold and black (Discontinued)

MAC Merry MAC-Mas Collection

he Cooler Colour, The Hotter Look. M.A.C.’s Chilled-out, Pearlized Metal Collection. A Range of Untraditional, Sweet ‘N’ Lite, Icy-Cool Pastels, Sugared With Pearl and Lusciously Layered With Metal.

Rockin Rudy Bright vivid cranberry with blue undertone in frost base (Frost) (Discontinued)
Miss Moffit Pale icy lavender in frost base (Frost) (Discontinued)
Mistlesnow Pale icy gold in frost base (Frost) (Discontinued)
Freezefrost Clear gloss with suspended pearl (Discontinued)
Icebox Frost-based, pale blue with silver pearl (Frost) (Discontinued)
Violet Dear Frost based, pale lavender with silver pearl (Velvet) (Discontinued)
Liquid Liner
Dasher Metallic amethyst purple (Discontinued)
Prancer Icy bright metallic blue (Discontinued)
Frost Pale icy silver (Permanent)
Kitschmas Pale icy lavender (Permanent)
Nail Polish
Frostie Pop Pale icy blue (Discontinued)
Baublelicious Pale icy lavender (Discontinued)
Tinsel Dust Subdued icy gold (Discontinued)
Pinksicle Bright vivid pink with blue undertone (Discontinued)
Very Artificial Lashes in a light lavender shade with glitter along the lash line. (Discontinued)




  • Kool Pale, sheer lavender (Discontinued)
  • Hue Pale, sheer and soft pink (Permanent)
  • Hush Pale, sheer peach (Discontinued)
  • Ozone Pale, silver-white glaze (Discontinued)
  • Gliss Golden, peach glaze (Discontinued)
  • Isis Cool, taupe glaze with an overcast of silver and aqua (Discontinued)

Cream Color Base

  • Kool Pale, muted lavender mauve frost with a white violet pearl (Discontinued)
  • Luna Pale, luminous, cool frosted white (Permanent)
  • Tint Soft, muted mocha with a pale golden pearl (Discontinued)
  • Hush Pale, peach frost (Permanent)


  • Krisp Pale, luminous, frost cool white (Discontinued)
  • Hush Pale, peach frost with pearl (Permanent)
  • Chill Luminous satin, cool white (Discontinued)
  • Vex Pale, green and greyed frost with pearl (Duochrome) (Permanent)

Nail Polish

  • Kool Pale, muted lavender mauve frost with a white violet pearl (Discontinued)
  • Gliss Golden, peach glaze (Discontinued)
  • Ozone Pale, silver-white glaze (Discontinued)
  • Hush Pale, sheer peach (Discontinued)



Giorgio Armani Pink Light Collection

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Giorgio Armani Pink Light Spring 2009 Collection

Armani is one of the best in this sector, although prices are little expensive. it is nice to try the lip sticks.. I can not say the same for the glosses, they easily gone bad..

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