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Edie Campbell wears AEVHA London clutch

Brit model Edie Campbell attended a party in Paris, wearing an AEVHA London clutch.

Does Your Face Reveal Your True Feelings

Physician Shares 3 Ways It Can Lie About Us

Social science experts agree -- much of what we “say” is never actually spoken.

“Facial expressions and other body language account for more than half of our communication,” says Adam J. Scheiner, M.D., www.adamscheinermd.com, an international Oculoplastic surgeon who’s been featured on “The Dr. Oz Show” and “The Doctors.”

“When we look at someone, especially when we’re meeting for the first time, we quickly scan the eye and mouth areas of the other person’s face to make some quick judgments: Are they friendly or a potential threat? Are they trustworthy? We form first impressions within 7 seconds of meeting.”

Those first impressions can become misleading due to the normal aging process and damage caused by stress, diet and environmental factors, particularly sun exposure.

“I call them the three D’s of aging: Our skin begins to deteriorate; our faces deflate, making them narrower and wrinkled; and our eyelids and face descend, causing drooping and sagging,” Scheiner says. “All of these can affect what our face communicates to those around us.”

It’s bad enough to communicate something you don’t really feel, he says. It’s worse when people react to that communication so often, such as saying, “You look so tired,” that you actually begin to believe you are tired, he says.

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