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Queen of Aleppo Laurel Soap Reviews

This is a product that reminds me my grandma, she had olive trees in the mountains and she used to sell the olives to the factory to get olive oil but with some they used to make natural olive soap
Laurel olive oil soap with 20% laurel, weight is 200/220 grams.

It is not fragranced or tested on animals.  It is %100 Natural Product.

I usually wakeup with bites on my face or all of a sudden I got spots during the day, I use this product to treat those spots and bites,

After first use, your skin might feel tight but it goes away after few minutes,

I washed my hair with this product but as my hair is very greasy it got greasy after few hours.
So if you have greasy hair I do not recommend you to use this on you hair.

Time to time I suffer from eczema on my base of my neck, I do use it on those parts.

I also wash my sensitive lingerie with this soap or if I have spots on my shirts I use this soap and wash it with cold water,

  if you want to get more information about Queen of Aleppo : http://www.queenofaleppo.co.uk/about-us.html
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