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Becca Baleraric Collection


Stolen glances with an enigmatic stranger, a forbidden embrace in the fading sunlight; this season BECCA invites you to dream of distant shores and unguarded temptation with the Balearic Love Collection. Eyes are undeniably sexy, shaded in rich, sensuous hues of bronze, plum and violet while lips are nude with a soft hint of pink. A warmed complexion is sculpted by natural matte bronze for shape and definition.


Zoya Beach & Surf Collections

Butter London Lippie Collection

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butter LONDON™, the cult phenomenon of the nail industry, built their reputation on cutting edge colour. Their 3 Free nail lacquers are create backstage at Fashion Week and have made their way from catwalk to sidewalk in record time. This season, butter LONDON™ will expand their hold on colour with the launch of LIPPY, a range of long-wearing, lacquer-like lip glosses in shades to match their famous nail lacquers.
As a backstage fixture, the brand noticed a growing trend for S/S 2012 in “matchy-matchy” manicures, pedicures, and lips. This elegant, classic look is making a comeback, but modernized with fresh new colours. The LIPPY colours are rich and densely pigmented for a look that’s deliberate, high fashion, and luxe, just like the brand’s nail lacquers.


Simply Vera Wang Makeup Collection

Paul&Joe Makeup Collection for Summer 2012

Self Select Eye Colors 
  • #001 Under the Stars -anaurora white with creamy stardust effect
  • #002 Love-in-idleness – pale pink
  • #003 Moon Beam – glowing golden white
Self Select Eye Colors


MAC Tres Cheek Collection

  • Pink Tea- neutral beige pink (satin finish)
  • Loveclowd- bright mid-tone pink (satin finish)
  • Peony Petal- bight blue-based pink (satin finish)
  • Modern Mandarin-reddish orange (satin finish)
  • Immortal Flower- bright peach (satin finish)
  • Full of Joy- lavender (frost finish)

Jill Stuart Mist & Body Lotion

Jill Stuart Makeup Collection

Jewel Crystal Eyes Palette

Jill Stuart Summer Dress Collection

Jill Stuart Bath & Body Travel Collection

Free From Skincare Awards

Products shortlisted for the 2012 will now go forward to panels of experienced Beauty Bible testers (all of whom either have sensitive/problem skins, specific allergies/intolerances, or are particularly passionate about organic/natural skincare) for a month's in depth testing of their ease of use and efficacy.

Body Care and Hair Care Products

Abees  - Nourishing Honey Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub
Abees - Rose de Mai Ultra-rich Hydrating Cream
Antipodes - Saviour Skin Balm
Apodea - Deodorante al Propoli con Olio Essenziale di Geranio
Barefoot SOS - Face and Body Rescue Cream
Bentley Organic - Calming Body Lotion
Dr Bronner’s - 18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint Pure Castile Soap
Inlight  - Hand Easy
Inlight - Organic Restorative Body Butter
Kadria – Belly Balm with Rosehip and Neroli
Miessence - Organic Foaming Hand Soap
Salcura - DermaSpray - Natural Skin Nourishment
Salcura - Zeoderm Skin Repair Moisturiser
Salcura - Topida Intimiate Hygiene Spray
Spiezia - Calendula Ointment
Sukin - Deodorant

Face care products

Alva - Rhassoul Mineral Cleansing Cream
Antipodes - Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream
Australian Bush Flower Essences - Replenishing Night Cream
Australian Bush Flower Essences - Soothing Firming Eye Neck Face Gel
B Organic - Hydrating Organic Face Cream
Barefoot SOS - Soothing Face and Body Wash
Borealis Organic Skincare - Calendula Daily Defence Cream
Faith in Nature - Intensive Moisturising Cream
Gentle Green - Ecz-tend Soothing Cream
Green People - Sensitive Anti-aging 24 Hour Cream
Inlight - Ecz Easy Calendula and Plantago Soothing Balm
Miessence - Soothing Couperose Gel
Montagne Jeunesse - Skin Clearing Blemish Mud
NATorigin - Regenerating Lifting serum
Organic Pharmacy - Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream
Pure Lochside -  Orange and Echinacea Toner
Q Silica - Remove Make up and Grime Cleansing Gel
Raw Skin Food - Mab Fabulous Superbly Gentle Face and Body Balm
Salcura - Antiac Acne Clearing Spray
Sophyto - Tocotrienol Super Skin Concentrate
Sukin - Purely Ageless Intensive Firming Serum
Sukin - Moisture Restoring Night Cream
Thea - Natural Harmony Perfect Me Face Cleaner

Make up

Bellapierre - Lipsticks
Bellapierre - Mineral Eye Shadow
Eden Fresh Therapies - Natural Nail Polish Remover
Essential Care  - Eye/Lip Liner
NATorigin - Lipstick
Pure Halal Beauty - Mineral Miracles Eye Shadow

The Free From Skincare Awards were founded to encourage and reward manufacturers of skincare products that are ‘free from’ many of the allergens, chemicals, additives and artificial fragrances associated with skin sensitivities and health concerns.

The winners of the 2012 Free From Skincare Awards, which are sponsored by extreme tolerance make-up brand, NATorigin, will be announced at an invitation-only presentation taking place at the Allergy and FreeFrom Show at Olympia on 18th May 2012.  


Chanel Summertime de Chanel Collection

 Chanel Summertime de Chanel Collection

Christian Dior Croisette Collection Summer 2012

Dior presents the "Dior Croisette" eyewear collection: the 2012 Summer Statement. Art is the inspiration for
the new sunglasses and optical frames, precisely from the artistic style of René Gruau: the famous artist and
illustrator who worked with the Maison Dior in the 40’s and 50’s, creating Dior's iconic imagery.
His illustrations are duplicated in eyewear thanks to bright and graphic new dedicated acetates: crystal &
coloured horizontal stripes in exclusivity.


Black–Up Cosmetics Matifying Foundation FMO1 Reviews

Black–Up Cosmetics Matifying Foundation FMO1 Reviews

Glossy Box Harrods Themed March Box Review

So What’s Inside Harrods Themed Glossy Box


Armani Rouge d’Armani Sheers for Spring 2012

Exceptional long-wear formula results in up to 8 hours of intense color. Experience comfort and shine, without fading and feathering. Soft texture leaves lips feeling continuously hydrated. Lipstick packaged in an elegant black lacquered case with an exclusive magnetic closure.

Shu Uemura New Instant Brightening Ultra-Light Mousse Base for Spring 2012



An expert beauty, Shu Uemura has unlocked the secret to incredible and translucent skin with new “+0 sec efficient whitening”, a groundbreaking whitening program that incorporates the latest innovation in skin science to target the causes of dull, uneven skin. Day after day skin becomes more translucent and bright without the need for any additional skin steps and saving you time.

If the results are the same, then the simpler ther better. Too many steps are not only meaningless but can burden the skin.” Shu Uemura

Whitefficient 2012 brings together two signature products – Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oil and UV Under Base Mousse – to create “+0 sec efficient whitening” a whitening program that achieves results effortlessly, with no extra steps.

Find out more right after the jump.

Simply replace your regular cleanser and makeup base with whitefficient without the fuss of an extra whitening serum or essence for the effective results.

Shu Uemura Laboratoires were able to successfully incorporate precious Vitamin CG into mousse for the first time. Vitamin CG is a combination of well-known active Vitamin C and Glucose that stabilizes the functions of Vitamin C. On its own, Vitamin C is easily damaged through oxygen/heat exposure so needs the Glucose for support. This serves as a powerful whitening active.

The combination of this precious Vitamin C and Mito-White Agent (Algae White + Prune Extract), achieves strong whitening efficacy confirmed as comparable to Shu Uemura whitefficient intense essence. Dark spots becomes less visible, white the entire complexion grows brighter, day after day.

Shu Uemura Celestial Garden Collection

Imagine a celestial garden in the sky, a radiant oasis above the clouds, a bloom with positive energy, fantastical colors and pristine light. Open your senses, allow yourself to fly away to this dazzling habitat, take in the sublime vistas that surround you through new eyes. Discover the unseen precious colors and breathtaking luminescence that exist in the air, scent and sound surrounding you.

China Glaze Prismatic Chroma Glitters Collection


Array your nails in a myriad of color this spring with China Glaze®’s limited edition Prismatic nail polish collection! Inspired by the colors formed by the refraction of light through a prism, Prismatic by China Glaze® combines glitter and holographic particles to create the ultimate eye-catching, 3-dimensional manicure. China Glaze® Prismatic will be available April 2012. Individual shades retail for $8 MSRP. The collection will be available in a 3-D 12-piece counter display and as open stock colors.

Too Faced Summer 2012 Collections

Too Faced Summer Eye Palette DAY
  • Sugar Sand
  • Plumeria
  • Cocoa Beach
  • Peach Fuzz
  • Coral Crush
  • Chocolate Sun
  • Sunbeam
  • Mermaid
  • Toasted Coconut
Highlighting Powder Duo
  • Candlelight Glow
Soleil Bronzer
  • Chocolate
Primed & Poreless Pure
It’s a skin smoothing face primer for sensitive skin. Oil – free.
Better Than False Lashes Mascara
Royal Oil Coconut Oil Body Bronzer
This new oil body bronzer with coconut scent contains mangosteen extract.



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  • Whats the one beauty product you cant live without ? 

My Foundation

  • A gadget you are addicted to

Foursquare & Tweetdeck

  • 3 favorite lip colors

Pink ,Purple, Beige Nudes

  • Your favorite beauty trend

Chanel Moon Manicure

  • What camera you use?

Fuji HS10

  • One celebrity whose fashion style you follow/like

Do not really follow any style

  • Favorite day of the week


  • What nail color are you wearing right now?

Nails Inc Baker Street

  • Which makeup remover you use currently?

Lancôme 'Bi-Facil' Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover

  • Your comfort food

Chips & Sausages

  • The product you are craving for

Nars Indian Summer Duo Eye S Just because of Mustard Yellow


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  7. Do you like to wear dark shades?nail polish / lip gloss /lipstick/eye shadow
  8. If you had a chance to work for a beauty brand for a week which company would it be?
  9. How many makeup brushes do you have?
  10. Who is your favourite musician?
  11. What does the word "Beauty" mean to you?

Anna Sui Makeup Collection For Spring 2012


MAC By Request Collection

  • 3N as seen in N Collection – January 2008
  • Candy Yum Yum as seen in Quite Cute – April 2011
  • Eden Rocks as seen in Eden Rocks – May 2001
  • Moxie as seen in Retro Matte Lipsticks – September 1999
  • Rocker as seen in Time Rocker – Fall 1999
  • Shitaki as seen in Cuisine – March 2001

Anna Sui New Base Makeup Collection For Spring 2012

1.Foundation Primer SPF 30 PA++ 30 ML

Chanel Le Blanc De Chanel Makeup Base Collection

Chanel Le Blanc De Chanel Collection


Giorgio Armani Luminessence Skincare Collection

  • Luminessence Bright Primer Essence-in-Lotion - 100 ml
  • Luminessence Bright Regenerator Concentrate - 30 ml
  • Luminessence Bright Revelator Universal Greige BB Fluid SPF 50 PA+++ - 30  ml
  • Luminessence Bright Perfection Makeup Veil SPF 35 PA +++
  • Available in six shades (#2 , #3, #3.5, #4, #5, #6)

Chantecaille Spring 2012 Collections


“Chantecaille introduces The Coral Reefs Palette in an effort to help gain ongoing support and raise awareness for our ocean’s endangered reefs. The palette captures the pretty, polished, clean and feminine fashion trends of the spring season, creating a healthy, fresh and natural look- a perfect compliment to fashion’s colorful prints and omnipresent pastels and whites. Soft eyes are delicately highlighted with a wash of sheer pastels and anchored by warm bronze hues. Coral pink cheeks are accented with bright citrus and pink lips to complete the radiant youthful glow.”

Coral Reefs Palette

Chantecaille proudly joins the Marine Conservation Institute in their efforts to protect 10% of the world’s oceans by 2020. The oceans cover 71% of the earth, providing 80% of our oxygen and food for 3.5 billion people; yet less than one half of one percent of our oceans are protected. The health of the ocean is vital and coral reefs are the alert system. Today three quarter’s of the world’s coral reefs are now at risk due to over fishing, pollution, and global warming. Maintaining 10% of the ocean’s ecosystems as “no take marine protected areas” is the best chance for coral’s survival. Three Eye Shades – Pink Pearl, Reef, and Driftwood and one Cheek Shade in Coral are delicately embossed with a vanishing branch of coral. The beautiful colors of clean and fresh pastels take cues from the Spring catwalks. Comprised of the finest pearl and pigment particles, the palette shades create a natural, satin, sheer veil with a glowing effect. *5 % of all proceeds will be donated to Marine Conservation and their campaign to protect 10% of our oceans by 2020.

Espresso Gel Eyeliner

Last season’s innovative Gel Eye Liner is now available in Espresso, a rich, luxurious and defining brown. Comprised of natural waxes and adherent film formers, the smooth gel formula is housed in an easily sharpened wooden pencil. Water-resistant and long wearing for immediate and impactful, smudge-proof definition that lasts up to six hours. The dual-ended pencil’s brilliant multi-purpose angled brush draws, cleans and defines the perfect line along the lashes. It can also be pulled upwards to create the perfect smoky eye.

Sunrise Lip Chic

Sunrise, a bright coral pink shade, reflects the striking pink and peach petals of the multi-colored Sunrise Rose. The highly emollient formula offers the even coverage of a lipstick with the high shine and plumping effects of a gloss. Added collagen gives lips a boost, leaving them fuller and decidedly more youthful in appearance without any irritation.

Coral Lip Definer

Coral, a flattering papaya lip pencil, that perfectly finishes the season’s bright citrus lips. Rich in Vitamin E, the on trend hue offers a soft, matte, and smudge free look. The time-tested process of extrusion results in a clean, enduring line that blends naturally.

Lucky Brilliant Gloss

Lucky, a soft golden pink, has been added to our best selling Brilliant Gloss collection. The universally flattering shade is inspired by the sheer pinks and pastels of the season. Botanical microspheres with cross-linked sugars will immediately plump lips naturally and safely. A never sticky, innovative jellified system of elastic polymers and emollient oil creates shine and comfort


MAC In Extra Dimension Collection


China Glaze Wicked Collection

OPI Spiderman Collection

opi spiderman

Liz Earle Mud Mask Reviews


Illamsqua Human Fundamentalism Collection

Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism


Guerlain Sun in the City Terracotta Collection


Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolors Collection


Well we all know that, Nudes, Greys and Pastels are in this seaason, So OPI created six shades for us.
My own opinion these shades can easily be used for Wedding Nails


Shu Uemura 18R Natural Hair Powder Brush


17 Spring Fling Eye Shadow Palette Spring Brights Swatches

Bobbi Brown Brightening Nudes Collection


Benefit Cabana Glama


A seven-piece brightening and bronzing kit.
This collection features the best of Benefit's faux tanning products, from Hoola bronzing powder to Some Kind-a Gorgeous foundation faker. The included step-by-step guide ensures flawless application using professional tips and tricks.

Benefit The Pretty Committee

17 Spring Filling Eye Shadow Palette Hazy Days

Boots 17 Cosmetics created 2 New Eye Shadow Palettes for us this spring,  Hazy Days & Spring Filling, This review will be a review for Hazy Days, I will do a separate review for Spring Days.


Max Factor Max Effect Silver Nail Polish

CK One Colour Cosmetics


Calvin Klein will launch a full range (over 130 products) of ck one color cosmetics. The products will debut in late April 2012
Calvin Klein, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of PVH Corp. [NYSE: PVH] and Coty Inc., a leader in the global beauty industry, today unveiled the first worldwide advertising campaign introducing ck one color cosmetics, a full line-up of over 130 products that all capture the core ck one brand DNA – authentic, confident, and cool.
The advertising imagery portrays real, natural beauty through a diverse cast of women and men that embody the brand’s legacy of individuality. The ck one color cosmetics campaign will debut worldwide beginning in March 2012.
“ck one has maintained its status as an iconic global brand since it first launched in 1994,” said Catherine Walsh, Senior Vice President of American Fragrances, Coty Prestige. “With the introduction of ck one color cosmetics we go beyond fragrance, addressing the consumer’s desire to define their individuality. The new campaign, combined with innovative products, continues the ck one legacy of authenticity and accessibility by connecting consumers with the brand in a modern and vibrant way.”
“With its fragrance roots, expanding into a color cosmetics line was a natural progression for the ck one brand,” said Tom Murry, President & Chief Executive Officer, Calvin Klein, Inc. “This latest extension embodies the energy and free spirit of ck one, offering fresh and unique beauty products that are ideal for today’s youthful, independent consumer.”

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics The Garden Collection


OCC’s S/S 2012 Collection “The Garden” also includes freshly-picked Loose Colour o in a bouquet of the rarest floral shades yet. Loose Colour Concentrate, our super saturated pearlescent pigment powders can be used in a variety of ways to bring colour and shimmer wherever it’s desired. Recommended for eyes & cheeks on its own, mixed with our clear lip tar for a luminous lip look, and anywhere (and any way!) your imagination dictates!


Givenchy Instant Bucolique Collection

Every year, we shake off the winter chill and eagerly look for the first sign that the sun is on its way. Like magic, the pinks, mauves, peaches and lavenders begin to dot the landscape. The colours bloom with the sun’s first rays then, disappear as quickly as a whim.  The red-orange poppy dances in the breeze, sunny, golden rapeseed captures the sun’s glow and wild hyacinth cools the soul with bursts of blush traces.
The fragility of spring is at the heart of the inspiration behind Givenchy Instant Bucolique.  Speckled pastel powders for eyes, face and cheeks leave your skin refreshed and pretty while eyes get a touch of tender green, pink, soft brown and mauve.  Lips get a dose of full bloom color with poppy red.

So What’s Inside the She Said Beauty February BOX

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