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Guerlian Idylle Fragrance

Guerlain creates a fragrance for women who dream of love. Idylle is the embodiment of the moment when everything begins, an explosion of the senses which lasts for one day or forever. Because even when love vanishes, the scent of love remains...

A Chypre Floral Eau de Parfum Idylle is a bouquet of fresh and sensual flowers: lily of the valley, peonie, freesia, lilac and rose. The Bulgarian Rose, the star ingredient, is balanced by patchouli and white musk to give a sensual base to the fragrance. Idylle is like a mist of flowers on the skin. The Idylle bottle is like a jewel, a precious works of art. The curve of Idylle represents a drop of perfume, a drop of gold, a drop of love.


The scent is being positioned as a “dream of love”, the olfactory embodiment of a transient love affair.

Idylle means love or the dream of it. It refers to a poetic genre that in the Greek Antiquity sang the amours and erotic encounters of a shepherd boy and girl in a bucolic setting.  It is also a song of innocence lost expressing feelings such as the fear to see beauty vanish and youth fly by all too quickly.

As the poet Theocrites penned in one of his idylles, "Soon your youth will fade away like a dream," thereby inviting the young shepherd girl to experience love before it is too late.

Thierry Wasser the perfumer who created Idylle explained that in keeping with the Guerlain family tradition of finding inspiration in love to compose their fragrances, he had wanted to respect this long line of spiritual forefathers, Key notes and accords are, Bulgarian Jasmine, Jasmine, Freesia, Lilly of the valley, Peony, Chypre and Musk. The creative hook for the bottle design by Ora Ito was the mention by Wasser of "a golden rain" which led to its shape as a golden drop of perfume. This ties in nicely with the golden bees that are emblematic of Guerlain bottles and is reminiscent of a display Guerlain had created where you could see golden bees seemingly falling from the sky, like rain.

Benefit Boo-Ing Industrial Strenght Concealer

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 Benefit Boo-Ing Industrial Strength Concealer


I have the one in old packing in black with a small mirror in it, I think the old packing is more nicer, it has a mirror which helps you to see when you are applying. When  I first purchased it, it made a bit sweating.
I had a feeling like it has some needles on it, as it hurts when i was applying,  it got lumpy,
so i have to put it in under the sun for a while to make it softer, i use this to make shadows under my eyes,  it is very light for me..

it is not the best concealer in this market or neither the worst, but it is in the middle.

Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil Review

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 Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil

It is very good to remove water proof make up, when your actual make up products can not remove your make up, you will see that this product is really helping you.

Actually i have a oily combination skin type and it makes my skin more oily, that's the worst part, but the great part is it smells really nice, if you bought it and if you think you can not use it on your face any more because it makes your skin more oily try to use it on your body.
or you can swap it on make up sites..

I sometimes have to use baby oil when my cleansers and eye make up removers doesn't really work, this is the best product that can takes place after eye make up removers and my self made Bergamot extract baby oil. 

I totally recommend but i am saying again if you have oily or oily combination skin type do not purchase it, i bought it but i can not use it on my skin cos it makes it more oily, i use it on my eyes to remove my eye make up..

2-in-1 formula that gently removes all traces of makeup & cleanses skin while maintaining natural moisture levels. Olive and Jojoba Oils condition skin and leave it feeling soft and supple while Ginger Root Extract soothes and calms the skin.

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