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Guerlain The Pinks and the Blacks Collection


Guerlain tells the story of spring by pairing bursts of pink along side the intensity of black. Sophisticated and elegant, this color collection defines femininity while also revealing one’s inner seductress.



 This is the first glimpse into the palette and colours imagined and created by Daphne Guinness. Daphne is her art. This is part of her discovery and evolution. “This collection is a window into my imagination.” — Daphne Guinness


Mary Kay Hand Cream


Rituals Super Shine Lip-gloss Ruby Night Swatches

Queen of Aleppo Laurel Soap Reviews

This is a product that reminds me my grandma, she had olive trees in the mountains and she used to sell the olives to the factory to get olive oil but with some they used to make natural olive soap
Laurel olive oil soap with 20% laurel, weight is 200/220 grams.

It is not fragranced or tested on animals.  It is %100 Natural Product.

I usually wakeup with bites on my face or all of a sudden I got spots during the day, I use this product to treat those spots and bites,

After first use, your skin might feel tight but it goes away after few minutes,

I washed my hair with this product but as my hair is very greasy it got greasy after few hours.
So if you have greasy hair I do not recommend you to use this on you hair.

Time to time I suffer from eczema on my base of my neck, I do use it on those parts.

I also wash my sensitive lingerie with this soap or if I have spots on my shirts I use this soap and wash it with cold water,

  if you want to get more information about Queen of Aleppo : http://www.queenofaleppo.co.uk/about-us.html


Rituals Lip Shine Night Fall Lipstick Swatches


Rituals Lip Shine Sandy Sheer Lipstick Swatches

Rituals lipshine lipstick sandy sheer

Giorgio Armani Madre Perla For Holiday 2011

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 Giorgio Armani Madre Perla For Holiday 2011

Rituals Star Secret Intense Colour Eye Pencil Stardust Swatches

Rituals Star Secret Intense Colour Eye Pencil
Rituals Star Secret Intense Colour Eye Pencil
Rituals Star Secret Intense Colour Eye Pencil


Rituals Sun Glow Cheek & Eye Glow Palette in Peach

Revlon Facets of Fuschia Swatches

17 Wild Metallics Eyes Wild Midnight Blue Cream Eye Shadow Swatches

17 Magnetized Polish Swatches

Zoya Feel Collection For Winter 2011

Every season the color experts at Zoya create dozens of new color collection options. This year, one of those “secret collections” just had to be seen now rather than later. The Feel Nail Polish Collection by Zoya delivers six new, highly pigmented, full coverage, neutral creams that are ideal for right now. Zoya polish retails for $8.00 per bottle.

Poppy King For Boots No:7 The Magic of Lipstick


Boots, the UK’s leading beauty brand, has partnered with red-hot lipstick mogul and entrepreneur Poppy King to produce “The Magic of Lipstick,” a charmed collection of seven smooth and creamy limited-edition lipsticks with complementary lip-glosses under the brand’s best-selling No7 range.  The enchanting collection was developed to empower women to easily embrace the luxurious look of lip colour within their everyday beauty routine--the result is truly wearable glamour. 

A seasoned professional with a passion for old-Hollywood glamour and style, Poppy King has spent over 20 years infusing her unique, nostalgic perspective within the beauty industry.  At the age of 18, Poppy launched her first cosmetics company in her native Melbourne, Australia, quickly becoming a well-known name for her highly-pigmented lipsticks.  It wasn’t until Poppy brought her passion for lipstick stateside that she was officially dubbed the “Lipstick Queen.”
Growing up with No7 cosmetics, Poppy is honoured to share her love affair with lipstick in this partnership with Boots.  “The power of dressing up the lips became an obsession of mine as soon as I could play with my mother’s makeup.  Amazingly, it has become my career,” says Poppy.  “I am honoured to be working with Boots No7 and reimagining how to make fashion and glamour a part of real women's lives, something that is deeply embedded in the brand’s incredible history.”
The full-size lipsticks are intended to offer buildable coverage:  with one swipe, a sheer wash of colour, or smooth on in layers for a more intense look.  The lip-glosses are perfect for women who are interested in making a foray into bolder lip colour, and can be worn on their own for less intense colour or in combination with the lipstick to add a touch of shine.
Designed by Poppy, the product’s colourful polka-dot packaging is a nod to the magic and sex appeal exuded by the old-Hollywood bombshells that influence both King’s personal style and design aesthetic. “The dots, for me, represent Marilyn Monroe’s iconic beauty mark. So, it’s truly about the importance of celebrating our own special imperfections – and that’s the very essence of beauty, in my opinion,” explains Poppy.
Named for the different emotions, personalities and auras Poppy feels lip colour has the power to evoke, Boots No7 lipsticks and lip-glosses are formulated to be long-wearing with creamy, high impact colour.  The rainbow of shades, from pink and nude to rose and dark berry, complement every skin tone. 
Here, Poppy describes each of the seven shades:

· History (Number One): Women’s fascination with red lipstick has evolved throughout the decades; this deep red shade captures the perfect “here and now” red hue.
· Power (Number Two): This rose colour is designed to be as powerfully stylish as it is pretty. The lipstick is sheer, but is easily buildable to create a bolder lip.
· Glamour (Number Three): This flirty pink shade is all about fun.  It’s also a perfect option for the woman who finds herself wanting something different from her go-to nude or red lipstick.
· Seduction (Number Four): This rich blackberry shade has enough depth to look glamorous at night, but is also appropriate for daytime wear, with a seductive mystique that is as intriguing as it is mysterious.
· Intrigue (Number Five): This subtle pinkish nude is incredibly flattering without being fussy, like the colour of natural lips, but bolder and brighter. 
· Confidence (Number Six): Who doesn’t love a classic nude shade? This hue is an iconic fit for today’s natural beauty.
· Allure (Number Seven): This soft peachy shade is similar to one’s natural lip colour and suitable for women of all ages.

Largely influenced by history, and meeting the changing needs of consumers over time, Poppy King and Boots share a common thread on the philosophy behind the collection. As a company with over 70 years in the cosmetics business, Boots was founded on the principle that women should have the ability to look good every day, and began the brand with seven products for that very purpose – one for every day of the week.  Similarly, Poppy King has always been fascinated by how history has influenced beauty, and has strived to bring women lip products that allow them to create their own glamorous look that is wearable every day.
Boots No7 Poppy King lipsticks and lip-glosses are priced at $9.99 per piece and will be available at select Target stores and online at ShopBootsUSA.com beginning in November 2011 for a limited time.
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