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Essence Home Sweet Home Collection


essence trend edition “home sweet home”

My home is my castle! With the new trend edition “home sweet home” by essence, things are going to get cozy and relaxed in November 2012. When it’s stormy and rainy outside, there’s no better place to be than on the couch at home! Cuddled up in your favorite sweater with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands, the darker months of the year are so cozy! The trend edition “home sweet home” picks up on this sense of wellbeing: warm red and Bordeaux shades plus high-gloss effects and powdery textures are sure to chase away any chance of a gloomy mood! Lipsticks in deep, warm shades, a lip maximize for extra shine and volume, nail polishes for the popular gel-shine look, blush and eyeshadows with powdery textures as well as transparent nail stickers and a purse for accessories in a trendy Nordic knit design sweeten the dark days of winter!


essence home sweet home – eyeshadow

This eyeshadow in three autumn shades ensures gorgeous moments this season. The texture is super-easy to apply and gives your eye make-up a long-lasting, softly shimmering powder finish. And the special highlight: a cool knit pattern embossed on the eyeshadows! Available in

#01 happy couching,

# 02 light the fire, place!

#03 my home is my castle.

essence home sweet home – longlasting lipstick

A real must-have for real home-sweet-home girls: the long-lasting lipstick provides intensive color for your lips and leaves behind a soft, shiny finish. The two red shades are also available for your nails – an unbeatable duo to go with your cozy jumper and UGG boots!

Available in

01 red-y to relax

#02 berry me home.

essence home sweet home – volume & gloss lip maximizer

Sure to put your lips in the right light when you’re watching girly movies with your best friends: the volume & gloss lip maximizer offers your lips irresistible volume and an ultra-glossy finish thanks to its menthol ingredients. It can be used on its own or as a lipstick topper.

Available in

#01 mugs & kisses.

essence home sweet home – blush

Chases away the autumn blues: these two blushes are available in the intense color combinations pink and ruby red as well as apricot and red. They each contain one base color and one contrasting color embossed in a trendy Nordic knit design. The powdery finish creates an irresistibly fresh and natural-looking complexion.

Available in 0

#1 knits for chicks

#wool-d you cuddle me?

essence home sweet home – nail polish gel shine

Bright prospects: the long-lasting nail polish with high coverage gives your nails a trendy gel-like look and adds a touch of color to the dismal months of the year.

Available in

#01 caramel cheesecake,

#02 red-y to relax,

#03 hot fruit punch 

#04 berry me home

essence home sweet home – nail fashion stickers gel shine

Nails to go with your favorite knitted sweater? No problem with the transparent nail fashion stickers! You can stick them on your nails in seconds, even on top of a layer of dry nail polish! And that’s not all: with their Nordic knit design, they give your cool gel-nail style a gorgeous Scandinavian touch.

Available in

#01 neither swedish nor-wegian.


essence home sweet home – purse

A secure home for cherished treasures: the playful drawstring home sweet home purse in a Nordic knit design offers plenty of room for cosmetics, money or your cell phone.

Available in

# 01 knitted with love.

Nephria Jade Activating Cream



Nephria Jade Activating Cream, £45, provides superb moisturisation and protection for the skin. It maintains the skin’s natural moisture balance and is most effective at preventing water from evaporating from the skin and keeping it hydrated. Mineral water is better for the skin, because its high silica content strengthens the spongy cells in between collagen and elastin fibres, plumps the skin and helps to reduce the formation of wrinkles. Nephria Jade Serum, £45, has long been the beauty industry's best kept secret. Containing highly concentrated ingredients, it absorbs deep into the skin for a more intensive effect, producing dramatic and long-lasting results. The Serum is a multi vitamin for the skin – nourishing, enhancing and balancing. Designed to smoothen, soften and hydrate the skin, it helps minimise the look of wrinkles and fine lines, making skin look healthy and radiant and leaving it primed for the application of make-up. Additionally, Jade Serum will help to stimulate collagen production and penetrate deeper into the skin. The Nephria Jade Activating Cream with unique Nephria Mineral Water and other special ingredients for high quality skincare, complements Jade Beauty Bar and Jade Serum perfectly. Ingredients in Nephria products include the unique Nephria Mineral Water, Nephrite Jade, Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane, Glycerin, Olive, Apricot and Jojoba Oils, Myrrh, Green Tea Extract, Amino Acids and Vitamin E. Nephria Jade beauty products are available online at www.Nephria.com

Arabesque Nightlife Glam Collection


Glamour Eyeshadow Wet & Dry € 12,90

Eyeshadow in four metallic shades

a marbleized baked formula in four limited-edition shades, to define and accentuate eyes.
Depending on the applicationtechnique, the metallic sheen varies in intensity: a natural and subdued look is achieved when the eyeshadow is applied dry, while wet application intensifies the colour and creates a brilliant finish.

Marbled, metallic, shimmery, wet and dry eye shadow

#54 Metallic Turquoise

#77 Metallic Purple

#96 Metallic Silver

#99 Metallic Anthracite



Glamour Eyeliner waterproof € 7,90

Rotating, waterproof eye pencil and sharpener with integrated applicator in stunning colors

a retractable Kajal pencil with metallic pigments in four limited-edition shimmering shades, makes for a beautiful eye contour and gives ex-pressive power.
The soft and creamy formula can be applied either to the outside of the eyes or the inside rim. The built-in sharpener maintains a perfect point on the pencil, while the applicator blends the line for a soft result.

#58 Metallic Blue

#77 Metallic Purple

#96 Metallic Silver

#99 Metallic Anthracite



Colour Touch Mascara € 12,90

Perfect eyelash styling

Mascara for maximum volume, elongates and perfect swing

Add colour or some "bling" to lashes

The special formulation of the Arabesque Colour Touch mascara gives maximum volume, elongates and perfect swing -. and with excellent durability
The combination of two brushes in one separates the lashes with mascara and gives them more wealth . Repeated mascara extra volume can be achieved.
Various waxes and acacia extract nourish the lashes and keep it supple. fragrance free. * Denotes products go out of their range and are only a limited time.

Choose grey or violet Colour Touch Mascara to complement the party look. The formula and the two brushes in one applicator give maximum volume, create the appearance of longer lashes, provide the perfect curl and extended wear. Contains acacia extract to care for lashes and keep them soft & supple.

#58 Grey

#59 Purple


Glamour Lashes € 9,80

Glamorous lashes with mini eyelash glue

Glamorous lashes with eyelash glue mini support your seductive eyelashes surcharge

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