'' MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY: 18 September 2009 //


Todays MAKE UP

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thats what i am wearing today...

I used Revlon Bare it all Lustrous Lotion Pink  A Boo and

Than i blend each of them with MAC 187 Brush

thats the final look

nars orgasm blush on the cheeks

make up brushes i used while i am doing make up
I forget to take the picture of MAC 187 brush, i use it for blending foundation, and creamy products
i used paula dorf smudge brush for using mac paint pot liner silver stroke,

I used MAC 224 Tapered Brush, Than  i use Shu Uemura ES  Brush

i first applied Revlon Bare It All Lustrous Lotion Bare it All and Pink A Boo
i blend them with MAC 187 brush
than i used MAC Studio Scrulpt Foundation in NC 42 blended with MAC 186 brush.
 I used MAC Naked Pigment on my brow area, than i used Jarden Airs pigment to from brow bone to the lash line, i used Maybeline multistay  eye shadow beige one  to my lids and i blend it with my index finger

I used Benefit Bad Gal Eye liner and Smashbox Brundugy Mascara and also Smashbox white pencil liner on my lower lash line.

i used Nars Orgasm Blush on my cheeks

I used MAC What A Doo Lip Stick from Blonde Red Head Brunette Collection and also a Maybelline gloss number or name unknown

I used Maxfactor Brow Pencil in Ebony

Revlon Bare It All Pink A Boo

thats how it looks on the fingers

Revlon Buff Love

Max Factor Brow Liner in Ebony

i carry MAC Naked Pigment in small jars with me in my bag,,
i used this pigment on my brow area

this is the actual size

than i used jarden aires pigment
 Jarden Aires pigment
it is not as dark as it looks here

Than i used Maybeline Liquid Eye Shadow down to my lids , i blended with my index finger.

I used MAC Silver Storke Fluid Line with Paula Dorf Smudge Brush, i blended it well,


After blending it, i used shu uemura Kolinsky brush no:15 with Shu Uemura Green Eye Shadow

than i blended it with a brush
Than I used MAC Forrest Green Pigment and blend it with MAC Tapered Brush

MAC Forrest Green Pigment

i also carry a small jar of forest green according to my make up in my bag

I used Scott Barnes Concealer to brighten and  Cover under eyess

 I used Nars
Orgasm as Blush On my Cheeks

i used Benefit Badgal Eyeliner as a black liner

than i used Smasbox white liner to give more fresh look to my eyes

I used Smashbox Brundgy Mascara on my lashes

I used MAC What A Doo Lipstick on my lips than i used Maybeline (i forget the name of the gloss) gloss on my lips


Fall Make Up Trends

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Makeup trends tend to change subtly from season-to-season. Each year, the color schemes resemble the palette from the year before, usually with only a slightly noticeable twist. For Fall 2009, makeup trends seem to be inspired by a wide variety of concepts, most notably a return to the natural look with a subtext of economic savvy.

Foundation Makeup Trends For Fall 2009

While foundation makeup colors tend to remain the same from season-to-season and year-to-year, each season brings about a new texture to explore. The heavy winters often inspire a matte, powdery look that is the extreme opposite of the sheer looks of summer. Fall 2009, however, has taken hold of the sheer foundation makeup of summer and tweaked it only slightly.
Sheer foundation makeup looks more natural, evening out the skin tone only where needed. Instead of a thicker, more matte texture, Fall 2009 makeup trends are calling on wearers to continue using their tinted moisturizers, but adding a soft layer of translucent powder.
Another way to stay current with foundation makeup trends is to switch to high-definition makeup for a lightweight, oil-free base that perfects the skin while still looking soft and natural.

Eye Makeup Trends For Fall 2009

Eye makeup is one of the most exciting ways to change from a summer makeup look to a fall or winter look. Fall 2009 eye makeup colors draw their inspiration from the forests and the earth. While neutral tones in the brown family are always in style, Fall 2009 boasts deeper, more intriguing color combinations. Moss greens, luxurious golds and ambers, smokey greys, and deep shale are the highlights of the Fall 2009 eye makeup color palette.

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