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Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX Foundation

Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX Foundation

smash IMG_0509

here is the colour scheme
Aviary sephora-com Picture 1

this is what Sephora says
High Definition Healthy FX Foundation SPF 15
What it is:
An oil-free, weightless, liquid foundation packed with antiaging, revitalizing, and firming ingredients.

Creates flawless skin from within - now you can have flawless skin from the inside out. Smashbox introduces its revolutionary formula packed with ingredients that work overtime to provide cellular nutrition for the skin. UVA/UVB SPF 15 offers sun protection, vitamin C to fight free radicals, and new cell-energizing Ribose renews the appearance of skin. A unique, patented bio-delivery system gives you time-release moisturization and firming benefits that last all day. Skin is refreshed and revitalized for a flawless future.

Provides the perfect finish for use with high definition film, so you look great on film or television and in your photos!

And this is what Smashbox says Now you can have flawless skin from the inside out. Our revolutionary HIGH DEFINITION HEALTHY FX FOUNDATION is an oil-free, weightless formula packed with anti-aging, revitalizing, and firming ingredients that work overtime to provide cellular nutrition for skin. UVA/UVB SPF 15 offers sun protection, vitamin C fights free radicals, and new cell-energizing Ribose renews the appearance of skin. Our unique, patented bio-delivery system gives you time-released moisturization and firming benefits that last all day. Skin is refreshed and revitalized for a flawless future. Best of Sephora Award Nominee for Best Found

Now here is what  I say

I have bought the shade in Medium 1,  this is too dark for an MAC NC40 person, this rather a good match for Somebody who uses MAC NC42-44

this foundation is too dark, it is more like foundation bronzer

It is has no coverage at all.. 

It is not an HD foundation for me, an HD foundation must have a good full coverage must not show up make up faults on photos, and TV
Forget about the hiding blemishes, not showing the make up faults, it does not even cover

It only covers if you apply it over and over, than your face looks like a box of caramel.. would you like to be a box of walking caramel chocolates?

it is not as big as you see in the pictures,

the picture bellow is a large , and i cropped it for you and if you removed the cap , pump and the bottom layer here is what you will get

One other thing it does not smell that much as it is mentioned in most of the beauty forums,  I bought this from Debenhams Online Web site, the Debenhams in my city does not hold Smashbox Products..

The good thing about this foundation it comes up with a pump  spray, other than this do not waste your money on this..



Dior Bronze Original Tan


Dior Bronze Original Tan



I admit this is one of the bronzers looks like a mulch, sometimes companies made some bronzer they are too far too dark for even medium skin tones, i do not understand the reason to give you dark brown cheeks, if it is for contouring yeah i  than i will say ok,  because after you apply your contour powder, you use your blush.

But there are many fans of this bronzer, i have to confess that i like the smell of bronzers.  they smell really really nice..

The first bronzing powder that actually works to improve skin color and quality for a natural, vacation-fresh, tanned look all year long. Formulated with Dior's exclusive Sun Minerals Technology, Original Tan blends seamlessly with your skin. Silky-smooth and flawless. Stamped in Dior's famous cannage quilt pattern in gleaming black compacts.



NARS LAGUNA P12790_hero fa2b5a1d5cdb85c0_CIMG5471.preview NARS LAGUNA
Nars Bronzing Powder is a true brown-based bronzer with a gold shimmer fusion that's excellent for creating or enhancing the look of healthy, glowing, tanned skin.

This is a great medium toned bronzer, it is not a very shimmery bronzer

I do recommend you use with with MAC 109 brush and than blend it with any Kabuki brush I personally use a Jemma Kid Kabuki Brush , it is small, pink and cute, also comes with a small brush bag.  Laguna is more golden tan. it looks better on fair – medium skin does, and i had it swap it with a friend because i am more MAC NC40, and it did not look really great on me..

It is 32 USD and i know some people pay 72 USD because they do not have NARS in their countries, Most people buy from ebay, yeah i admit sometimes ebay is good, but sometimes not really good,

the first picture is from NARS and second is actual product picture

Also Barry M’s Bronzer will be  a Nice Dupe for this bronzerP


Guerlian Terracotta Mineral Flawless Bronzing Powder

Guerlian Terracotta Mineral Flawless Bronzing Powder

P234626_hero P234626_hero


A loose mineral powder with a brush.

Guerlain Terracotta Mineral Flawless Bronzing Powder provides a natural-looking tan and a flawless finish—just like that of a sheer foundation. When Guerlain's legendary bronzing expertise unites with the power of minerals, the result is a luminous, glowing complexion. Applying your Terracotta is as easy as ever, thanks to its revolutionary format: Housed in a clever, portable case with a mini professional Kabuki brush, the loose powder cannot escape!


All shades contain:
Talc, Kaolin, Pentylene glycol, Methylparaben, Sorbic acid.


Foundation Finder

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Foundation Finder

First You need to know your intensity level

1- Light / Very Fair



4- Medium / Deep


6- Very Deep 


Skin has even toned neutral cast and it is not so pink or gold


Skin has a rosy cast and burns easily when exposed to sun


Skin has a golden or olive cast and burns easily when exposed to sun

Shade: C NC N W NW
Stands for: Cool Neutral Cool Neutral Warm Neutral
Match for Yellow-Golden Olive Skin Golden Beige Skin Beige Skin

Pinkish Skin

Pink Beige Skin



The first step in selecting your shade is to simply look at your skin, without makeup, in daylight. If your skin looks more Yellow/Golden Olive or Golden Beige, you match with Neutral Cool or “NC” shades. If your skin is a neutral beige, you will match with the Neutral or “N” shades. If your skin looks more Pink Beige, you match with Neutral Warm or “NW” shades. This might seem backwards since usually we think of pinkish skin tones as cool and yellowish skin tones as warm

By looking at your skin in daylight, most skin tones will fall into either the NC or NW classifications. However, if you are still not certain which classification is right for you, looking at the undertones in your skin will help. To determine what your undertones are, take a look at the underside of your forearm. If your vein looks more blue, then you most likely have pinkish undertones. If your vein looks more greenish, then you have more yellow or golden undertones. If at all possible, it is highly recommended to match your skin tone in person at make up Counters


Finding the “right” colour is something very subjective. It is a good idea to choose the shade in person by visiting a Make UP counter if at all possible.

When choosing a foundation shade, you will want to make sure you use the skin near your jaw line or neck area as your criteria for determining your match. This helps to ensure flawless blending and to avoid ending up with a face that’s too light or too dark that doesn’t match the rest of your skin! If you simply try to match the skin tone on your forehead or cheeks, you will often end up with a shade that looks to dark compared to the rest of you. It is much better to choose the shade that matches your jaw line/neckline, and then to use a Bronzer or Skin finish to highlight or add “sun” to your face, if desired. (Also, when it comes to actual makeup application, be sure to blend foundations and powders around the jaw line and into the neckline.)

With concealers, it is possible you may want to try a concealer with a slight tint to it. This will help cover up dark undereye circles or reddish imperfections.

Slightly yellowish tones will help to cancel out and cover up dark purplish/blueish undereye circles. (Or just selecting a concealer that is a few shades lighter than your regular foundation will also work well for diminishing undereye circles.)

Slightly greenish toned concealers will help to cancel out any reddish tones in your skin caused by acne, or other skin conditions.

If you have a significant undertone to your skin, you may choose to play it up or play it down by trying a shade that includes or excludes your undertones.

Often, people will wear a couple different shades throughout the year because skin shade and tone can change according to the season, physical well being and general lighting.




It‘s nearly summer. And the wedding season has just started, i know some of my readers are going to get married in few months time, so i decided to do a post about bridal make up…

Your choice of shades and application technique will be key to your bridal makeup look. Not only should it look fantastic but it also needs to be photo-friendly and stay fresh-looking throughout the day and evening

Your wedding day make up  depends on how much product you normally use in your daily life, your wedding dress and the season, conception of the wedding, place of the wedding, whether it is going to be a indoors or outdoors, is it going to be in a garden, sea side, etc, You need to use lighter textured products for spring and summer weddings.

Try to use a foundation which stays for 12 to 15 hrs with light texture but full coverage a  powdery foundation  which you can use wet and dry , cream foundation,( if i need to give an example MAC’s new Mineral Compact Foundation SPF 15) which stays on top to ensure you stay shine free. On my next post  i will post about how to find your perfect foundation shade, so do not buy any foundation without reading my post.

An Autumn – Winter wedding requires for a bronze added colour, to avoid to look so white, so your dress will be white, or creamy if you do not wear bronze added products you will be as white as a sheet.

Your bridal look will help transform you into a vision of radiance for your wedding day and beyond

Also you need to you use a foundation primer underneath your foundation, if you are a summer bride there are some spray to fix your make up, which makes your make up to stay longer, before choosing your make up artist for the big day, try to get some appointments from different make up artists ask a friend of you take your pictures, than download those pictures to your PC have a look than decide which make up artist you want to work with,

DO not go to a make up artist just because your friend also choose that person on her wedding day as her make up artist

remember do not use anything glittery

Here is a video from Estee Lauder


Here is a list of Bridal Make up Must have’s

Eyelash curlers
Waterproof Mascara
Make-up brushes
Long-lasting lipstick
Foundation primer
False eyelashes


Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day. And we know how important it is for you to look beautiful all day long, so for that guaranteed 'wow' factor, follow our top bridal makeup tips to ensure you really do look your beautiful best on your big day.

Starting with concealer and foundation. Be careful about the colour foundation you choose. Whilst you should always go for a match as near as your skin, anything too pale will make you look washed out if you are wearing a white/ivory dress. Try to choose a yellow toned foundation to bring warmth into your face. Alternatively use bronzing powder to give you a bit of colour – if you are wearing a low cut dress remember to sweep it across the chest area so you don't look “two toned”.

Whilst there are some lovely “shine” products available to give a dewy complexion, again be very careful where you use them. In photographs it will be easy to mistake the “glow” for sweat – not nice. If you are applying a highlighter, stick to brow bones, cheekbones and a dab in the middle of your lips. If you are wearing a low cut dress add a little on your décolletage. Beware of any makeup that is too sparkly, this can look strange in the photos. Matte is usually best.

Pending on what season you are getting married this will also have to be taken into account when planning your makeup. Avoid anything too shiny on your skin if you are getting married in the summer, stick to a coloured lip-gloss but don't wear shine all-over. Light formulas are better as you don't want your makeup melting in the sun. Winter make up can be more dramatic although again it's best to stick to a stronger look of your usual make up, bear in mind if it is a very cold day, you may want a green concealer. Green will counteract any redness to stop you looking like Rudolph!

To make your lipstick last all day. First apply a lip primer to give your lips an even surface and rid of any flaky bits. I always apply foundation to the lips and let it dry – this gives a good base. Then line your lips with your lip pencil (which should be the same shade as your lipstick). Then fill in all your lips with the pencil. Finally on top of that apply your lipstick. Blot with a tissue and reapply your lipstick – repeat this twice. Now your lipstick should stay on all day. If it does start to wear off you will have the lip pencil underneath so your lips won't look patchy.

Although foundation/concealer should be left to areas where you need it, i.e. around the nose then blended into the cheeks (you don't want to put it everywhere otherwise it will look false), you can also apply to your eyes to give your eye shadow a good base and something to cling on to.

Eyebrows - have them professionally shaped before your big day and enhance them with a same colour eyebrow shade. Eyebrows frame your face and it can make a huge difference if you have the professionally shaped – a la Liz Hurley!

To make your eyes look bigger and whiter choose dark navy mascara. If you are dark skinned or have brown eyes then black is usually best. Brown mascara can make eyes look tired.

To lift your eyes apply a highlighter just below your brow bone. If you have small eyelids, apply a highlighter just in the center of the eyelid and a dark brown shade in the eyelid crease – this will lift your eyes. White/ivory eyeliner in the rim of your eyes also makes them appear brighter, however be careful if you wear contact lenses as your eyes maybe sensitive. To make your eyes look more wide set blend the highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes.

For a natural flush apply a light natural pink shade onto the apples of your cheeks – don't go to harsh, especially if you are drinking which can give you a natural flush look without the blush.

Finally remember on your big day to have the following to hand.

Cotton buds, to wipe away any smudges under the eyes

Your lippy, should you need a touch up.

Some translucent powder to blot away any sweaty patches

Breath freshener

(Contact lens solution – if you wear them.

Small phial of your perfume to keep you smelling gorgeous 




Yves Saint Laurent








With warm and radiant contrasting colors, Yves Saint Laurent basks in the mesmerizing beauty and exoticism of Africa for a bold, glamorous look.

P218431_sm P234624_smP238428_sm P238429_sm P238430_sm P239021_sm  P239024_sm P239023_sm P239022_sm P239025_sm P239029_sm P239030_smP239031_sm P239032_sm



Radiant Touch

A luminizing pen that brings light and radiance to the skin, immediately erases any signs of fatigue, and brightens the complexion.

Loved by models, makeup artists, celebrities, and women everywhere, the award-winning Yves Saint Laurent TOUCHE ÉCLAT Radiant Touch is like eight hours of sleep and an instant pick-me-up in a magic wand. With a few strategically placed strokes of TOUCHE ÉCLAT, the complexion immediately looks rested, rejuvenated, and radiant.

TOUCHE ÉCLAT banishes shadows and tired-looking eyes by adding light and creating an instant lift to the eye area. TOUCHE ÉCLAT widens eyes when used between the eyebrows and along the sides of the nose, and creates fuller looking lips when used in the hollow of the chin and around the contour of the lips. It's formulated for all skin types and for anyone who wants instant radiance, luminosity, and lift.


P234624_sm P234624_hero


A compact powder foundation for normal, combination, and oily skin.

YSL MATT TOUCH COMPACT FOUNDATION Long-Lasting Matt Finish SPF 20 / PA++ contains a light-textured formula that brushes against the skin and creates a soft-smoothing veil on the skin. It utilizes the synergistic action of three active ingredients to create this radiant matte effect. The "Pore Refiner Complex" tightens pores and reduces sebaceous gland activity while white water lily extract helps to purify the skin. "Hydracaps" continuously release their hydrating properties throughout the day, leaving the skin fresh and supple all day long as coated pigments efficiently protect the color pigment from moisture and perspiration. Finally, anti-shine sebo-sponges control excess oil throughout the day. The result is an even and luminous complexion with a naturally radiant, long-lasting matte finish.

What else you need to know:

The double-level case is compact and ultimately offers both luxury and convenience. Refills are available at Sephora.com and consist of a compact powder pan and a sponge.

Size: 0.31 oz


A must-have sun powder in an African-themed compact.



Water-Resistant Eye Shadow

A water-resistant, cream eyeshadow with a lightweight texture and shimmering finish.

Yves Saint Laurent FARD LUMIÈRE AQUARÉSISTANT Water-Resistant Eye Shadow dresses the eyelids with long-lasting, luminous, and water-resistant color. The aqueous-gel texture feels fresh upon application and dries down to a shimmering veil of color that can be layered for a look that's as intense as you desire. The air-tight pot keeps the formula moist so that every application looks fresh and luminous.

It may also be used as an eyeshadow base—bringing added shimmer and long wear to your Yves Saint Laurent pressed eyeshadow.



TRÉSOR D'AFRIQUE PALETTE 5 COULEURS POUR LES YEUX-Eye Palette A limited-edition makeup palette for the eyes, inspired by the vivid colors of Africa.


A limited-edition makeup palette for the lips, inspired by the vivid colors of Africa.


P239029_sm 3


Sheer Lipstick

A sheer, shiny lipstick formula packed with softening agents and SPF 15.

Yves Saint Laurent ROUGE PUR SHINE SPF15 Sheer Lipstick is a shiny lipstick with exceptional gliding properties. It illuminates the lips with sparkling, transparent color, perfect for your "light makeup" days. The hydrating texture ensures comfort and protection for hydrated, shiny, shimmering lips.



Pure Lip Gloss

A high-shine lip gloss.

Yves Saint Laurent GLOSS PUR Pure Lip Gloss creates a beautiful and glossy sheen to the lips—without sparkle. The wand allows you to glaze your lips with the utmost precision as it delivers a flash of luminous sheen and rich tint.

What else you need to know:

If you like YSL's GOLDEN GLOSS Shimmering Lip Gloss, then you will love the new GLOSS PUR Pure Lip Gloss, too. The formula is the same but without the 24 carat gold flecks for a look which is glamorous and chic. GLOSS PUR Pure Lip Gloss has a fresh mango smell which lifts the spirits while taking your look to a new level.

Size: 0.2 oz

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