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NARS Single Eye Shadows

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As a Nars fan i never prefered their single eye shadows but this time my friend got cheap from Store in US, so i asked her to my me some and i have received my NARS eyeshadows and i am still in shock., 
I do not whether to hit my head to wall or just get upset to the money i throw out to buy those eye shadows.

It means that i never had a look at Nars single eye shadows at a NARS Store & Counter.. 
I was never interested and spend so many hours by NARS counter, i usually buy what i want to buy and go

Cos Whenever i go to Selfridges to buy something from NARS, i go crazy and went out of Selfridges without buying anything,

Why ? tell you why, cos girls are pushing eachother to be able to buy something from counters like they come from hunger and buying something from NARS, MAC, Laura Mercier will stop their hunger, one of them even tried to pick up the blush i am purchasing from my hand..

I said thats enough i rather buy it over their website, so since than i do not buy anything from NARS Counter and Nars Stores

so the eye shadows, they are so small 2 singles doesnt even make one size blush

i liked the colours thats why i purchased them but next time no NARS Singles..

Young Blood Minerals Valentine’s Day Gift Set

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47 USD

One Lip Gloss
Pout Rouge
Lip Stick
and  a Pink Cosmetic Bag...

Skin MD Natural Shielding lotion

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I am still under the procedure of testing this little wonderful lotıion. It still can not believe the wonders of this lotion, ı have a mark on my hand and this mark is called coffee oil spots. And this does not go with laser treatments or so. it is not so big or visible to a stranger but what ı noticed is that mark is lighter than ever

For My face I use Shiesido White Lucent / Lucency Series and they also do their jobs but ı did not get a result this much quick...

In short words this lotion is really working..  And i am getting amazed to discover the new features of this lotion.

I never say something is good unless  it is really good.

You can read my previous posts about this lotion

skin md natural sheilding lotion

It really makes your hands soft as soon as you apply the product, than you understand that all those high street branded lotions are doing their job.

You may need to apply few times in a day until your body and hands. this is because the other other loitons was lack of reaching inner layers of skin.
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