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Concealer File III


I always say and mention on my blog post i am not a fan of this mineral make up.  It is a kind of breeze, so i stay tuned with the brands i like..


This time i want to talk about  a concealer it is a mineral product which i have used few years ago, and still have the remains in one of my drawers, and time to time i use it, i must say i am really really glad that i purchased that concealer, cos sometimes my skin looks really so bad, i have to use actually mix lots of tones of products to look it better, being without sleep, aggressiveness, PMT’s, lot of tea and coffee makes my skin look so pale.. and i look tired.


and plus the dark circles, it was one day i was on my cosmetic shopping mode and i did not want to buy from one of my regular brands, as i know their coverage, and really glad with them. so i purchased this product with big ??? on my mind, but after a few use, i started to say oh yes i love this product..


it is glo minerals duo concealer and it is really really good trust me on this,  there is no way i can buy something, which i can not get on well with..


now i want to buy 2 concealers from this brand one is in natural color the other one is beige or golden i could not decied cos beige one looks more pinky under tones and gold looks a bit dark . pheww


Whether you plan to cover an occasional blemish, scarring, hyper- pigmentation or a skin condition, herein lies the solution. gloCamouflage oil-free and gloConcealer - under eye offer rich pigments to conceal and clinically advanced treatment ingredients to help improve dark circles and hyperpigmentation. This formulation has been enriched with additional moisture and lubricants to enable high pigment coverage, treatment benefits and moisture WITHOUT caking. Use gloCamouflage oil-free with any of our bases or alone to conceal even the most prominent skin imperfections. Try the gloConcealer - under eye to treat and conceal under eye circles and similar skin discolorations.

they have videos on youtube but it is just so fake, i did not like, it as i told you i am not a big fan of this minerals .. 

I like not more than 10 mineral products… 

sorry, to mineral make up fans.. do not get offended

Must have Palettes

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POP Cabaret Bouquet
Let this kit take centre stage, everything for your face in one velvet mystique box

Brand favourite of Naomi Cambell, Beyonce, Dita Von Teese, Blake Lively & Kylie plus many more!

Sara Strand, Creative Director for POP says:
"My passion, and my mission, is to teach women how to use colour, and to bring some fun back into your makeup bag!
  • - Pack of five eyeshadows by POP
  • - Matt powder for velvet soft finish
  • - With five highlighters and double duty bronzer
 POP Pin Up POP Palette

 12 Eye popping colours for a novel pin-up look
Smoky sooty eyes have never looked so fresh
Shades baked and based in black for sultry-ness

POP Little Brown Dress Make Up Collection

Includes 13 essential eye shades, 2 cheek shades
Along with 1 lip glow & duo eye applicator
A Make Up Kit as foolproof and celebrated as your favourite little sexy dressBrand favourite of Naomi Cambell, Beyonce, Dita Von Teese, Blake Lively & Kylie plus many more!
Sara Strand, Creative Director for POP says:"My passion, and my mission, is to teach women how to use colour, and to bring some fun back into your makeup bag! 

POP Little Black Dress Make Up Collection

Multi-palette make-up kit by POP   
Two cheek high lighter shades and one lip glow

Urban Decay Get Baked Eyeshadow Palette
Must have eye essentials in flattering shades
with 4 shadows primer potion & pencil
Beautiful shades that blend effortlessly

 4 x eye shadows:
Half Baked
Twice Baked &

1 x travelside 24/7 glide on pencil in Bourbon

1 x Eye Shadow primer potion in 'Sin'

 Urban Decay Limited Edition Foreshadow Palette
Limited edition eyeshadow with applicator brush
Designed to create smoky eyes or a natural look
A generously sized mirror inside, with a magnetic clasp to fasten

A gorgeous Palette is wrapped in luxe purple faux suede, and features a window of irresistibly touchable metal mesh

Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box

Sustainable Shadow Box from Urban Decay
Everything you need in a sustainable bamboo box
Contains ten eye shadows, brush and primer

Ten eye shadows are nestled in a textured tray of purple post- consumer recycled cardboard, Includes a premium eyeshadow brush and a travel size eyeshadow Primer Potion

Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box
Deluxe Shadow Box by Urban Decay
Palette contains nine soft pigment-rich eyeshadows    
 includes Fishnet, Honey, Ransom, Graffiti, Zero, Peace, Shag, Scratch and Underground. And Urban Decay have also popped in a vial of Eyeshadow Primer Potion - a cult favourite!

Illamasqua Dystopia Collection 4 Colour Eye  
Quantum, Rasp, Matter, Synth

Dystopia is a futuristic vision of a fractured and dark society
Inspired by insane London club night Black Balloon, and Fritz Lang’s masterpiece, Metropolis, Illamasqua has created a collection that echoes the artistry of 1920s Berlin’s darkest films
A world of broken shadows and stark light
A distorted, nightmarish, mad reality
With eerie shades and twisted monochromatic tones, fused with a burst of neon colour, Dystopia is as cruel as it is beautiful

Not for the faint-hearted, Dystopia is a strong statement of defiant confidence
Where the dark meets the light
Monochrome shades build and blend, brought alive by flashes of intense pink and lurid purple, while dazzling pigments, metallic textures and iridescent finishes all add to the drama of this strikingly uncompromising look
As the nights grow longer, bring your alter ego out of the shadows and illuminate your individuality

  Benefit Celebutante
Portable 'personal stylist' make up kit by Benefit 
gives eyes, cheeks & lips a gentle glow 
Complete with a step-by-step lesson card
1 x High Beam 2.5ml
1 x Benetint 2.5ml
1 x Dallas face powder 3g
1 x Lip Gloss in 'I;m With The Band' 2.5ml
2 x Full Finish Lipstick in 'Lady's Choice' and 'No Competition' 1.2g each
2 x Velvet Eye Shadow in 'Leggy' and 'Dandy Brandy' 1.2g each
1 x fluff shadow/talent brush
1 x step-by-step lesson

Too Faced Insurance Policy Kit

For untensified and long lasting eyeshadow colour
With full size world famous eyeshadow primer

Too Faced Natural Eye Kit


  Includes 3 x Eyeshadows 2g
6 x Eye Shadows 0.9g
1 x dual ended eye shadow sponge and brush applicator

Too Faced Glamour To Go Palette

Eye shadow, lip gloss & blush pocket palette  
8 eye shadows, 4 lip glosses and a blusher

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Kit
Illustrated, step-by-step makeup lesson
Set includes: boi-ing (medium) as a primer, alabaster pink base shadow,
cocoa shimmer countour shadow, rich chocolate brown liner shadow, and
2 brushes for easy application

Benefit Must Have's

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opps it is my benefit must have list, i have some on the list already but nothings happens from more :))

Benefit Bathina Body So Fine Body Balm

The silky velvet finish is slightly naughty and totally irresistible... its all you will want to wear!

Tips and tricks: The fragrance of white blossoms is like an aphrodisiac!
  • - Body So Fine Balm from Benefit
  • - This scented balm is pure body seduction
  • - Gives you luminescent luxury,
 Benefit Thrrrob Pink Powder


Benefit F.Y... Eye! Shadow Base

Stop eyeshadow sliding with this apricot souffle primer

Tips and tricks: Use fingertips to blend evenly across the entire eyelid

A little goes a long way

Use everyday with or without makeup

  • - Nude eyeshadow primer by Benefit
  • - Prevents greasy and creased eyelids
  • - Locks on shadows for a smooth finish

Benefit You Rebel Tinted Moisturiser

  • - You Rebel Tinted Moisturiser from Benefit
  • - Moisturising SPF 15 protection all in one handy tube
  • - Get just a hint of tint that adjusts to any skin tone

Benefit You Rebel Lite Tinted Moisturiser

  • - Moisturiser with a slight tint by Benefit
  • - The perfect way to give your skin a hint of a tint
  • - Smooth coverage with SPF 15 protection
 Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous Foundation

  • - Some Kinda Gorgeous Foundation from Benefit
  • - So translucent, it's THE finish for most skin tones
  • - Cream-to-powder formula is a perfect beauty boost, 
Benefit Mr. Frosty Eye Pencil

  • - Mr. Frosty Eye Pencil from Benefit
  • - A pearly white highlighting pencil
  • - Can also be used as a brow bone highlighter,
 Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder

  • - Hoola Bronzing Powder from Benefit
  • - Dust it lightly over your face for a healthy glow
  • - Comes in a cute package with a slanted brush
Benefit High Beam

  • - High Beam face highlighter from Benefit
  • - Creates a young, radiant and fresh complexion
  • - Mix it with moisturiser or foundation for a sexy glow,
 The soft-focus sheen is enticing and sexy

Tips and tricks: Using the handy brush, draw an X on the apple of each cheek
Blend with fingertips in an upward, outward motion
For an all over glow, try mixing a small amount of high beam with your moisturizer

Benefit Eye Con Brightening Cream

  • - Eye Con Brightening Cream from Benefit
  • - An eye cream that really fades dark circles
  • - Softens the appearance of fine lines
 Benefit Eye Bright

Tips and tricks: Apply as your final step after you have applied all other makeup
Draw 3 to 4 short strokes in the area between the bridge of your nose and the inner corner of your eye where dark shadows linger
Also, draw a light line from the outer corner of your eye up and toward the end of your brow
Do not over blend
To keep it bright, be sure to let some pink tint linger
  • - Eye Bright Eye Pencil from Benefit
  • - A pink pencil to wake up your tired eyes
  • - Helps conceal and brighten pesky shadows
Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara

Tip: Twirl the brush in the vial... pumping it in and out will only dry out your mascara faster

For extra full lashes, coat both sides of the upper and lower lashes... then flutter away
  • - Dramatic mascara by Benefit
  • - With a big brush and a rich, black formula
  • - Like wearing false eyelashes without the glue
 Benefit Bad Gal Smouldering Black Eye Pencil

it is the beauty addict's dream of a black eyeliner and a makeup artist's must-have

Tips and tricks: Dab BADgal between lashes to make them look fuller and more defined

  • Bad Gal eyeliner from Benefit
  • - The ideal liner for every kind of look
  • - A beauty addict's dream,

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