'' MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY: 02 August 2011 //


Catrice Bohemia Collection


A fascinating interaction of patterns, colors and shapes interpreted in a totally new way with warm orange, brown and red shades against the striking contrast of deep cobalt blue. The international catwalks are bubbling with ethnic emotions – a modern ethno style embraces the late summer with a breath-taking look. The Limited Edition “Bohemia” by CATRICE captures this mood perfectly and transports the hip new bohemian style from the international fashion cities of the world to the present. From September until October 2011, the new ethno look will be conquering the streets. ”Bohemia by CATRICE” offers everything we love this season and fulfils all our desires.

Bohemia by CATRICE – Absolute Eye Colour Mono

Bohemian beauties love warm terracotta and deep indigo – sensual ethno nuances are the ultimate eye make-up trend this season! Tradition offers the inspiration while the intensive pigmentation and shimmering effects ensure endless creative styling options.

Available in

C01 My Home Is My Sand Castle,

C02 Yes, You Tan

C03 Bring me Terra Copper

C04 – Be Indiglow!.
Around 2.79 €*

Bohemia by CATRICE – Loose Powder Eyeliner

Ethno elegance de luxe with loose powder in a sophisticated black or blue color. Thanks to the soft professional flock applicator, it can be applied easily and gently. Depending on the desired finish, this eyeliner is suitable to create a delicate line or for soft blending. We love the clever contrast when combined with the warm terracotta shades of the Bohemia eye shadows.

Available in

C01 Be Indiglow!,



C02 Nap In The Shade.
Around 3.49 €*.

Bohemia by CATRICE – Lip Gloss

Glossy lips – as warm and natural as the earth and the sun. This lipgloss underlines the sensual finish of the new Bohemian style with a subtle shimmer that makes your lips look even fuller! We can feel the delicate texture as we experience the breathtaking look! Available in

C01 My Home Is My Sand Castle,

C02 Yes, You Tan!,

C03 Bring me Terra Copper!,image
C04 – Looking Sunkissed.


Around 3.79 €*.

Bohemia by CATRICE – Definition Bronzer

Capture it all – tanned skin, the sun and the summer! This gentle powder with an unusual 3D paisley design subtly emphasizes the contours of your face. The formula: pure summer, light with a fine bronze shimmer. The results: perfect! Around 3.99 €*.

Bohemia by CATRICE – Ultimate Nail Laquer

Bright ethno colors with metallic effects are THE nail polish trend of the season! Perfect the Bohemia look right down to the tips of your fingers with high color-intensity and ideal shine that lasts up to seven days. Choose between stylish orange, passionate red and terracotta brown as a contrast to the intensive blue? Impossible! We want them all!
Available in
C01 Yes, You Tan,
C02 Bring me Terra Copper!
C03 Looking Sunkissed
C04 Be Indiglow
Around 2.49 €*.

Catrice Product Updates For Autumn-Winter 2011/2012


All Eyes on You

CATRICE Absolute Eye Colour Mono Shadow

Absolute color,absolute durability,absolute coverage–now available in 11 new colors!The inspiration:the trends from international catwalks.The look:from sexy glamour to cool understatement.The effects:from matt to crystal,from metallic to satin.The Monos by CATRICE make your eyes shine as bright as the stars in the sky!
Available in a total of 30 colors.Around 2.79€


CATRICE Made To Stay Long Lasting Eye Shadow

Six eye shadows with a high pigmentation for the ultimate metallic shine effect!The soft cream texture is easy to apply and lasts for an extremely long time–without settling in the crease of your eyelid or smudging ! Breath taking looks,effortlessly created with the Made To Stay Long Lasting Eye Shadows by CATRICE.Around3.49€*.

CATRICE Fake It! False Lashes Mascara

Every body wants these lashes!The secret of the false lash effect:ultra defined lashes with mega volume.The solution:Fake It! Mascara by CATRICE!Its creamy texture and the innovative sea horse brush area true dream team that can reach and cover each lash individually.This way,your lashes are defined,appear longer and create a perfect fan-shape of gorgeous lashes!Around4.49€*

CATRICE Evolution To Revolution

Black Volume Mascara

The classic twist mascara is yesterday’s news–it’s time for are revolution!One brush,two  separate brush-stripping systems–with the  CATRICEE Evolution To Revolution Mascara,you are sure to create just the right look for every occasion:the slim brush-stripper offers classic lash volume for every day as it picks up less texture while the larger brush-stripper captures more texture for ultra volume and glamour!Oneforall–for made-to-measure lash style.Around4.49€*

CATRICE Lashes To Kill

Waterproof Volume Mascara

One for all:the temptress amongst mascaras–now also available as a water proof version.Right from the very first stroke of the brush,you are left within incredibly thick and perfectly shaped lashes.For breath taking volume,sensational length and a unique curve.

CATRICE Precision Eye Pencil

We love…perfectly defined eyes! This eye pencils sets totally new accents:Eccentric! Metallic! Eye-catching!And easy:totally effortless application with the smooth and long-lasting Precision Eye Pencil.With an automatic,retractable precision mine.Available in eight metallic colors.Around2.29€*.

CATRICE Smokey Eyes Pencil

Smokey,smooth,seductive…the Smokey Eyes Pencil with an integrated brush applicator and a soft,easy-to-blend texture creates endless creative opportunities for effective Smokey eyes make-up styles.As if you‘ve just stepped out of a fashion magazine ! Available in three trendy colors. Around 2.49€*

CATRICE Eye Brow Stylist

Spot on:center stage for your eyebrows–the Eye Brow Stylist comes in a
practical pen-shape and convinces with its simple yet accurate application.It creates perfect eyebrows thanks to the professional brush,which allows you to apply the powdery texture on your eyebrows for a natural finish.Never go without again!Available in three shades.Around  2.49€*.


CATRICE Gel Eye Liner

Thanks to its ultra-smooth gel-texture,you don’t have to be a  professional top model to create gorgeous and long-lasting eye liner looks.The CATRICE Gel Eye Liner can be applied as accurately as a liquid eyeliner–for an especially silky finish and fascinating,intense eyes!  Now available in two new metallic and total of  four colors.
Around 3.99€*.

Lovely Lips

Our lips say: more, please more! The new lip glosses and lip stains by CATRICE. More care, more colour, more shine!

CATRICE Lip Appeal–Moisture & Shine Lip Gloss

Ultimate shine effects and volume: your lips are sure to be glossy eye-catchers! The Lip Appeal Lip gloss scores extra points thank s to its subtle vanilla scent, flexible precision applicator, moisturizing formula, extraordinary shine and a unique design. Now available in two new and a total of ten brilliant colours. Around 3.79€*.

CATRICE Colour Show–Colour & Stay Lip Gloss


Let the show begin! Long-lasting, stunning and totally hip: with the Colour Show Gloss, you are ensured four hours of rich colour and fascinating shine! An irresistible scent, a pleasant, light texture, a flexible precision applicator, flawless lips in seconds–what more could we possibly ask for? The latest trend colors as of August! Available in a total of ten colors. Around 3.79€*.

CATRICE Precision Lip Liner

We love gorgeous lips. For perfect definition and contours: the retractable Lip Liner with its softly gliding, long-lasting formula and intense coverage keeps lipstick and lipgloss inside the lip area, optimizes small irregularities in your lip shape and makes lip make-up last noticeably longer. Precision preparation for lips with a true wow effect, available in eight colours. Around2.29€*.

CATRICE Colour Infusion


Long Lasting Lip Stain

Longer lasting colour, now! With the pen that gives lips semi-permanent definition, a light stain and pampers them with moisturizing ingredients – the new CATRICE Lip Stain! It offers the desired colour infusion for our lips! Its fruity aroma lifts our spirits and is easy to apply thanks to the soft shape of the tip. Apply in several layers to intensify the colour.Use waterproof remover to remove. Available in a total of five colours.

Fabulous Face

We want to show some skin – at its most beautiful! Exquisite, fresh, naturally radiant and balanced. Innovative, long-lasting formulas and ultra-fine, pampering textures offer perfect coverage and a professional look.

CATRICE Prime and Fine – Smoothing Refiner

CATRICE presents Prime and Fine – the new range of professional products for an excellent foundation. Ideal preparation: the Smoothing Refiner. The oil-free silicone-based primer practically makes pores disappear and fills out wrinkles for a smooth, refined complexion. Now you’re ready for your grand entry! Comes in a high-quality jar.
Around 4.99€*.

CATRICE Re-Touch Light - Reflecting Concealer

The ultimate creamy, light concealer for radiant eyes and a fresh appearance: light-reflecting pigments and medium coverage combined with moisturizing ingredients hide shadows under your eyes and other small imperfections in no time at all.Its gentle texture feels pleasant on the sensitive skin around your eyes. Available in three shades in a premium silver twist-pen. Around3.99€*.

Ultimate Nails

We want them all– 40 bright nail polishes– so pretty that we just can’t get enough. Each colour makes a statement, fresh from the catwalks of the fashion metropoles around the world! Your nails – this season’s most beautiful accessory.

CATRICE Ultimate Nail Lacquer

A wow-effect is guaranteed: ultimate intensity, ultimate shine and ultimate coverage – now new 14 times over! With just one stroke of the special professional brush, your nails will become this season’s ultimate high fashion accessory - to go with every outfit and every mood. Formaldehyde-free. Around2.49€*.

CATRICE Frosting Top Coat

Chilled elegance – straight from the catwalks on to your nails: this top coat with a matt shimmer effect and a silvery blue pearl look conjures up a touch of cool frost on your nails – on its own or as a top coat over any other polish. Formaldehyde-free. Around2.49€*.

Essence Urban Messages Collections


 They are rough, edgy and often full of color – the large metropoles of the world fascinate us with their extreme contrasts. On the one hand, they are polished to a shine and on the other hand, there is graffiti on almost every street corner. Yet these stylish graffiti masterpieces give these cities their very own personality!
From September until October 2011, essence takes a closer look at modern street scenes around the world with its trend edition “urban messages”. Inspired by the energetic atmosphere and creative graffiti styles, six cool products in trendy colors invite you on a global trip to the most awesome cities around the world. A combination of grey and stronger colors perfectly reflects the rich contrasts of the city and brings a truly urban feeling to life!image
It looks like street chalk and is just as silky: the new eyeshadow chalks are available in four expressive colors and personify unlimited street feeling. Now your eyes are sure to be just as eye-catching as the most extraordinary graffiti in town! The unusual pen-shape makes it super-easy to apply and shouldn’t be missing from your purse this fall! Available in 01 street styler, 02 skyscraper, 03 it peace, 04 nightline and 05 wall of fame. Around 2.29 €*.

essence urban messages eyeliner pen

Whether you’re on your way to explore the city during the day or heading out on a secret graffiti mission at night: with these eyeliner pens, you’re sure to create an extremely accurate and long-lasting line for intensive looks. Available in 01 street styler, 02 skyscraper and 03 nightline. Around 2.29 €*

essence urban messages lipstick

Reminiscent of Manhattan skyscrapers, this lipstick is a true eye-catcher - in your purse and on your lips! Strong coral or subtle rosé and grey shades provide your lips with gorgeous accents and turn every stroll around the city into a true walk of fame! Available in 01 let’s paint the city, 02 it peace and 03 skyscraper. Around 1.99 €*.

essence urban messages illuminating face and body spray

With the illuminating face and body spray, your skin will shimmer like the millions of lights of the city skyline at night. A delicate glow gives you a radiant look that perfectly complements your urban street style. Available in 01 let’s paint the city. Around 2.99 €*.

essence urban messages nail polish

Extremely cool, extremely off-beat and so metropolitan! Five modern high-shine polishes guarantee ultra-stylish nails that perfectly embody the liveliness of life in the city. Thanks to the particularly long-lasting texture, these gorgeous nail polishes are sure to survive any big city adventure – even if it lasts until late at night!
Available in 01 street styler, 02 skyscraper, 03 it peace, 04 nightline and 05 wall of fame. Around 1.79 €*.

essence urban messages eau de toilette

The urban messages eau de toilette spreads a touch of big city flair with its cool spray can design. Fresh and light – just the right thing for true city girls who love to follow the latest trend, no matter whether it’s all about make-up or a seductive scent! Around 6.99 €*.
essence “urban messages" will be available in stores in September and October 2011.
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