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Pictures of New Cosmetics

Benefit Lip Gloss

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Benefit glossed won't plaster windswept hair to lips. It adds a shine and is so creamy that it could be used as lipstick. Plus, Has very delicate apricot-lychee scent



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hello this is a test
if it is working on a website


Elf Liner and Shadow Review


Once I saw this i thought oh this is a MAC Sharkskin Shade Stick like with a eye pencil so i purchased this without even thinking twice,

i waited a bit to receive this, it arrived a bit late, but when i opened the envelope i was a bit SAADDDDDDDD!!! my eye pencil and shadow was a bit damaged, i have send an email to ELF and tell them the problem, they ask me to send them pictures and they are convinced and i have been send a new one

I am not sure if i can not use this pen or is it really not working honestly it is as black as i want to but it is just making my eyes messy all of my lids under lids are dark black even when i touch my eyes accidentally my fingers get black too,

It is softer than most of the eye pencils but it just needs an improvement maybe waterproof?

i do not carry facial wipes with me so if i do not look into a mirror before i go out to do some stuff outside i will be waking like zombie, i do not carry facial wipes to clean or correct my make up and do it again..

it is just needs an improvement ,  so when it comes to the shade stick , i think it was broken when it arrived to ELF too, so it is not their fault but i am thinking how could smth in a pencil shape could be broken? it is just not  a crystal or a glass,,

btw i forget to tell you that it also makes my lashes messed up, i am having difficulties wearing my mascara after applying this product

well the pictures are not nice but i will do better ones, i take these with mobile.


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Giorgio Armani will launch Idole d’Armani in September. The new perfume for women is meant as a “a real tribute to femininity, a big thank you to all the women who have inspired [Armani] over the years”.

Idole d’Armani is a spicy floral developed by perfumer Bruno Jovanovic, and features notes of clementine, pear, ginger, davana, saffron, jasmine, loukoum rose, patchouli and vetiver

Giorgio Armani's tribute to femininity - a big thank you to all the women who have inspired him over the years. A spicy floral fragrance with notes of clementine, pear, ginger, davana, saffron, jasmine, loukoum rose, patchouli and vetiver. A warm, sophisticated and elegant fragrance.

According to reuters, Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani will unveil his new signature women’s fragrance Idole d’Armani next month.The new fragrance will be presented during Haute Couture week in Paris.

Armani wanted to create an ode to the women who have influenced his life. The perfume is described as spicy floral scent, which contains Sicilian clementine, juicy pear, ginger, Indian davan, saffron, Egyptian Jasmine, and loukoum rose.
Idole d’Armani will be available in stores worldwide in September. Actress Kasia Smutniak will be the face of the ad campaign.

Giorgio Armani Idole d’Armani Eau de Parfum: The new perfume for women is meant as a “a real tribute to femininity, a big thank you to all the women who have inspired Armani over the years

Despite the Armani website’s cheesy description, Idole is built on a foundation that smells Armani perfect: smooth but not boring; elegant but not featureless; comforting but not foody. It’s an intriguing mix of snuffed-out beeswax taper with saffron, the barest breath of patchouli, and the hot smell of burnt wick. But, smeared all over this lovely base is cheap smelling, loud, sticky pear.


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Cheeky, uppity, and ahead of the game, Upstarts live in their own perfect little worlds! Each contains the magic miniature matrix required for gone-in-sixty-seconds travel action, or try-me-you'll-like-me (then you can't live without me) experimentation.

Line and Lashed

Total eye appeal. A complementary set of Zoomlash, Prep + Prime Lash, and promo sizes of Pro Eye Makeup Remover and Nightsky Softsparkle Pencil all packed together in a zip-around clear-with-black plastic trim makeup bag. Ideal for travel

Well Prepared

A skincare quartet that together create the perfect base. Includes regular sizes of Prep + Prime Skin, and Prep + Prime Translucent Powder, and promotional sizes (30 ML / 1.0 US FL OZ) of Cleanse Off Oil and Fix + all packed together in a zip-around clear-with-black plastic trim makeup bag. Ideal for travel.


A kit featuring two regular-sized Mineralize face products, Mineralize SatinFinish SPF 15 Foundation in your choice of shade, and Mineralize SkinFinish in Soft & Gentle, and two complementary M∙A∙C skincare products, Cleanse Off Oil Tranquil, and Charged Water in Revitalizing Energy, each in promotional sizes. All come packed in a zip-around clear-with-black trim makeup bag. Ideal for travel

Out of all i think i will buy Flawless :)

MAC Dazzle Glass Creme

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Flashing flecks of lustrous glimmer give lips a new kind of high-beam shine, while the balm-effect of the pillow-top comfort creme keeps the supple going and going. For dazzle with absolute comfort, it's better than brilliant

it has 9 new shades.. which i want them all.....:D
Another set of lip glasses added to must have lists, i acttuly love thesee glasses but it finishes sooner than you expected lets wait and c how long will theese glasses last :D



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i am using Eyeko Cream in Pink Packing, i was also interested using Eyeko's Bronzing ( Tinted Cream), these two was on special sale, it was for the price of one, so i decided to buy both,
i received them today, i was as happy as a child..

I am gonna tell you my ideas, as i am using eyeko cream i can tell you my reviews more than Tinted One,
umm lets give it a go,

eyeko cream is also tinted its in pinky light pinky shade, which reminds me PINK PANTHER :)

 I use this product both as a moisturizer, both to give shades under my foundation, i use this with MAC 187 brush if i am using it under foundation..

it is a bit sparkling..  but is nice it gives nice effect to the face..

and when it comes to the bronzing one, honestly i was a bit suspicious when i purchase this product other bloggers was oh it is too dark, it is hard to blend etc etc
honestly it look dark but when you apply it on the skin it is not dark at all belive me and i applied it without a brush and it is easy to blend...

i am not saying thoose because i am an ambasdor of Eyeko, i say the good and bad about each product i use.. 

when i wear the bronzing cream on my face i will also put the pictures, now i am only adding the swatches and product photos


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