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Concealer Reviews

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So far i am going to talk about my concealers and the ones i most like and dislike

1 Scott Barnes Concealer ( Light)

it is a lighter very light for my skin tone but i like it a bit light under my eyes, it has a very good coverage, and i use it so much this season. it is easy to blend and give a nice bright shade under your eyes, you can also use it as an eye shadow primer. the worst thing about this product , It is like a butter it melts and it is so oily so not recommended for oily skin types.. Full Coverage

the top 2 on the corner is body shop concealer
the 2 under bodyshop is stilla
the yellow looking one in the middle is scott barnes
the white one next to it is shiseido
the one on top of shiseido is lancome
the small ball shape is Lancome Tube Concealer
Than beige one is smashbox

Bottom one is MAC Select Cover Up
The Two on to of MAC is Stila Perfecting Concealer
The Two on Top of Stila The Body Shop Ultra Smooth Liquid Concealer,

Concealer Reviews

2- Stila Eye Concealer ( Tone 8)

well this is also nice but needs a bit expertise, it is in a jar, you need a concealer brush to use this product, if you do not have a concealer brush, a lip brush will help you too..
it is not as easy blendable as scott barnes one but it is alright, it is more thick than scott barnes one. medium covarage

3- Both No:3 and No:4 is Stila Perfecting Concealer No: 3 is shade C 04, i do not know the shade of no:4 medium covarage

these ones are also hard to blend a bit thick not as light ( i mean the product not the color) as scot ones but it gives a very good coverage, by the way do not think that i am being sponsored by scott barnes, i am just telling my idea, none of the cosmetic companies are sponsoring me,
full coverage

5- MAC Select Cover Up this is a good product easy to blend, good coverage, light

6- Smashbox Under Eye Brightner, Well i do not know you but i did not like this product, that is rubbish and did not worth the money i gave. light coverage

7-8-Both No:7 and No:8 is The Body Shop Ultra Smooth Liquid Concealer, The Body Shop Ultra Smooth Liquid Concealer i have been using for many years, i know you can not find those in many countries but i bought few before they stop producing it.
those are a bit thick, but very easy to blend and gives a nice light shade under your eyes. medium covarage

9- Lancome Effacernes Longue Tenue, that was very good when i purchased this few mnths ago, but now i see that it is going bad. But i like this it looks very natural on skin, like a second skin, maybe because i always go for lighter shades, but i strictly recommend it. it is very light and easy to blend, it smells nice.. good coverage nearly full..

10- Lancome Liquid Concealer , I do not know the name it doesnt mention,
well it is also good, one of the best in this sector but not the best, it has its own brush in a tube,
a small drop is enough to blend.. medium covarage

11- Shiseido the make up concealer, i do not use this one much but it is really good, very easy to use, it is light and easy to blend not much oily. medium covarage

12- Channel Stick Conc, it is like a stick, you need to blend it, it is a bit hard to blend. and it is easy to carry in a purse so small .. light coverage

13- Mac Studio Finish Concealer , it is very easy to use, a small amount is enough to give a shade, i use every day and i still use it very long lasting :)
easy to blend , it gives a shade under your eyes. medium to full covarage

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