'' MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY: 13 August 2009 //


MAC, Stila, Bobbi Brown , Shiseido, Smudge Pots Rewiev

bottom line mac artifact and nice vise.. you can see the colors are nearly smilar, it is an eye shadow but i use it both ways..

top2 line is shiseido i forgot the numbers, 3 one is bb ivy shimmer
4 one bb sepia ink
5 one is mac macroviolet
6 one is stila gray
7 stila brown
8 is stila bronze

mac silver stroke, stila brown pot,

bottom line stila black, and bb black

sshiseido cream eye shadows, i use them both ways, sorry i forget the numbers, it is deleted from the lid of the pots....

i use the light green more, it is more natural, and when i use the light green i use the other green as a liner.

now shiseido has their own liners but i never had a chance to try them. they are so expensive..
if i buy or try i will take pictures and share it here..

BB Black Ink, BB Ivy Shimmer, MAC Silver Stroke, BB Sepia Ink
MAC Silver Stroke, BB Sepia Ink
BB Black, BB Ivy Shimmer ink
MAC Macroviolet, Stila Bronze, Stila Brown
stila brown, gray, bronze, brown

i do like both of these pots, but the worst thing with stila is pots dry easily.. i hate it.
but i can get the color i want on a smudge pots with stila, i know BB and Mac is far more expensive and better brands but when it comes to smudge pot and if you risk the dry factor than use stila..

best part of Mac and BB is so small to carry it even in your pocket,

bb hardly gives the color on my lash line. you can see it on the swatches,

i am not happy with my mac ones, do not ask why. we just could not match on mac pots. otherwise i like other products of mac..

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