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Which Celebrity Has The Perfect Smile?

Beautiful teeth and a dazzling smile are must haves for any self-respecting showbiz personality but now a new poll has revealed which celebs have the best – and worst grins.

The survey by ecigarettedirect.co.uk asked both men and women to name the famous face they believe had the perfect smile – and which celebrity looked least appealing when they grinned.

The 500 respondents were shown photographs of smiling celebs and asked to rate their appeal.

The Duchess of Cambridge and TV presenter Holly Willoughby soon emerged as the nation’s favourite smilers with Kate narrowly clinching the top spot.

It seems her easy smile during the Olympics and Paralympics ceremonies have cemented her place in the nation’s hearts.

However whilst Victoria Beckham also featured in the Olympic ceremonies – her band the Spice Girls performed at the closing party – it didn’t stop her from being named as the least appealing celebrity smiler.

The poll also named reality TV star Kim Kardashian as possessing the third most beautiful smile while Victoria Beckham’s husband David was the only male to feature in the top five – at number four. The X Factor’s Tulisa clinched the fifth spot.

Simon Cowell,  Katie Price, X Factor judge Louis Walsh and reality TV star Amy Childs all featured in the top five worst smiles – perhaps down to their too-white dental work.

One female respondent said: “Kate Middleton has the perfect smile and unlike all the showbiz celebrities she also has real class. Her smile never looks forced or fake. It was fantastic to see her light up with joy at the Olympics and the Paralympics. She’s wonderful.”

A male respondent offered the comment: “Holly Willoughby has the perfect smile. She’s so fresh faced and looks genuinely happy. Her natural smile appeals to both men and woman.”

Another female respondent said: “I’m sure Victoria Beckham must have a great smile but it’s a shame she never shows it. For some strange reason she seems to think she looks good if she sucks in her cheeks and grimaces in front of a camera. It’s really quite bizarre. Just show us your fangs Victoria.”

Another female respondent said: “Everyone wants nice white teeth but sometimes these celebs go too far. Simon Cowell, Amy Childs and Katie Price have bleached their teeth to the point where they must glow in the dark. It’s ugly.”

A spokesman for www.ecigarettedirect.co.uk who conducted the survey, said they believed a good smile was a real asset for anyone.

He said: “It’s amazing how much we judge people by their smile. A winning grin really can open doors for anyone.

“What our survey found was the vast majority of people have a very similar reaction to the same celebrity smiles.

“Almost everyone we asked agreed that Holly Willoughby and Kate Middleton had the most beautiful, natural smiles. It really was a two horse race with Kim Kardashian coming in third a long way behind the two leaders.

“Similarly almost everyone expressed suspicion when they viewed Victoria Beckham’s pout. It seems we don’t trust a person who refuses to bare their teeth when they smile.”

Top Five Smiles:

1.     Duchess of Cambridge
2.     Holly Willoughby
3.     Kim Kardashian
4.     David Beckham
5.     Tulisa

Least Appealing Smiles:

1.     Victoria Beckham
2.     Simon Cowell
3.     Katie Price
4.     Amy Childs
5.     Louis Walsh

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