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So What’s Inside the She Said Beauty February BOX

My box came a bit damaged but the products are fine!

Here is what we have in the box

1- Orly Cardboard Nail File
2- Orly Miniature Black Nail Polish
3-Comfort Zone Good Night Kit
4-Premas Harmony Face Balm
5- Aveda Smooth Infusion Trio
6- Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Gloss
7- Jing Flowering Dragon Eye Tea

Orly Cardboard Nail File

I think it’s quite handy, We always need nail files.

Orly Miniature Black Nail Polish

This is a 5.3 ML miniature size nail polish,
On the card it says 5.4 ml is full size and £5, this is wrong full size is 18ml and it is £6.95
So this nail polish is around £3.31
I have no problems on receiving a small Orly Nail Polish Or with the shade I love Black Nail Polish.
Orly is a brand that I did not try before, I tested it, and now I am so glad that I did not buy any of their polishes. Superdrug MUA Black Nail Polish is much more pigmented than this one.

3- Comfort Zone Good Night Kit

If I do not like it I will give it to my mum,
But Comfort Zone is 6ml and Renight Recover Complex is 4ml

OK I am editing this bit as I just read a comment on facebook and checked mine as well
If you are a subscriber of She Said Beauty Box Please Check the date before you use it ¬ :(

4-Jing Flowering Dragon Eye Tea

I love tea but I do not really would like to see in my beauty box

5- Premas Harmony Face Balm

This way to small to use on my face, I was thinking to use it on my lips but when l see what is sitting on my balm. I decided not use it on my body or lips Sad smile

6- Aveda Smooth Infusion Trio

it contains 10ml Shampoo
10ml Conditioner
10ml Style Prep Smoother
So the full size
250ml Shampoo £15.50
200ml Conditioner £17.50
100ml Style Prep Smoother £18.50

7-Collection 2000 Cream Puff

This is the only full size product that was in the box and it is £3.00 drugstore brand.
I tested it on my lips, ok it was soft and nice but the shade, I asked my husband before telling him what I feel about it,
He told me you better go and take it off, I said why he said umm, so I said I look like the girls who works at gentlemen's club or a middle eastern pub singer who is just ready to go on stage
If I am wrong can please correct me, We have been told whether the box send to the blogger for reviews purposes to the  press, or we are subscribed we will be getting the same box, same products?
So I see some people received eye lashes, Although I do not use false lashes very often but I would prefer to receive the false lashes rather than the balm with a bug sitting on top of it.
I have subscribed to She Said Beauty first Week of February and I received an email that my box will be send out this week.
Now the only products I liked there is Orly Black Nail Polish & Comfort Zone Recover Cream.
Actually I was hoping this box to be much better, When I tried Boudoir Prive’s First Box, I loved it so much that I continued my subscription, after their merge with Jolie Box, they went down,
I am still hopeful with She Said Beauty, But there is another factor that there will be new boxes in the market, and If they do not want to loose customers, they need to make good boxes that their customers will be pleased
I am glad there are few products than I can try and test out.
So if you want to make yourselves or your wife  / girl friend give them She Said Beauty
If you click the link you will get %25 off on your first box She Said Beauty Box

The Box was not bad, BUT we had great expectations,  We all had bad experiences with our previous boxes that is the reason some of subscribed to this box, and we had the impression of oh their first box will be great.
I am hoping that they will improve their boxes. If they want to stand in this competition.

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So What’s Inside the She Said Beauty February BOX - MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY `