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Revlon Color Stay 16 Hour Eyeshadow Palette Sea Mist Swatches

Revlon Color Stay 16 Hour Eyeshadow Sea Mist Swatches

This eye shadow palette is from Total Beauty. way back in April, I spotted this eye shadow palette, 2 lip butters, and a nail polish for the price of one eye shadow palette here in the UK, of course, I totally jumped into it, I immediately called my friend Iris in NY, Iris I spotted something online but they do not delivery it to London, Could I possibly send it to you, she said OK :) but funny thing is as I used her name as recipient, she thought it was hers and started to use, after that she mailed me Efsun where is your stuff still did not turned up, I was in big panic, so I checked the website, and it has been delivered, she was using my babies thinking of they were hers, and she ordered me another set, my bro picked these up from her when he went to NY. This is the silly story of how I bought these Revlon's :)

MUA Bronzed Perfection Review

I like some MUA products especially their lipsticks, single eye shadows, I swatched all MUA single eye shadows I have.
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