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ECO TOOLS Make Up Brushes


I have read and heard so much about these make up brushes that i wanted to put it on my blog,

I do not use their brushes, i use MAC, Smashbox, Shu Uemura, Clinique, Art Net, Lancome, Stila, and Chanel Brushes,

But i want to give it a try one day, i have seen that they have a 5 piece brush set for 10 usd

Actually it is good for Vegans, Vegetarians, it is cruelty free

Brushes are synthetic,

No animal hair or feathers are used,

Earth Friendly Beauty.

Bamboo 5 Piece Brush Set:

    cruelty free bristles natural & recycled materials convenient travel size great for mineral makeup

This earth friendly set shows respect for the planet:

    bamboo handle has a low impact on the earth's resources as it is a highly sustainable plant synthetic Taklon bristles are 100% cruelty free sleek ferrule is made from recycled aluminum cosmetic bag is made from natural cotton and hemp reusable storage pouch

Green Tip: Find ways to reduce yur impact. On average, a person uses 4.4 pounds of solid waste a day. this adds up to almost a ton of trash per person, per year.

Paris Presents has joined with 1% For The Planet® to donate 1% of our annual sales from this item to environmental organizations that create a healthier place to live.

Made in China


I personally do not like synthetic brushes cos all the products stays in the brush you use more products and you finish it that product earlier than it supposed to finish.

My answers to the Z Palette

I had tweet about their postal prices as the regular sending prize is about 12.95  and has no tracking and their tracked posts costs about 36.usd which is expensive and i wrote reviews about make up palettes, and i added theirs, as i do not have this palette i added what did other people say and i mentioned people says that i think they did not read it very carefully and they send me an email, there is the email and here is my reply

I do not use Z Palette but i use mac and elf, and i honestly told my ideas about it, I am not gonna say oh it is good from smth that i do not like or i do not own,


On Tue, Dec 8, 2009 at 3:27 AM, <cs@zpalette.com> wrote:

Hello MakeupTemple,</DIV>
</DIV> My name is Zena and I am the creator of the Z Palette. I received your twitter comment and I responded on twitter and wanted to take the time to reach out to you on email as well.</DIV>
</DIV> In regards to the international shipping rates, I chose the least expensive option that is available for international orders. You can compare the rates to Fedex and UPS and you will see for yourself. You can always choose the least expensive option for $12.95, which never has any problems but without tracking my company cannot be responsible for loss. It is not my choice to set the rates it is what it is. If I knew your location I could possibly offer a retailer that sells the Z Palettes that may be close to where you live. If you look on the zpalette.com website under "Shop International" I do have several retailers in countries outside the US where shipping could be less expensive. For instance, if you are in Europe the promakeupstore.com sells to many countries all over Europe.</DIV>
</DIV> Also, I noticed you reviewed the Z Palette on your blog as well. I want to thank you for taking the time to review it and give your honest feedback. However, I noticed that it wasn't really your review as it was someone else's. Out of curiousity do you have a Z Palette? Have you tried it for yourself?  </DIV>
</DIV> We have just launched the new Z Palettes, which include an even stronger magnet than before, it has a slightly wider open magnetic pan and is slightly deeper (which fits MAC pans perfectly) yet still compact, and it is easier to open as well. Not only did we improve it we also launched it in two brand new colors: Fabulous Pink and Zebra.</DIV>
</DIV> I hope one day you will take the opportunity to try it and see for yourself you may just like it and find the quality of a palette that wont break on you (like most plastic palettes do) and a clear window, which allows you to see everything and not waste time is worth $20. If you have a good quality palette that $20 is gonna last you a long time. Also, I don't know if you know but there is a holiday sale going on right now. I attached the flyer for you. Of course, it doesn't cover international shipping but you do get a discount.</DIV>
</DIV> I would love to hear your thoughts.</DIV>
</DIV> Thank you for your time,</DIV>
</DIV> Zena</DIV> Z Produx Inc</DIV> www.zpalette.com 
Customer Service
Z Produx Inc

I was looking for palettes as it really saves from space, I came up with several palettes, including yours, and I mentioned it on my blog and if you noticed I said people says that when I am writting it to my blog I did not have a chance to try a paletes but I own 5 mac and 4 from elf I want smth big enough to take any kinds of shadows powders blushes but it must be smth that it would be easy to carry in a makeup bag eventhough I put my mac palete in case my eye shadows are broken in a car trunk on 2 hrs journey.  I did not plagiriZe anybodys ideas I wrote that people say that rather than paying 20 dollars I said you can easily make yours there is a big economic crisis this year eventhough I spend so much money on makeup I started follow bargains or I wait some cosmetic sites sell some products without a case. I have seen that u have different designs but for me I do not give importance if there's hello kitty or smurfs on it. It must be smth that will make my make up life easier. And will make me save from space in my drawers. Eg. I use tea tins round ones to put my make up brushes. Organization is important.  I have seen a Dutch website selling your pallets. and i did not only write about z palettes there was one about coastal scents i have ordered one but never received it. I mentioned about elf stars make up haven. It is very annoying to shop from small companies bec mostly their parcels get lost. And paying 36 usd to a 20 usd product is a bit expensive and u can find my reviews aggressive i write honestly.Maybe i am a new blogger but i am into make up since i was a kid. Cherry culture had a strong shipping policy like you but aftr receiving many emails from customers they dropped down their prices. Now we can shop with reasonably good shipping prices , People under sponsored ofcourse are gonna write good reviews 2 be able to receive more. Pls have a look at my blog again and u wil see that i said people say that.yes plastic windows let me see inside. I did not say palettes get broke i said shadows are broken inside. </DIV> bec there is no lid to cover it i had removed it to save it from space, and without magneted eye shadows neither yours nor the other companies  palettes will hold it, we need to stick a magnet underneath the eye shadows</DIV>

Yes Z Palettes Looks cute, i intented to buy i had added one small and one large to my shopping bag but than when i saw the prices for shipment i have changed my mind...

* I have tell them my nationality but i like to keep it as a secret so i do not post it here…

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