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As I always tell I am a fragrance fanatic, My nose is so strong, this skin moisturizer smells fantastic,
Before applying it to my skin I just smell, smell and smell,
I have this habit since I was a kid, I used to buy fragranced erasers when I was a school girl and kept smelling it, and it would drive ma crazy,
As I am very open to any kind of addiction and she was scared that I will be addicted to something… 
So this little habit still continuous I still buy stuff which smells nice Smile

Hope you remember my first post about Liz Earle hot muslin cleanser so this is the 2nd and the 3rd step.
Actually I have been dying to write my review before hand but I waited for a couple of weeks, to see if the changes on my skin will improve or it will stop after a while starting to use these products.

What i like on the cleanser Just a small pump depending on the type of makeup I am wearing sometimes i wash my face two times at nights to make sure I completely get rid of my makeup, if I do not have any makeup I do not need to reapply the cleanser,

And on the other hand I understood that only one pump will be enough to remove my makeup on my skin,

My skin has irritations and most of the High Street brands cleanser , wash gels, you name it,  they made it worse, I used to have irritations and after few minutes when I looked my self into the mirror I saw irritations looks like mosquito or an insect bite, If one part of my body starts irritable soon it jumps to the other parts of my body.
Most people thought it is because of my handsome puppy son, Sad smileNo way my son was causing the irritation.

It stopped as soon as I start using Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish..

2nd step is Toner, you apply the toner after you wash your face.

Normally I was using Shiseido’s Cleanser, and even after that when I clean my face with a toner I use at least 3-4 of times to be able to clean my face.

this cleanser is such a light cleanser, it is not in a gel formulation, it comes in a twist of bottle,
and I just clean your face with a toner,

The best part of this toner , you do not need to buy a different one for day and night

I always admired beauty business but I also see it as a money trap, Day, Noon, Night Cleanser, Daily Scrub, Weekly Scrub, Monthly Scrub..   this list goes on and on..

I did some swatches on my hand and I clean it with Liz Earle Cleanser, than I applied the toner,
As you can see from the cotton there is only a small amount of dirt on the cotton.
Than I take another picture just before I applied the moisturizer, than after I apply the product, you will see the difference with your own eyes, while my hand looks dull before, after applying the product it looks much better,

For the last few days I am sick and I spend my days sleeping under the affects of pills,so i did not do any kind of skin care
When look into the mirror I can tell the difference in my skin after a few days. It looks dull, no shine, dry and becomes really sensitive.
They also smell lovely as they are all natural ingredients and none are tested on animals. I am very glad about this, I am a huge animal lover,

It is a great base for makeup, it hydrates the skin

You can also use the toner on your neck area, it is very surprising that at the end one skin care company saves us using zillions of different toners and skin care products, All in one product..

Liz Earle Moisturizer is tinny enough that I could fit both cleanser and moisturizer into the same bag Smile
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